Win Tickets to Foodportunity – March 7


Foodportunity is back for another event at The Heathman Hotel on March 7. Foodportunity is where you can meet fellow foodies and network. Meet the food blogger or chef you have always wanted to and maybe even get a chance to bend their ear with your talent or idea. We went last year and had a great time meeting all those individuals we have chatted with online and tried some amazing little bites.

Featured food from Accanto and Genoa, Aviary, Beaker & Flask, KOi Fusion, Lincoln PDX, Culinary Artistry, Sunshine Tavern, St. Jack, Serratto and The Heathman Restaurant and Bar.

The event is held at The Heathman on March 7 and we have 3 pair of tickets to give away for Cartivores. Just leave a comment about what you love about food carts and we’ll do a random drawing on Wednesday. Get your comment in by noon on Wednesday, March 2.

More info on FoodPortunity Portland.

Food[ortunity Portland
Monday, March 7, 6-9pm
The Heathman Hotel – 1001 SW Broadway
Tickets are $20 advance and available at Brown Paper Tickets


  1. s. omahoney says:

    I love the variety, atmosphere, and price!

  2. I love how carts offer such a wide variety of amazing foods at good prices to the customer and a great business opportunity for the cart owner.

  3. I’m a huge fan of the food cart scene ever since my early days as a PSU student. There was one vietnamese food I would frequent each week and they made the best spicy chicken and rice dish. Just this past weekend, my team and I earned 2nd place in the first ever Willamette Week food cartathon!

  4. ah!!! I love this event. It would be awesome if i could win a pair!

  5. Daniel Prince says:

    Love!! the Food Carts Portland site. We use it all the time!

  6. I think the thing I love the most about food carts is the variety.

  7. Sean Dinsmore says:

    Moved to Portland almost 2 years and was introduced to Food Carts as a viable and wonderful food option, not the traditional “roach coach” from back in the bay area. What’s not to love? Friendly, thankful, talented people serving absolutely delicious and diverse foods from all corners of the globe, at very reasonable prices. It’s one of the things I love most about living here in downtown Portland! Long live Food Carts!

  8. Craig Elliott says:

    I would think this would be a great (food)oppurtunity to talk to the real deal people(sand see what it takes to start a food cart business!?

  9. We are looking forward to the opportunity to finally meet many of our fave food bloggers and social networking peeps in the flesh. Oh, and to gorging ourselves on all that awesome food. Hope to meet some of you there. R.D.

  10. Carts are the future of restaurants. Easier to start, maintain, and great for providing good food at a reasonable price.

  11. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I love the creativity of the vendors, the variety, and the price!

  12. Angela Gustafson says:

    Food Carts are so yummmy, great variety & diverse! Love the atmosphere & the cooks! Makes living here the best!!

  13. Kimberly James says:

    I love the authenticity. It’s not about decor or hype, it’s just great food and wonderful variety at the perfect price!

  14. Terra Marzano says:

    My favorite thing about the carts: the variety and quality of the food! I also think they inject a sense of hope in our struggling little economy. Love ’em.

  15. Food carts are one of the best quirks about Portland. Just one more reason to love the city you live in.

  16. This would be a very fun event!! Gotta love foodies of all types. :0)

  17. yum food carts – can’t get enough of them!

  18. i love the owners, and how totally awesome and friendly they are!

  19. Some of the best food in town comes from the carts. Couple that w/ a social and open atmosphere and you’ve got an outing worth planning.

  20. I love being able to try new things, usually at a decent price!

  21. wow, would love to win these. i went last time but got there and the food and drink samples were all gone, maybe this time will be better luck. love the food carts at cartopia, btw.

  22. Audrey Abbott says:

    I love the diversity, the opportunity to interact with the chef, and of course the fantastic food at affordable prices!

  23. i would love to go i have an evil love for food carts as some people know, but seriously as heavily involved in carts as i am i think it is great chance to meet new people and get ideas for outside Portland on how they think portland it turning out so please consider me as on ticket winner i love this website love,love,love it

  24. The food cart scene in Portland is amazing. Coming from Ca where one normally needs to drive to do anything, I enjoy being able to now walk only a few blocks (few minutes via streetcar) to some of the best food around. The diversity and creativeness are amazing. Plus it’s homemade, fresh and often locally sourced.

  25. I appreciate how food carts made their own rules and found a way to build enough support from the community to build so much momentum of their own in such a short amount of time. I enjoy the food and variety, but from a community perspective, love how food carts provide opportunities for people to do what they love in so many different ways and live lives of their own design.

  26. I love the variety in the carts, and the fact all of the cart chefs seem to clearly love what they do. (Looking outside today, one would have to….)

  27. K Reynolds says:

    I love the fact that food carts are a relatively low-cost way for budding chefs to launch their ideas into the marketplace. And it’s a more personal dining experience!

  28. Tania Black says:

    I am so excited and really wanna go, whether or not I win tickets!

  29. Nicole Childs says:

    I am actually trying to start a food cart type thing and this could be a really beneficial opportunity to network with the foodie community and gather some inspiration!

  30. I love the quality of food we are able to get from our local food carts’ tiny kitchens. Amazing!

  31. Andrew Schaffer says:

    I am looking very forward to this event, I couldn’t have imagined such an awesome opportunity to be in the presence of so many foodies/professionals many years ago when I first got into the service industry!

  32. Love trying new quality food. Food carts rock!


    Love taking out of town guests to sample what PDX has to offer!

  34. I love the food creativity each cart brings. Great people working hard making amazing foods you can’t get anywhere else.

  35. I love the inventiveness with which each cart pursues its passion and the informal placemaking of the cart villages. Community and creativity abound.

  36. Never been, but I would like to gratis of Food Carts Portland. Chio chow.

  37. I love to meet the people behind the products at our Portland food carts and I like that the carts give more pdx culinary artists the opportunity to share their craft — yum!

  38. Pamela Michalowski says:

    I love the variety and the neighborhood feel of the cart pods.

  39. i love the accessibility and variety and the fact that no two carts are the same… brings a whole new meaning to “meet the chef”…!

  40. Food carts and their pods provide an opportunity to try a cuisine that you may have felt previously uneducated and intimidated by. It is much easier to walk up to a cart that features a few featured items then to walk into a restaurant and read off a foreign menu.


  42. Foodcarts are truly evolved into gourmet on the go. No need to pay premium prices to dine at a restaurant with unnecessary waits and attitude. Now i can enjoy fine meals in the comfort of my home with complete disregard for time, dining attire and table etiquette.

  43. Would love to mingle with the foodies..

  44. Ciao Chow missed and loves the food cart scene. Had a great run-although short lived, looking to get a fresh start! Pick me, Pick me!!!

  45. Josephine says:

    I just moved to Portland and I love that food carts are an easy way to try new things. And the prices are fantastic!

  46. I love that on a less rainy day when I feel up to making it out of my office, I can find pretty much any food that I am craving, feel good about supporting small, local business, eat delicious, local fare and spend no more than 5-8 bucks. It is amazing. AMAZING.

  47. I love Portland food carts because they’re inexpensive and they try harder.

  48. I enjoy how food carts have become a place of commonality for all walks of life in Portland. The variety available offers much to compare/contrast and simply enjoy.

  49. Jonathan says:

    I would love the chance to rub elbows with those who know food better than I do