Eat Street Features Portland’s Carts



Eat Street was in town last year for a few days touring Portland’s carts and takin’ names. Now, as of last Tuesday, the first season has launched and Portland will be featured in many of the shows along with street food from all over the nation. Tonight’s episode will introduce America to the Redonkadonk, Brunch Box’ crazy huge burger and assorted meats sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I think there will be some drooling in Minnesota and Virginia later this evening. Next week you’ll be able to see Creme de La Creme and their French Bus on the show and later in the season, The Frying Scotsman among others.

Eat Street is on the Cooking Channel on Tuesday nights at 5 and 8pm and repeats on Saturdays. If the episodes appear online, we’ll let you know. Eat St. is now scouting for 2nd season carts, so watch for the crew on the streets of Portland soon.



  1. Bianca benson says

    Portland needs a place to watch Eat Street! Have a venue, post it so carnivores and cart owners alike can come to your establishment and spend our hard earned cash 🙂

  2. We’re coming back to Portland this Saturday! We’ve got a tent set up at Eat Mobile. If you come to the event, come hang out with us for a while!

    I’ve never been to Portland, so I’m really pumped for the trip… someone’s going to have to wheelbarrow us back to Vancouver on Sunday 🙂

  3. Bianca, that’s the smartest idea I’ve ever heard. The closest thing we’ve got for this trip is our tent at Eat Mobile, which will have the show playing, the app on display and stickers – yes, stickers! If you’re going to Eat Mobile, come hang out and watch the show with us!

  4. Do you know if Eat Street is going to have this application viewable from a computer? It seems that it’s only for mobile use. Thanks!

  5. Hey pdxmomma, you can use the web app with all the same functionality as the mobile app here:

  6. Hello,

    My daughter, Tanna TenHoopen Dolinsky (Wolf) & her partner, Jeremy Garb (Bear) are co-owners of Portland, Oregon’s food cart, Wolf & Bear’s.

    You filmed them last spring and we have been wondering when they might be appearing on your show, or – if we missed it – can we find the show online, or possibly get a link to the show?


    ~KT (Wolf Mah)

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