Location: NE 52nd and Sandy
Hours: Tues-Friday, 12-2pm, 5-8pm; Sat, 12-8pm

The Story:

The name of the cart actually defines what PDX671 serves. An ingenious idea – combine a location code with an area code to create a mystique. For PDX671, the 671 denotes the area code for Guam where the owners are from and find their culinary influence. Yet PDX671 isn’t just north pacific island food, it has a pacific northwest flair.

PDX671 launched in spring after much buzz on Twitter due to their superb marketing skills and tenacity. Many saw the brand new cart arrive at North Station, emailing us here wondering who was opening. Then the large green pineapple motif appeared to give customer even more to ponder. The goal behind PDX671 is to present Chomorro cuisine to Portland and keep a family tradition alive for future generations. The centuries of culinary influence that had been thrust upon Guam by foreign cultures like Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, American and more create the diverse flavor profile we refer to as Chamorro food which translates to “Guahan.” Mix those spices and technique with NW ingredients and you create something truly unique and special.

The menu at PDX671 offers up an assortment of unique dishes including shrimp fritters, Chamorro flatbread, red rice, vegetables in coconut mikl, and chopped grilled chicken. Or, you can opt for a fiesta plate which combines numerous items so you get a full range of the flavors. I opted for a variation on the fiesta plate with Chamorro seasoned and grilled boneless chicken, red rice, a shrimp fritter and some flatbread. All this for under $7. I can’t really say any one item stuck out from the rest since they were all super flavorful and introduced me to a new type of taste bud sensation. The chicken had flavors of lemon, spicy pepper, soy sauce and the crispiness of the grill. The fritter was a mixture of veggies and baby shrimp that were batter fried to create a wonderful little ball you mix with some of the fina’’dene’ sauce. Tasty! Overall, the meal was wonderful. I was excited to taste a whole new culture’s offerings, having purchased it just down the street from my home.

PDX671 is now open at North Station pod in North Portland. [PDX671 has moved to NE 52nd and Sandy as of 10/2012] With 14 carts there, you can try most anything your taste buds desire. Wander on up North and give the cart a try and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya. Hafa Adai!

Sample Menu:

  • Bonelos Uhang | Shrimp Fritters – 4 fritters of Oregon pink shrimp seasoned and tossed with a selection of vegetables – $3.50
  • Lumpoia | Spring Rolls – 3 fried crisp rolls of Tails & Trotters ground pork, vermicelli noodles and vegetables – accompanied by a garlic-vinegar sauce – $4.50
  • Titayas | Chamorro Flatbread – flatbread flavored with coconut milk and grilled – $2.50
  • Hineksa’ Agaga’ | Red Rice – rice seasoned with the flavors and color of achotte’ – $1.75
  • Linechen Gollai | Vegetables in Coconut Milk – grilled seasonal vegetables served in a spicy, citrusy coconut milk – $3.75
  • Kelaguen Mannok | Chopped Grilled Chicken – chopped grilled chicken mixed iwth lemon, grated coconut, peppers and onions – served cool with warm titiyas – $5.75
  • Fiesta Plate – 2 boneless chicken thighs seasoned overnight in our Chamorro marinade and grilled, red rice, vegetables in coconut milk – $8.75

Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12-2pm and 5-8pm; Saturday, 12-8pm
Website: PDX671.com
Twitter: @PDXSixSevenOne Facebook: PDX671




  1. I had the special last week: chicken thigh, rice and a shrimp fritter. It was nicely priced and very delicious, especially the sauce that went with my food.

  2. Hey Becky, we’re glad you liked that. You ordered the “Neni Bowl” and it will soon be a permanent menu item. We put together the Neni Bowl for our customers who really want the fiesta plate but don’t quite have the appetite for it, so it’s portions are slightly more than half of what the fiesta plate offers.

  3. PDX 671 is the best thing that’s hit Portland to date, demonstrating that the Pacific Islands fuse well with the Northwest … The food is amazing and priced well to keep you coming back for more. I hope that over time they’ll continue to offer new things to try and branch out to more locations across the city.

  4. the Kelaguen Mannok had me instantly transported back to the island! worked there for 18months a few years ago and ate versions of this dish about 4 days a week! the titiyas are well made, as well as the fritters. love that you are here!

