Almost Summer Food Cart News


A wrap-up of some news:

Looks like Olympia may try and compete with Portland and Seattle for food carts. The city council there is considering modifying the rules to cut fees and allow vendors to stay longer at their locations. The proposal would put the fees at $540/year and not force them to move every 180 days. Here in Multnomah County, the fee is $340/yr with no requirement to move. We got it good. Good luck Olympia!


A new cart just landed at A la Carts in SE Portland – Taste of a Gyro. As I understand it, they have been showcased on the Food Network’s show Outrageous Food for their “sorry sauce.” I guess Portland is attracting carts from outside the city now. Cool. SE 50th and Ivon.


Something interesting is happening up on N Interstate by New Seasons. A long decrepit eyesore of a building by Ockley Green school is being remodeled and according to the city permits, they are pulling electrical permits for “Food carts and building.” Anyone know the scoop on this project? [Thanks Jon V for the heads up.]


The Alder lot at SW 10th and Alder keeps growing having added 10 new carts in the last month. They are up to 55 now I guess:

  • Noodle House
  • Domo Dogs (not a new cart, but now permanently located there)
  • Red Guava
  • Tacqueria El Rodeo
  • Sheish Kabob
  • PicNic
  • Touchdown BBQ
  • Bangkok Duck and Chicken
  • Primi Panini
  • Roll Plus Sushi

Other carts that have joined us in the recent past:

  • Sa Leng – SW 5th and Oak
  • Ploy Thai – SW 5th and Oak
  • Hot Boxx – NE 20th and Everett
  • Healthy Corner – SW 2nd and Stark
  • Kokomo Beach Smoothies – SW 3rd and Stark
  • Dino Bites – North Station
  • Istanbul Delight – North Station


Cartlandia is now open at SE 82nd and Harney along the Springwater Trail. From the developers who brought you Mississippi Marketplace, this location is meant to attract up to 30 carts and provide covered seating, parking, bike parking and all the amenities you need to enjoy some excellent street food. They even have TVs and plan on showing the Timbers games this summer. So far, the carts that are open there include:

  • Cameron’s Smoke Shack – BBQ
  • Cheesesteak Nirvana
  • El Jeffe’s Fresco Grill
  • London Pasty Company
  • Sakura Bento
  • Salt and Straw Ice Cream – NE 18th and Alberta


Many of you already know this, but we do have a Facebook Page where a lot of conversation goes on and tidbits of Food Cart news and information is posted that doesn’t land here on the site. Come on over and join us. We’d love to have you.


Lastly, summer is just around the corner so that means big crowds and festivals. Please remember that most of the carts do all their prep and cooking in the cart and don’t have large commissary kitchens or fridges to leverage when they get super busy. This could result in a slightly longer wait or being sold out early of specific items. There are plenty of carts to try, so if your favorite closes early on a sunny day, give their neighbor some love, you might just discover a new treat. Also, before getting frustrated that you can’t get your burger or taco or fried pie fix because they sold out, remember, the cart owners are human too and sometimes need to take a break. Thank you from Food Carts Portland.


  1. Also a great little cart moved in next to salt and pepper on 82nd Brooklyn SE it is called Best Burger and his prices are great hamburgers hotdogs soups & ice cream

  2. Craige Wight says

    Jon V.—-You heard correctly! There are food carts coming to that old eyesore which is getting a bright new look on Interstate Ave, half a block south of the New Seasons. Not only will there be food carts in a awesome backyard setting, but the building will have some mix use inside with a coffee bar, barber, bike repair and a beer/wine bar! We are looking for a mid July opening. The building will have a large communal style area with wifi and more…

  3. Jen Soals says

    Thanks for the updates. Any word about Altengartz Sausage Truck on 10th and Alder? I went by today and they weren’t there. Huh. Good bang for your buck lunch for local made sausages.

  4. Jen Soals says

    well…. turns out Altengartz truck was on a day off. I found them back at SW Alder. Yum-ness

  5. Adam Bean says

    Hey everybody. If you are a food cart vendor and looking for a place to put your business. I have a spot for you in South Waterfront. There are currently many contruction projects going on, there is OHSU, over 5,000 residents in the immediate area, an electrical service that runs right by the location, and only one other food cart in the entire area. The cost is $500 a month, which includes water/sewer, electric, and trash/recycling. If you are interested, please contact Chris Sloan at 503-222-5100. Thanks. The location is 3838 Moody Avenue. Look it up!!!

  6. Out of town news Rockaway Or. has a food-cart named Woody’s BBQ 580 HWY 101 south open 9-6 spring and summer
    its awesome best thing call in orders @ 503-793-4904

  7. Oh, man — Dino Bite is seriously tasty. I wasn’t sure what to expect (and have measured expectations for breakfast sandwiches in town now that the Red Bike Cafe closed…), but it was delicious — maybe, dare I say it?, the best breakfast sammy in town currently. Locally-sourced ingredients, gluten-free options, cheap as old chips, filling, and, most importantly, damn tasty. RIP Red Bike — long live Dino Bite!

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