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Another week, more food cart news

According to the Twittersphere, A la Carts, a new pod on SE 50th and Division has confirmed ten carts to be landed by September 1. One fave I wish was in my neighborhood is Van Schnitzels. I understand the pod will be a breakfast to dinner type setup. They are still looking for a dessert cart I understand. Enjoy.

Dreamer’s Marketplace is now doing bi-weekly happy hour with the carts. They have beer and wine for sale and the carts offer up samplings while you enjoy some live music. We’ve profiled Wet Hot Beef and Pepper Box, but there are a few others there including Southwestern Pizza, Patty’s Wagon, PB Comfort Food, Angel’s Cabana and Olympic Hot Dogs. More to open soon. Happy Hour occurs every Wednesday and Friday from 4pm-8pm. NE MLK and Graham.

Crystal Gardens, a new pod in St. Johns is now open. On the corner of N Lombard and Richmond, the pod features Savvy J’s, fresh from their great segment on Food Carts Revolution this past Sunday on Cooking Channel. Savvy J’s makes a great catfish po’boy. There are a few others open and they are expanding.

With all the openings, we should point out some sad closings. Parkers Waffles on SW 4th and Hall has closed up the cart. They still do have the waffle window on Alberta where you can get your waffle fix.

Portland Monthly has dedicated their September issue to food carts. And why not? They are the talk of the town. The editors highlighted the pods and the carts and even the upcoming book – Cartopia: Portland’s FoodCart Revolution. I haven’t been able to pick up a hard copy, only subscribers have that at this point, but from reading the articles on the web, they did a great job. Missed some of my faves, but overall, great coverage.

BING!, the search engine from Microsoft, partnered with Portland Monthly and some other locals to create a dynamic and robust map of all the food carts. Portland was chosen as a launch site for BING!’s map with features including Twitter and Foursquare. You can find the map here. Look for more news on the map in the coming weeks.

Last Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of being on Live Wire Radio and sharing the stage with Gregg Abbot from Whiffies, Menomena and Reggie Watts. The show was amazing and our segment about the carts ended up so awesome, I can’t wait to hear it on the radio. Thank you Courtenay Hameister and crew for having us. Live Wire Radio will are on Saturday night at 7pm on OPB. There are warm pies and sexual innuendo involved in the show. Cheers!

For those of you who made it to the end of this post, you get a surprise. 3 Leg Torso, a great Portland band with an eclectic flair is doing an impromptu show at Pbong’s Bowl, a relaunched Thai food cart at 2034 N Killingsworth. It happens tonight, Thursday, so head north for some great food and some great music.

Happy Carting


  1. pdxheather says:

    Did Southwestern Pizza move from the Mississippi location or just open a second cart?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, so I love the idea of the interactive map, and tried to get it to work. first I had to update Microsoft Silverlight, and then every time I clicked on the link in your post, my browser started having seizures, and the page kept flicking on and off, constantly reloading. I can get to Bing maps all by itself just fine, but can’t figure out how to get to this interactive map. It’s a cool idea, but something’s glitchy right now >:-(


  3. What about the Boy Gorilla Coffee cart on SE 11th and Clay!!! Super rad and right on a bike commute route. WORD!

  4. The Bing map is very cool.

  5. SilverWings says:

    ‘The Deadliest Catch’ aka ‘Fisherman’s Seafood Galley’ on 50th Avenue SE just south of Division is great. The cart is located in the new cluster that is forming. Currently two carts are open with another five+ carts set to open September 1st.

    I’ve eaten here twice both times eating the fish and shrimp tacos @$2 each. Yesterday, I also tried the fresh watermelon juice. All of it was delicious and filling. Sauces available ranged from mild to hot.

    Two couples were eating the King Crab Plate @$10 that comes with duh crab legs, spanish rice, salad, and garlic bread. Next time, I’m going for that plate.

    BTW, while I like good Mexican food, I don’t usually find Mexican carts to offer upscale or really good tasting food. This one I really like.

    Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

    Their phone number is 503-995-3730.

  6. I am a Portland native–born there and lived in Aloha–now living on the Greek island of Paros.
    Since I prefer to graze rather than eat full meals, I really look forward to trying each and every cart when I next come back to Portland for a visit.


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