    If I would say that this pod has a problem, it is that a fair number of the other carts/establishments are charging just too much. some of the dishes are damn near restaurant prices with none of the creature comforts. I am seeing this price creep more and more all over PDX in carts……hope this doesn’t speed the contraction in carts that is getting close.

  5. I agree with CO. The food is TASTY, but the pricing here (and at a ton of carts in Portland these days – yeah Wicked Waffles I’m looking at you and the two waffles for $15 b.s. and ’15 minute wait that turns to 45′) is a bit off. I typically head to Sila Thai in the same pod as for $5.50 I can get more quantity than at PDX671 and it’s still tasty. That being said, it’s worth trying their food at least once because it is different.

  6. My wife and I were in town from Vancouver, BC on Wed night and we stopped in at this pod for supper…….Marie had the fritters and loved them and we shared an order of the spring rolls that were so good we picked up another order to have as a snack back at our hotel……thanks for such good food and also for this great website…..we would never have found this pod
    with out it.with

  7. Hafa dai! My husband, his sisters and brothers (who all live here in Portland) are originally from Guam. We heard about this cart from some Guamanian relatives that now live in CA. WE LOVE THIS FOOD CART. The food is amazing. Super tasty, very fresh, and completely authentic. This is now one our favorite places to eat in Portland. The owner is very friendly and goes out of his way to make sure people feel welcome and that they have a good experience. We highly recommend this food cart and hope his business does very well.

  8. I had chicken and rice from them yesterday and it was awesome. They didn’t have short ribs on the grill yet (despite it being 6:30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon) but the food they did have was fantastic. And they’re so friendly and nice 🙂 I’ll certainly go back again.

  9. Check out this link for more info!

  10. Hafa adai chelu, Ed! I love this food cart. You make great food. I’m excited to learn more about guam and chamorro food. When my boyfriend (he is chamorro) is back in town, we will be sure to stop by for some shrimp fritters. Maybe banana donuts are in our future as well. Maybe I will bring my mom, Sue 😉

  11. Hafa adai! I love PDX671 and you will too. I am Chamorro, a native of Guam, and new to the Portland food fare. I was thrilled to find this fabulous food cart and the friendly service from “Ed”. If you are new to this cuisine, I recommend trying the Fiesta Plate so you have a little of everything: red rice, chicken, & shrimp fritters (this was a must at my wedding reception!) Don’t forget to ask for the finadene, if you want a little spice. I’ve been a couple of times, but will visit frequently. Can’t wait to try the lumpia & kelaguen, more of my favorites. PDX671 makes me miss the island!

  12. Brad Curry says

    Your food is delicious and authentic!
    One of my co-workers brought me in some keleguin (sp?). It reminded me of all the fiestas I’ve ever been to in Yona, Talafofo, Dedido, and Agat.
    Thank you so much for bringing this here… I will be visiting soon.

  13. New location: Rose City Food Park at NE Sandy Boulevard & 52nd Avenue

    Fall/Winter hours are:
    Open Tues-Fri 12pm-2pm, Thurs-Fri 5:30pm-8pm, Sat 12pm-8pm • Closed Mon & Tues

  14. Loved the food here so much! A friend who had lived in Guam took me to PDX 671 this evening, and we both enjoyed our food. I had the Kelaguen Mannok (Chopped Grilled Chicken) with rice, and my friend had the chicken thigh, rice, and a shrimp fritter. They were both excellent! I’m looking forward to going again soon.

  15. What was the sauce that the shrimp fritters were dipped on? I remember vinegar but not the 2nd ingredient. I’m in Iowa and pretty sure I’ll never get to Portland. Thanks….

  16. Is it this one? Finadene? http://www.food.com/recipe/finadene-sauce-38533 I remember they serve this with their food, but I’m not sure if it’s the one you’re looking for!

  17. I think that’s it. I found a couple others but had a lot of garlic in them. Thanks.

  18. Susan, it’s garlic, black pepper, vinegar sauce and it is yummy.

  19. I’m not too smart…. What is vinegar sauce?

  20. Never mind… I figured out what you meant. I had thought it was a separate ingredient.

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