Eat Mobile 2011


Start Drooling! That was the Tweet sent out by Willamette Week on Monday announcing the lineup for this year’s Eat Mobile food cart festival taking place on April 23. After the great success last year with 25 carts serving up their wares under the Morrison bridge on a sunny spring afternoon, this year is going to be insane. WW has lined up 40 of the city’s best street food vendors and with your paid admission, you can eat to your heart’s content.

808 Grinds
Aybla Grill
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
The Baowry
Bora Bora
Crème de la Crème
The Dump Truck
Eat This!
El Gallo Taqueria
Emame’s Ethiopian Cuisine
EuroTrash Food Cart

Fifty Licks Ice Cream

Garden State
Happy Grillmore
The Kettle Kitchen
Kim Jong Grillin’
KOi Fusion
Leroy’s Familiar Vittles
Nuevo Mexico
Oregon Ice Works
Over the Top Wild Game Burgers
PDX 671
Philippine Cuisine Food Cart
Pizza Contadino
Pyro Pizza
Robb’s Really Good Food
The Rolling Stoves Gimme Sandwich
Sawasdee Thai
Shut Up and Eat
Slice Brick Oven Pizza
SomTum Gai Yang
Wet Hot Beef
Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches Food Cart

Can you say WOW? So many amazing options all in once place and for a good cause. Proceeds from the event go to Mercy Corps Northwest.

Tickets are now on sale – $16 for general admission or $46 for pre-tasting which gets you in 1 hour prior and includes hosted beverages. If you’re a foodie, it may be worth it to pay the extra funds to get in early and avoid the crowds. You’ll get to meet the owners also. Lastly, tickets will probably go fast and the last couple of years, they sold out, so get your tickets soon.

Eat Mobile 2011
April 23, 2011
Under the Morrison Bridge
Tickets available here


  1. Wow, what a great lineup of carts. I will be there for sure. Here’s hoping for a nice day!

  2. I got my tickets already it will be a great event Willamette week said they are selling 2000 tickets i think so lets all go

  3. Is there any good reason why tickets are more than twice as expensive as they were last year? Or is it just because they know people will pay it?

  4. Mike,
    yes there is….capitalism. welcome to it. $15($1service charge) is still damn cheap to eat at 40 venues. I mean, 37 cents a cart is tough to argue with, right?

  5. chompitychompitychomp! says

    i’m sure this will be a really great event, and mercy corps has helped millions in need. it’s somewhat ironic, though, that they’ll benefit from this event as they just turned me down for a loan to finish my own food cart venture. my ideas were in line with what’s happening in the portland scene, but “not within portland’s current zoning allowances”. the upside for me is that it looks like my tax return will help pave the way to finality, and no loan will be needed. (no interest to pay!) YAY FOR ME and my customers!!

  6. @CO: What exactly is it about “Proceeds from the event go to Mercy Corps Northwest,” that says “capitalism” to you? Honestly, the price is definitely worth it; the bonus of the funds going to Mercy Corps NW makes it a no-brainer at ANY price.

  7. Chompthis says

    @chompity, why should Mercy Corps fund your venture if it’s not within zoning allowances? If you get shut down they will have wasted my donation money! Good for you finding a way to do it without a loan, I hope you get to stay open, but I don’t blame them for not funding a business that’s not being started on the up and up with zoning.

    PDXMom is right.

  8. chompitychompitychomp! says

    @ chompthis – do you know how many of the carts currently operating are not within current portland zoning laws? alot, and many of them extremely successful! by “zoning” i mean cart/truck/trailer size, location and whether or not it’s on a paved lot. also, its not “donation money”, its a separate arm of the business that provides LOANS with interest. they charge 12%. anyways, the business is definitely being started on the up and up…. and i can’t wait to get it finished!

  9. I’m so sad!! I tried to get tickets last week and the Google check-out system wouldn’t work for me. I later found out that my roommates had had the same problem. So, I thought I’d check back today and find a new system in place (sure that there had been a glitch and it would be corrected by now after several complaints), and now the tickets are sold out! I’m really bummed as I think this would be a great event to go to during my year-long stint in Portland as a Jesuit Volunteer. I love the Mercy Corps piece, and I’m so upset that I can’t get tickets anymore. Does anyone have two extras? I would be beyond grateful!

  10. Amanda,

    I have extra tickets. You can email me at

  11. Travelling to Portland from Vancouver, BC. Looking for two extra tickets. I’d be much appreciated if I could buy some extras! Please email me at


  12. Ronald P. Fabricante says

    So with the admission does that include the food as well or do we have to pay extra for the food inside? Thank you!

  13. I’m looking for 2 tickets! email me if you have xtras! thanks!

  14. my email address is


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