Flogene’s Home Cookin’

Flogene's Home Cooking

Flogene’s Home Cooking

SW 9th and Washington
Hours: Mon-Fri, lunchtime

The Story:

Over the past few months, it seems the South has discovered Portland and decided we need to enjoy some of their delights. We had some southern style carts for awhile, yet have added a few more focusing on southern delights and Flogene’s has opened downtown with her take on southern fried chicken.

Flogene’s opened in mid June in the cart that use to be Mono Malo Tapas. On the strip on SW 9th between Alder and Washington, they have some stiff competition with carts that have been featured on TV or highlighted in the Oregonian. That doesn’t hold them back though. Flogene, the carts namesake, has that wonderful southern drawl that seems to hug you as she speaks. To get the recipe right for her chicken, she flew in her friend Kenneth from Nashville who was there working the cart the day I visited. Now that’s dedication to food.

Fried Chicken and a Biscuit from Flogene's

Fried Chicken and a Biscuit from Flogene’s

While I believe the southern fried chicken is the primary focus of the cart, they also offer hand pattied burgers, hand cut fries and hot dogs and an assortment of salads. I opted for the fried chicken and biscuit for $6 as that isn’t an item you usually find downtown. The chicken was wonderful – a leg and a breast – with a crisp flavorful outer crunch and a juicy inside. I ripped off a bit of the breast and split the biscuit in half to create an excellent little sandwich. The biscuit almost stole the show. I think I may just return for those to pair with other meals I get from the carts in that lot.

Flogene’s is an excellent addition to the Alder pod. While other southern food and even a variation on fried chicken available in the pod, Flogene is giving it to you straight. At this point, we may need to have a “fried chicken off” to see which carts have the best chicken. I want to return for one of the burgers. If the chicken is any indication, that burger will also be tasty. Open for lunch daily, check them out and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Fried Chicken and Biscuit – 2 pieces of chicken – $6
  • Hamburger or Cheeseburger with all the fixin’s – $5-5.50
  • Hand cut fries – $1.50
  • Chicken Salad -$5
  • Pimento Cheese – $4
  • Egg Salad – $5

Hours: Monday-Friday, lunchtime
Contact: unknown



  1. Dieselboi, I just had my first Flogene’s chicken last Saturday, and man oh man, it was gooood. My previous best-anywhere fried chicken benchmark was Olde Dixie Chicken in Orlando, FL, and I gotta say that Flogene’s is really representing Tennessee proud here in PDX.

    I had a thigh and two wings, and you know the cooks are good when the wings are still juicy inside, with a shatteringly crisp, non-greasy coating. A hint: don’t douse this chicken with hot sauce, the batter has a really nice level of heat and wonderful spicy taste that you’ll be missing out on.

    I’ll be back!

  2. We had Flogene’s chicken along with beans. cukes and them biscuits. It was totally awesome. It brought my sister in law back to her grandma’s house. Now that’s some good chicken!!!! My brother is a cook and he was impressed with this find.

  3. Nothing like Flogene’s best biscuits in Portland! Must try the Lyndon Beans!!!

  4. OMG, we got the JJ (cheeseburger, 2 drumsticks, fries, & a Sprite) and also the chicken with a biscuit. Holy damn!! Everything was a-may-zing!! The lady running the little kitchen is fun and friendly and just a ridiculously great cook. This is my new fave cart. Delish!!

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