Robb’s Really Good Food

Robb's Really Good Food

Robb's Really Good Food

SE 47th and Hawthorne
Hours: Tues-Thurs, 11am-8pm; Fri, 11-9, Sat, 7am-9pm, Sun, 7am-7pm

The Story:

Portland is known for its beer and its food carts. Robb saw the strengths in both and decided to craft his menu with a hoppy influence. His Really Good Food will keep you coming back from more.

Robb Sloan opened his cart at 52nd and Foster earlier this year starting with different types of chili, each with its own unique beer influence. [Update May, 2011, Robb has moved to SE Hawthorne and 47th.]He began his culinary passion like many in this town after being laid off from a previous job. Beer and chili seem to go together so well, so he married them together and began selling batches at local bars that didn’t have broad menus. Since renting a kitchen is pretty expensive, opening the cart was the next logical step and it has launched him into a whole new game – pulled pork sandwiches. Robb even offers breakfast if you’re out on the weekend looking for something new.

Pale Ale Chili

Pale Blond Chili

When we visited, it was all about the chili, but since then, it seems everyone on the Internet is raving about the sandwiches, so I’ll need to return to try one. The pale blond chili takes braised chicken, white kidney beans, tomatillos, hominy and select spices and simmers it in pale ale to give it an extra special flavor. This is hearty chili. Add in the excellent spent grain sweet cornbread muffin and you just can’t go wrong. I love a good cornbread and Robb’s is pretty darn awesome. While 8oz may not seem like a large portion, it is packed full of chicken and will fill you up.

Robb has already created a niche for himself in this beer and food cart town. We recently enjoyed his fixin’s at the SPOON Foundation’s Cart Night at the Ballroom in April. Robb will also be the feature meal at the Spring Beer and Wine Festival for the media preview event. Obviously people like beer and chili. Check out the cart, enjoy some chili or his smoked ale chipotle sliders and let Robb know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Chili served with cornbread or chips:

  • Micro-Brew Pork Chili: dark beer, pork, 5 different beans, tomatoes, hominy, spices – 8oz, $5; 12oz, $6.50
  • Pale Blond Chili: pale ale, braised chicken, white kidney bean, tomatillo, hominy and spices – 8oz, $5; 12oz, $6.50
  • Beefed Up Chili: IPA ale, shredded beef, tomatoes, spices – 8oz, $6.50; 12oz, $8.50
  • Chicken Verde: pale ale, braised chicken with fresh tomatillo, onion, spices – 8oz, $5; 12oz, $6.50

Sandwiches – include cornbread or chips – $6.50

  • Smoked ale sweet chipotle shredded pork: braised pork with house made BBQ sauce, served on pub bun.
  • Cashew Chicken: chicken with cashews, carrots, celery, spices – mixed with house made dressing and served on a pub bun.
  • Curry chicken: chicken with dried crancherries, cashews and mixed with curry aioli and served on pub bun


  • Smoked ale sweet chipotle sliders – 2 for $2
  • Cornbread muffins – $1.50

Breakfast served from 7am-12noon:

  • Chili over eggs on flour tortilla – $5 or $6 depending on choice of chili.
  • Chicken verde over eggs on a flour tortilla – $5
  • Biscuits & Gravy – $3.5o or $5 with 2 added eggs

Hours: Tues-Thurs, 11am-8pm; Fri, 11am-9pm; Sat, 7am-9pm; Sun, 7am-7pm
Phone: 503 724 8384
Twitter: @RobbsGoodFood




  1. Robbs is awesome i have been visiting him since the start. The pale blonde chicken chili,porter pork chille and pulled pork sandwich are to die for, we are going back for breakfast, I am thinking biscuits & gravy yuuumm w/ hot sauce (keep Portland weird) eat out!!!

  2. Robb Sloan says

    Thanks for the support. I will be handing out 20% off Coupons at Eat Mobile this weekend. (and at the Spring Beer and Wine Fest)

    How about a Vegetarian Beer Chili for Eat Mobile? What are your thoughts?

  3. Arthur Delaney says

    Cart has moved to 47th & Hawthorne.

  4. Welcome to your new spot, was nice to see you Friday. Hope to see you Monday or Tuesday

  5. SilverWings says

    Robb’s Really Good Food is delicious. I happily enjoyed eating the ‘smoked ale sweet chipotle shredded pork’ sandwich and chose the corn bread as the side. Robb gave me samples to try of his chili that he cooks with beer and it also tasted great. You can easily taste the quality of the ingredients, the heartiness of his food, and the love he puts into it. Even his sodas are the high quality ones. Robb is a super friendly dude and his enthusiasm for what he does is obvious. I’ll be going back to try his chili soon.

  6. SilverWings says

    Damn, couldn’t wait. Went back to Robb’s Really Good Food and tried the Pale Blond Chili. Damn, it was great to eat. The chili was hearty, filling, and spicy-good in a pleasing way. The 8oz chili and cornbread were enough for lunch.

    BTW, if you like nachos, Robb’s are really good. I don’t usually like nachos. He uses his own cheese mixture and puts his chili on top.

  7. Groupoff? says

    I got a groupon for Robbs for myself and another for a friend. It looks like he has sold the place!?! Is the new owner honoring these??

  8. Robb Sloan says

    Hello All,
    Alot of stuff is happening all at the same time. Last Tues, we were in a New Products Showcase at the Food Innovation Center for our Chili and Shredded Pork. Although we didn’t win best of show, we had people coming back for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths of the samples. People that have been to see me, know that I love to give out samples, so they kept coming. We gave 5 gallons of chili and 15 lbs of pork away.

    We sold the cart to fund a new cart (ready in 4-5 weeks) that will streamline our new product line. Check out our blog for updates.

    I will up the value of the groupon ticket. For the inconveniance of me being closed for a few weeks, I will make it a FULL MEAL PLUS DRINK.


  9. Thefinpope says

    Just an FYI, this cart is still closed as of 10-30-11.


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