Sultan’s Kitchen

Sultan's Kitchen

Sultan's Kitchen

Location: SW 4th and College
Hours: Lunchtime, weekdays

The Story:

As you walk down the street on the west side of 4th avenue where the food carts are, you have your choice of Thai or Mexican, burgers, Vietnamese, sandwiches and soups. A new player has joined the pod serving up Turkish fare and Sultan’s Kitchen won’t disappoint.

When I think of Turkish food, I immediately think of all things middle eastern like hummus and pita along with variations on falafel. I’m naive in this because I’m putting every nation in that region into the same culinary basket without appreciating each culture’s dishes. Here in Portland, my foray into Turkish dishes came with the introduction of Ali Baba’s Turkish Kitchen this past year. I have enjoyed kofte and doner and various other dishes along with some great hospitality. Sultan’s Kitchen continues that trend with both a great menu and kind staff.

Chicken IskenderThe offerings at Sultan’s Kitchen range from doner to kofte to other Turkish dishes I have yet to try. I perused the menu and decided on what I thought was the Sultan’s Delight only to learn that was the name for the daily special. The owner/chef knew what I was trying to order, chuckled and put together a plate of chicken iskender. A tasty dish of crispy pita smothered with grilled chicken, spicy tomato sauce, melted butter and then topped with creamy yogurt, you gotta know this one is a mouth pleaser. So many divergent flavors with the creamy yogurt mixed with the spicy tomato and still crunchy pita, I enjoyed it to the last bite.

Sultan’s Kitchen opened earlier this fall and is serving up some wonderful Turkish fare. They are open for lunch daily and if you’re lucky, may just offer you a little dessert as part of their hospitality. Check them out and let ’em know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Chicken Iskender: crispy pita bread smothered with grilled chicken, spicy tomato sauce, melted butter and topped with creamy yogurt – $7
  • Kofte: spicy grilled beef kofte, Turkish rice and Cobon salad – $6
  • Doner Plate: grilled chicken, Turkish rice and Cobon salad – $6
  • Sultan’s Toast: toasted bread with kasar cheese – $5
  • Kuru & Pilav: white beans simmered in a zesty tomato sauce served with Turkish rice – $5
  • Borek: hot crispy pastry stuffed with spinach, onion and feta cheese – $4

Hours: weekdays for lunch
Phone: 503-400-8580




  1. Thanks for the write up! Don’t forget our web site for our weekly specials, catering and cooking classes in the Portland area!
    Sultan’s Kitchen

  2. Cok guzel!

  3. I hate to put down a starter cart, but OMG…this food was terrible. The cucumbers in the salad were NOT fresh (wilty, and translucent) and the chicken had absolutely NO flavor. The sauce on the chicken was merely a tomato based sauce with a lil cumin in it…..hardly what I would call authentic Turkish (as I have pranced all over Western Turkey). I believe I ordered the Doner Plate. The rice resembled Rice-a-Roni. Service was good, friendly, as with most Middle Eastern / Mediterranean carts…..however, I am afraid I won’t be eating here again because of the bad first impressions. The ingredients need to be fresh when preparing.

  4. Dec 15th – Dec 31st: Sultan’s Kitchen Food Cart Benefit for Sisters
    Our new friends at Sultan’s Kitchen Authentic Turkish Food Cart are donating 5% of proceeds from December 15th through the 31st to Sisters! This is especially wonderful during our Matching Grant Challenge because all donations will be matched! The Sultan’s Kitchen Food Cart is located at SW 4th between SW Hall and College (near PSU). The cart is owned and run by Kathy and Sadi Yildizhan. Sadi is Turkish and has been cooking for 27 years while Kathy is from the US and has been cooking Turkish food for 10 years – she also teaches Turkish cooking at PCC! They are happy to bring authentic Turkish food to the Portland community – stop by for some delicious food and support Sisters too.

  5. Yummmy… I had the chicken wrap; and it was so big I couldn’t even eat it all. I love the flavor of Turkish food, and the rice and beans, that the Sultan makes, are so delicious. One of these days I’ll have to try all his dishes.

  6. Ill have a Borek please! yum
    November 11 at 2:36pm · 1 personFelicia likes this. · .Karen can’t wait! it comes highly recommended
    November 11 at 3:05pm · .Elizabeth Best grilled cheese-like sandwich I’ve ever had
    November 11 at 7:23pm · .Jeremie Krehbiel Lucille’s Balls on Belmont next door to Movie Madness, mmmm good
    November 12 at 8:12am · .Greg Slauson Thanks fir the heads up, the food was outstanding.
    November 12 at 2:53pm ·

  7. My wife and I have eaten at Sultan’s Kitchen and the food was verry good. We both loved it.

  8. Lamb specials on Monday are my favorite, what a treat to get lamb cooked the Turkish way. Doner Kabob with chicken is also a favorite of mine but for dieters, ask Sade to hold the butter. For the authentic version, enjoy the butter over the yogurt as you would get in Istanbul, portions are generous.

