Euro Trash

Euro Trash

Euro Trash

SW 10th and Washington
Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-4pm

The Story:

When I first saw the brightly painted cart with pastel green stripes and pink faux brick, I was intrigued by the name – Euro Trash, wondering what the heck they were going to offer. Since its opening, I have only heard rave reviews about everything on the menu, so had to visit.

I lived in Europe for awhile, yet my culinary experiences were mostly of Germanic and eastern European influences. Charles Thomas, the owner and chef, a longtime north-westerner who did his time working various gigs including restaurants, lived in Spain and Portugal for a period, soaking up the flavors of that region. As with many cart owners, he wanted to open a restaurant, but when he crunched the numbers, it just wasn’t in the cards. Now that he has the cart open, he loves it. The cart life captured his heart.

Fishy Chips from Euro Trash

Fishy Chips from Euro Trash

The menu at Euro Trash is mind boggling to say the least. From the first item – a prawn baguette with Portuguese curry prawns to the chorizo and chips, it was truly difficult to choose just one item. This is one of those carts you want to visit with kind friends so you can all try something different. When asked what I wanted, I spontaneously blurted out the first thing I saw – Fishy Chips. Normally, when you think of fish and chips, you would be offered halibut or whitefish along with some fries. Here at Euro Trash, it’s Spanish anchovies. Yes, anchovies lightly breaded then deep fried and finished with a little lemon and sea salt. I was excited to see anchovies offered since I’m a fan of their strong flavor. The deep frying along with the light outer crust provide a depth of flavor that is truly enjoyable. While it is served with an aioli for dipping, it wasn’t needed in my case as the “chips” stood by themselves. Charles even offered to leave the heads on if you let him know ahead of time – I guess that is how you would normally serve them.

Euro Trash is another great addition to Good Food Here, the pod quickly defining itself as a destination spot for the city’s cart goers in southeast. Just look at the menu offerings and you know they took the time to craft some tasty vittles. Head on down for breakfast, lunch or dinner and let Charles know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[The cart at Good Food Here is closed, but you can find Euro Trash at SW 10th and Washington daily.]

Sample Menu:

Menu changes with the season as do the prices.

  • The Big Burger – hamburger with bacon and cheese
  • Crabby – softshell crab sandwich
  • Chorizo and Chips: Portuguese style chorizo, giardiniera, chips, aioli
  • Fishy Chips: spanish anchovies breaded and fried with lemon seasalt, aioli

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am-4pm
Twitter: @EuroTrashCart Facebook: EuroTrashCart


  1. I’ve had the Prawn Baguette, and it was delicious. You may find the portion size a little lacking for the price if you’re a big eater like me, but the food’s outstanding.

  2. Prawn baguette and the oregon donor are my favorite dishes so far from Euro Trash. Also, his breakfast waffle eggs and bacon is a killer deal! You can bet i’ll be back again and again

  3. Brett….LOVE the new website design. Looks great! 🙂

  4. Bobby Rocker says

    This is my breafast spot. The bacon waffles and eggs are perfect! I love the breakfast quesadillas with chorizo, eggs, special sauce and some pickled veggies and peppers. Today I had the chorizo with chips and eggs with their special sauce… It was to die for! I don’t know of any other carts serving breakfast in my new hood in SE Portland. The breakfasts are 5,6 bucks and have made my days a lot better since I don’t have to roll through the fast food drive throughs anymore. I promise EuroTrash, I will stop by for the lunch/dinner stuff. It looks really tasty!

  5. Oh, the fishy chips are so lovely. Be sure to use the lemon wedge he includes.
    Unfortunately, the chorizo and chips was too much of a good thing. This is just my personal taste, though- I can see other people loving it!
    All around a solid cart, and I hope they enjoy much success.


  7. Sergio Salgado says

    Good Food Here is the pod in my neighborhood. I’ve eaten at Lardo(great) and Namu(tasty) plenty of times. I decided to try Euro Trash today. I had a falafel waffle with lamb. It was very good. Spicy falafel with hummus and a pile of meat and veggies with a garlic sauce. I’m going to be back to try more on the menu.

  8. The nice guys at the Cartopia pizza cart recommended we hit Euro Trash for the fishy chips. So we did. They were good, but not something I’d order more than once a year or so. However, Charles (the cart owner) was exceptionally friendly to us, talked to us for a while about our cartiwhoring weekend from Seattle, and even made us a sample of the falafel waffle for us. The waffle is delicious, and that might be an idea we steal for home.

    Support Euro Trash! This is the kind of owner who should succeed!

  9. SilverWings says

    Euro Trash’s street food is really good and different. The food is actually fun to eat. I’ve enjoyed the Fishy Chips and the Trashy Breakfast. Charles is a cool dude. My thanks to Hork above for commenting @ET since I’ve eaten here a few times and forgot to write up my review.

  10. Andy Segrist says

    The fishy chips are lovely. I didn’t think to ask if I could get them head on, but I will! One thing I would LOVE LOVE LOVE is if you could do a compliment of a fresh water smelt option. Not the big giant coastal smelt, but the small, so sweet and delicate midwestern smelt… Who knows if you can even get them out here. Oh boy. I’d get ’em both if so.

  11. Now you can get the fish heads battered and deep fried by themselves for $3!! Ultimate snackage!!! It may seem weird, but all you taste is the awesome!! …..brains, eyeballs, skull cartilage, and awesomeness!!!

    also, the Piri Piri Chicken is a killer.

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