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Over the past year, I have been working with some fellow Portlanders to capture the stories behind our city’s food cart revolution. The work has now been compiled into a book by Kelley Roy and Kelly Rodgers named Cartopia, Portland’s Food Cart Revolution.

The book looks into the history or carts, the demographics, the owner’s stories and yes, the food. I contributed along with Paul Gerald from Breakfast in Bridgetown, Carol Mayer Reed and Michael Reed from Mayer/Reed, Kelly and Kelley, and Andrew Burdick, our awesome photographer. I enjoyed taking the extra time to interview cart owners and delve further into the background as to why they opened a cart and the trials and tribulations throughout the years. There are some wonderful stories out there in food cart land.

The book is coming out in October and you can pre-order it now from I understand Powell’s will also be stocking it once it is in print.


  1. This should be an e-book so it can be easily updated.

  2. I agree with Greg. It’s hard to keep up!
    But that may be a good thing. Are there extra volumes already in the works? Or will it eventually be an annual book?
    Either way, GREAT JOB!!

  3. Hey there – I love the idea of an ebook. However, Cartopia: Portland’s Foodcart Revolution is a book that documents the food cart phenomenon in Portland, Oregon, capturing the stories of food cart life both in story and by photo. Not an academic treatment of the subject, nor a definitive guide, Cartopia is instead a fun and informative look at the Portland scene. Target audiences include “foodies,” urbanists, and those interested in community economic development.

    Brett and Lizzy are doing a great job at being the definitive guide for food carts in Portland and their website is still the best place to track the goings on at each pod.

    There is also a documentary film and a tv series in the works. Exciting times for Portland’s food cart scene.
    Thanks to all of the amazing Portlander’s who are supporting us through our DIY book publishing effort!

  4. i am not very cool.


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