Wet Hot Beef


[Closed August 2011]

Location: SW 10th and Washington
Hours: M-F, 11am-4pm

The Story:

When I first heard of Wet Hot Beef, I thought it was a sandwich name and not the actual name of the cart. I chuckled and then full belly laughed to learn that it was the cart name. Ingenious! Catchy! Memorable. One of the first carts to open at the new Dreamer’s Marketplace Pod on NE MLK, Wet Hot Beef is mimicking the success model of serving up a single item done right – roast beef sandwiches. [Updated December 2010, Wet Hot Beef moved to SW 10th and Washington]

Shane Hendren, the man behind the beef, set out to create a signature roast beef sandwich, doing beef research to find high quality meat that would satisfy his “beeftooth.” The Piedmontese beef Shane chose is known to be one of the most tender and leanest stocks available. Sourced from Montana but processed in Oregon, Shane wanted to find the best and he did. Along with the roast beef, Wet Hot Beef also offers house made potato chips with flavors tarragon vinegar or curry chocolate. Roast beef and a side of chips – a great combo.

Wet Hot Beef offers their signature sandwich in three different preparations – Naked, Dressed and Indecent. A Naked is simply sliced Piedmontese beef with au Jus on a French roll. Upgrade to the dressed with house made pickled vegetables and caramelized onions or top it all off by throwing some Swiss B├ęchamel sauce over everything for the Indecent. I not a fan of the au jus dipping sauce traditional to roast beef sandwiches, but Shane doesn’t do a dipping sauce. He takes the au jus and spreads it on the French roll then places the beef and other ingredients atop. He then wraps the sandwich and places it in a 12oz cup so as you eat, the juices drip down into the cup and not on your shirt or pants. A wonderful presentation and ingenious idea. I enjoyed the Dressed and was particularly impressed by the house made pickled beets and red onions. They added a nuance to the buttery roast beef that I really enjoyed. The beef was tender as described with little musculature, so you didn’t have to bite your way through the sandwich pulling to much beef out on every bite. These are large sandwiches, so be prepared. Pair it with the house made chips and sodas and you have a winner.

As stated, