Las Loncheritas


SE 43rd and Belmont
Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30am-9pm

The Story:

Every so often you want some simple well made Mexican food. Las Loncheritas, now relocated to the Good Food Here pod sates that need for a cheap well made taco or burrito.

Las Loncheritas isn’t just inexpensive, they offer a broad menu of items for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Meat options include carnitas, asada, pollo, and pastor. Veggie options include tofu and the obvious rice, beans or grilled veggies. In addition to tacos and burritos, they offer quesadillas, tostadas, fajitas, enchiladas, and torta sandwiches. I asked if they made their own tortillas for the tacos since I saw a packages of masa flour. They don’t, yet they do make the sopes and huaraches with fresh handformed masa cakes. I think I’ll need to try that next time I visit.

As usual, I ordered some tacos. I feel the simplest item on the menu will tell me whether their other items are worth a return trip. I shared the carnitas, asada and pollo tacos with my roommate who later texted me – “those were 5 star tacos!” I agree. They were flavorful with just the right amount of meat, finely chopped onions and cilantro. At $1.50 per taco, a great deal.

Las Loncheritas matches Creme de la Creme as the two truly mobile kitchens that anchor the corner of Good Food Here. I hope they do some sort of French/Mexican fusion one day. Hmm, what would that be…a brie and jambon quesadilla? If you are down that way, drop on by and say hola to Las Loncheritas and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Tacos: asada, pastor, pollo or carnitas – $1.50
  • Burrito: choice of meat with beans and rice – $4.75
  • Sopes: hand made puffed masa tortilla with choice of meat – $2.75
  • Mulitas: layer of corn tortilla filled with cheese and choice of meat sprinkled with onion and cilantro – $2.50
  • Soyrizo Burrito: flour tortilla stuffed with soyrizo, pepper and onions, beans and rice and cilantro – $5.75
  • Quesadilla – $2.75-$3.75

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11:30am-9pm



  1. SilverWings says

    Las Longeritas (LL) is simple basic Mexican food. It’s decent definitely not upscale. I’m a food cart junkie and I know the cluster well that this cart is located at. They do have lots of customers placing orders at LL though I have no idea if they are repeat customers. I have eaten at LL a few times for when I have that Mexican food craving. Never has the food looked as good as the picture shown here of their food. The people who work at LL are very nice and sincere.

    The 43rd and Belmont cart cluster where this cart is located is probably the nicest and most comfortable to eat at in Portland. Currently, there are about eight carts open and within a few more week another eight should be setting up at this cluster.

    If you want great seafood or fish tacos go to the new cart cluster off SE 50th Avenue just south of Division a bit. Look for a big blue bus. This place offers great tacos.

  2. you have to try the enchiladas this is real mexican enchiladas

  3. I really hate saying this, but I wasn’t impress with LL. We are big fans of Mexican food trucks and we’ve visited quite a few, so I was really disappointed when I tried their tacos: not much flavor, only one tortilla, and they were really small compared to the average truck taco. I really hope it was just that they were having a bad day, because we love the Belmont pod. We will give them another chance.

  4. Barack Obama says

    Mr. Silverwings taking into consideration that what you presented in you “comment” so to speak, luxury is not found in food carts. If your looking for luxury Mexican food you may want to go to a restaurant (which in most cases it is more luxurious but nevertheless the food cuality (taste) is not as high as the local owners of these food carts. In my opinion you are looking for
    something different than good food.

  5. random citizen says

    Well Mr. Obama I would deeply agree with you. I am a regular customer at Las Loncheritas and their food is absolutely delicious. This cart is a must try! Not to mention how kind the service offered is. I believe this is a family business and all of the young ladies who have attended me have been outstanding. Props to them and long live Mexican food!

  6. Went once and the family had their daughter (maybe 8 years old) taking orders. It took her a long time to add up our total and a good long while to calculate the change. Whatever, she’s 8, it’s cute. But then 15 minutes go by and my wife goes to ask where our food is. What food? Oh, the little girl completely lost our order. Got our money back, fished our buck fifty out of the tip jar, and will never go back. That’s irresponsible, and probably a violation of child labor laws.