  9. Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 10:56:46 -0800
    Subject: Re: Catering order for Friday

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you again for the delicious meal on Friday – everything was very
    good and the faculty really liked it. I took some home and my husband
    loves the Cevisli Biper (and he’s very picky).

    Thank you,
    Middle East Studies Center

  10. “I was looking for some Middle Eastern food and once I had the opportunity to try this cart.Sadi is an excellent cook as well as a humble person.The way he treats his customers is AWESOME.I dont know where to start because I love everything at his cart.First I would recommend everyone to start with the Durum wrap and Baklava.I feel that he is the best in making these two dishes in Portland.Next you can also try his Kuru Pilav with your favorite meat.I also like the Lamb Doner plate as it has an authentic taste of middle east.There is much more to say but it is better for you to go and try and then you will do the same as I did.”

    I am student at Portland State University.Rating- 5/5


  11. Th Baqlava is Amazzing . . . . one of the best

    Lamb wraps (gyros) are delicious , and huge , , , for only 6$ , i like it.

    the rice is very delicious (espicially with the red tomato sauce he have) , and since the meat is halal , the quality of the meat is very good . . .

    I love that place .

  12. I do not understand why anybody who has eaten here would want to eat anywhere else. This is the best food cart in Portland. Very authentic Turkish food. The Baklava is exactly like how my mother would make it at home. The fact that it is made daily is the reason why I go there every day. I love their iskender and Sultan’s toast with Turkish tea.
    I predict that the newest invention “Chocolate Baklava” will soon become a favorite of anyone who tastes it.

  13. The best baklava I have ever had since I came to the US. Definitely better than those made-up-baklavas that can not go beyond stuffed layers of dough, sugar and cinnamon. I am looking forward to try the chocolate one 🙂

  14. To get to Sultan’s Kitchen from work I had to bypass all the carts on Mississippi and Stark, but I wanted to try the new Turkish place, and it was totally worth the trip. The lunch (I had the lamb wrap) was really good and a great value for $6. I also wanted to try their baclava, and that really cost me, because it was sooo good that I had to buy 6 more servings to take home for the wife and kids, who had a fight over the last piece. I highly recommend this cart!

  15. As a turkish person, I can say that he has one of the best baklava I have ever tried. I also love his lamb iskender kebap and rice and beans. If you’re looking for a delicious Mediterranean food, this is the place you should go.

  16. I’m a big fan of the Sultan’s Kitchen. It’s basically the only food cart I eat at because it is so good. The lamb gyros are amazing-not only do you get a lot of food for your money, but it tastes great and very fresh. My brother also loves them; we seem to be addicted. The baklava is incredible! It’s sweet and buttery and has amazing texture. I just don’t think I can do it justice by describing it because it is so good. Hands down one of my favorite desserts-but only from the Sultan’s Kitchen because it is authentic and made fresh daily!

  17. Wow, thank you for the wonderful Mothers day gift of Baklava, it’s the best gift I could get, it was to die for, especially the chocolate one, you know how much I love chocolate!!

  18. I had a plate of rice with lamb gyro meat with a terrific fresh-tasting tomato sauce on it with a tasty salad on the side – enjoyed every bite!

    The baklava was to die for – not overly sweet, and the Turkish tea was the perfect finish to my lunch.

    Great service by a charming, real Turk who is clearly proud of the fine food traditions of his homeland, and committed to replicating them here for our pleasure.

    I highly recommend The Sultan’s Kitchen.

  19. Hi… thanks a lot for coming to Portland with Turkish food. its soo yumy my favorite is GYRO – RAP – with lamb… and BAKLAVA omg… i can eat baklava for breakfast lunc and dinner 🙂 i ordered 35 peace baklava and it finished in 10 minutes after i got home… i am ready to order another 35.

  20. l had baklava in sultanskitchen it was the best l ever had,l will go again to try his iskender

  21. I go to this cart at least twice a week; it’s fantastic. The gyros (aka doners) are great but the lamb or chicken over rice are the best deals on good food out there. He gives a generous portion of gyro lamb or Turkish chicken over Turkish rice (thick grained white rice with orzo pasta) with Turkish tomato sauce and tzatziki…it is awesome! He makes his baklavas fresh each day in the cart and they are as good as baklavas get. I’ve been to many foodcarts…this is one of the very best!

  22. BAKLAVA BAKLAVA BAKLAVA..!!! (*OMG*) its yummy, awesome and they make everyday different baklavas now, i drive 45 minutes almost everyday from Vancouver for eat baklava…!! YOU MUST TRY..!!

  23. wow it was the best baklava i ever had,

  24. Try the Iskandar Kabaab . . . Amazing

    The Baqlava , Great

    I love this place 😉

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