Snow White House


Snow White House Crepes

Location: SE 82nd and Harney, Cartlandia
Hours: varied

The Story:

A venerable old cart, Snow White House has been serving Portland crepes and sandwiches for over 13 years. Even before the current owners took it over back in the 90’s, it was acting as a food cart downtown. Talk about the stories that cart may hold.

Snow White House Crepes is the work of Abby Tian who bought the cart oh so many years ago with the idea that people love crepes and she needs to cook for them. The cart was originally across from the Guild Theater where Directors Park now sits, but moved to SW 10th and Alder about 8 years ago to a spot where there were only two other carts. That area now is overflowing with some of Portland’s best street food. A wise choice Abby.

Tuna Crepe from Snow White House

Tuna Crepe from Snow White House

Snow White House’s menu is huge. Three pages filled with crepes, sandwiches and other on the spot prepared foods. In addition to that, you can get chips, pop, candy and maybe even trinkets. They have it all. Sandwiches choices run the gamet with turkey, chicken breast, ham – you name it, she’s got it with all the fixin’s. Though, I don’t think sandwiches are the focus here being the cart’s name has crepes in it. Just choosing from the list of thirteen crepe offerings makes one dizzy with delight. They can make the crepe either traditional or with buckwheat flour and choices range from Swedish meatball to spinach and cheese to chocolate and fresh fruit or lemon curd. The tuna crepe I enjoyed was humongous – tuna, Tillamook cheddar, pepper jack, cream cheese, spinach, tomato, eggs, celery, onions, parsley, mayo, salt and pepper. A giant of a crepe. As I watched her layer on the ingredients, I began to wonder if she would get it closed. There was a lot of cheese in that crepe, but the other ingredients balanced it out for an enjoyable, albeit filling meal.

Snow White House Crepes is an example of tenacity and drive. Recently in an interview with OPB, Abby stated she works every day for 12 hours in addition to running a restaurant. She believes her customers come to see her andher crepes. Well done lady. When you visit, let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.


  1. I. LOVE. THIS. CART. I have been coming to Snow White’s crepe shack since I was… well… it’s been over 10 years. When I think of the food card scene, this is still the first cart that pops into my head! The crepes are DIVINE and Abby is such a hard-working and friendly lady. Seriously. BEST CREPES IN TOWN!!!

  2. Snow White House is one of the first food carts on the scene. I love their crepe hot dogs and other treats. There are more crepe carts now, but we still try to support them when we can.

    two thumbs up!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try this cart before moving to 10th & Alder and I finally did yesterday. Wonderful. The only negative would be that it’s not the most speediest of prep, but the food was great. I had the tuna crepe and lost count how many ingredients she kept piling into it. The grilled sandwiches ordered by others looked just as great too. Definite repeater.


  5. Loved the crepes and Abby, but got really nervous about the cart. Dust half an inch thick on the inside shades (on the right side as you look in the cart) gave me the willies. This cart needs a complete scrubdown before I’ll go back there.

    The crepes, it must be said, were delicious and we suffered no ill effects.

  6. crepe lady rocks!!!!! the savory spinach avocado one is my favorite but all the rest are equally amazing. Ever have ice cream in a crepe???? wonderful!

  7. Hungry for crepes says

    I have tried 4 times over the last two weeks to satisfy a crepe craving for lunch and you were closed, window shut each time, seemingly that the cart was empty. Please post your hours – this app states that you open at noon. Each time I have been by it has been between 12 and 12:45. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Not worth it! There were two people ahead of us in line. We ordered three different crepes. Unbelievably, it took fifteen minutes until we got our first crepe. The last one came thirty minutes after we ordered. We got the chocolate/fresh fruit, the meatball, and the avocado/spinach crepes. They weren’t very good, and not at all worth the wait. They were also messy and difficult to eat. Our stomachs felt odd after eating, so we all had tums.

  9. Hands down one of the best carts in town. I’ve never experienced anything close to as good as their grilled cheese/tomato soup.

  10. Awesome crepes!!! Had the crepes chantilly – stuffed with thick homemade whipped cream, sliced sweet strawberries, and a good dumping of powdered sugar. Heaven wrapped up in a cone for you to gobble up. Lip-smacking good!


  1. […] we looked for dessert possibilities and we found the Snow White House Cart with a huge variety of sweet and savory crepes available. We ordered a strawberry chantilly crepe […]

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