    All of that being said, I cannot comment on the quality of the food.

  7. SilverWings says

    Mr. Barack Obama, you are wrong. ‘Luxury’ (as you worded it) in the taste or in the quality of food offered as you claim can be found in restaurants as well as food carts. Conversely, terrible food can be found in restaurants and food carts. Skilled cooks using simple yet adequate equipment and good ingredients can do amazing things in a food cart.

    I agree with Ivette’s post about this cart; ‘not much flavor’ and that is a good summary about this cart. There are better carts (Mexican and others) to spend money at to get better taste and value. Incidentally, I find the cart’s cleanliness level of concern too.

    I can do amazing things while camping with a cast-iron Dutch oven. Yesterday, I ate at Bayou Fixin’s a cart that offers Cajun food. It was incredible! The food was absolutely delicious and ‘upscale’. Go see my review for them. Namu Korean-Hawaiian BBQ at the same cluster as LL offers great food cooked using a simple outdoor grill. Go see my review for them too as they also have my praise like Bayou Fixin’s. I did write in my previous review about LL that there is a wonderful Mexican cart located at the new cluster on 50th Avenue just south of Division that offers delicious seafood and fish tacos.

    BTW, the word delicious can be associated here with upscale. Most intelligent readers understand that ‘not upscale’ can mean more than a fancy appearance.

    Thanks for your opinion.

  8. ... not so much like the other comment... try other and better pulled prok sandwchs says

    Namu… Very intersting enough i decided to try their pulled pork, more than once. With only one thing in mind, “I hope they care more this thime.” The first time i saw them, I was like “hey I love pulled pork, I am going to try this out!” The guy (he was the very first one i saw, now I see a female most of the time) working there he was careless of the way the sandwhich came out, there was another guy infront of my order, which coincidently happened to be a pulled pork sandwhich as well. The buns came out of the grill black from the inside (where the meat covers it). Hoping my bun did not come out like his, I was wrong… it did. I did not say anything because i believe that is thier job as a work to ask if i prefer a new bun or didn’t mind. Nevertheless he did not, whatever… i sat now hoping i could not taste the brunt bun, however I did… but as i started to eat it i also noticed this putrid taste in my mouth. Came to found out it was the fix our horseradish mixed with something else. It was absuloutely didscusting. The pulled pork itself was not very good neither. I think the best thing about this sandwhich was the sauce (store bought). Now if you are looking for a really GREAT pulled pork sanwhich you want to go to 82nd all the way down by baby’s R us, across the street there is an Whole sales sport or somthing, there is a lunch truck of BBQ items. Their most selling item is their original pulled pork. This is a 5 Star sandwhich, not no NAMU Pulled pork BULLS**T. although i cannot comment on thier other menu items, i have not returned since then.

  9. Neutronrobotman says

    This is a great cart.

    Excellent Tofu Tacos and delicious salsa.

  10. little bird says

    I had 3 of the tofu tacos,and i was still hungry. They were served on the worlds smallest corn tortillas ,only one corn tortilla each.I don’t think they even seasoned the tofu at all. This cart could use a good scrub down. I don’t think i will be coming back .

  11. LL has moved into a new truck (opposite the old one). The new one is definitely cleaner looking than the old one.

    That said, wasn’t too impressed with the food. Had a chicken ‘n mole’ burrito (in fact, the fact that they had a mole’ burrito was the only reason I deigned to try a taco truck run by gringos). Was a good size, but the flavor was unremarkable and all the ingredients seemed in be in one big gloppy mix; I was expecting mole’d chicken along with some rice and beans. Had an al pastor taco, which wasn’t bad; however, it was muy pequeno (dinky).

    There’s way better comestibles to be had at 43rd and Belmont, and will stick to authentic taco trucks (i.e. not run by gringos).

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