Saigon Kitchen


Saigon Kitchen

Saigon Kitchen

Location: SW 5th and Main
Hours: Weekdays for lunch

The Story:

Every neighborhood has the “go to” spot for a quick bit or a snack. For the office towers surrounding the Portland Building, Federal Courthouse and county courthouse, there are plenty of deli’s and fast food, yet few options for food carts. Saigon Kitchen on the other hand has been feeding those many workers for more years than I can remember.

Saigon Kitchen isn’t what you picture as a food cart by Portland’s 2010 experiences. Truly mobile and setup each morning and taken away each night, this cart is probably 6′ x 6′ square if not smaller. Enough room for one person and the ingredients that make up their Vietnamese and Thai plates.

Some of my first food cart meals were rice bowls – simple dishes with a base of rice and marinated chicken. Saigon Kitchen continues that tradition with a base of either rice or steamed veggies and toppings which include curry chicken or tofu, teriyaki chicken or pad thai noodles with curry sauce. For $4, I picked up a rather good size bowl of hot and spicy chicken over rice. A simple, yet full flavored meal. Even though it was a small, there was more moist and spicy chicken than I could eat in one meal. A great deal for a quick lunch.

Saigon Kitchen has a following and even on the wettest, windiest days, you’ll see someone braving the elements to grab a bowl. Having been successful in the same spot for years, one wonders why more carts don’t roll up and vend. If you’re at the courthouse or visiting the city officials, try this cute little cart and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All entrees served over rice or steamed veggies; small, $4; large $5

  • Curry Chicken
  • Curry Tofu
  • Hot and Spicy Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Pad Thai Noodle with Curry Sauce
  • Salad Rolls – tofu or chicken with peanut sauce – $3.50

Hours: Monday-Friday, lunchtime
Contact: unknown



  1. I have eaten here several times over the last year. Has always been good.

  2. GoBuffaloes says

    Went looking for Saigon today and it is definitely not on Taylor or the guy is out this week.

  3. Sorry GoBuffaloes, I got that wrong. The cart is at SW 5th and Main. Apologies.

  4. formerPDXer says

    Wow, they have been there a while — I used to go to the Saigon Kitchen cart when I worked downtown in 1991 — at least twenty years! Glad to see they’re still at it.

  5. Mary Lam says

    Hi Everyone! This is actually my family’s cart and we’ve been at it for 25 years or so. I saw that no contact information was listed. So if you want to call in an order or get an event catered, you can contact George Lam at 503-332-2999.

  6. Been going to this cart for at least 5 years, maybe longer. It’s a tiny cart so choices are limited. Curry, Teriyaki and Spicy chicken, salad rolls. That’s about it. but the food is very good, and the portions are more than ample. Prices are very fair as well. The Teriyaki chicken is very simple: chicken, carmelized onions (crushed peanuts on request), served on rice with a cole slaw type salad. The service is very friendly. I go here at least once a week or so.

  7. Spring 2015, and it’s still there! Prices are now $5 for a small plate and $6 for large.

  8. Has Saigon Kitchen food cart located on 5th & Main moved due to construction with the Portland building? If so, where is it located now? Thanks!

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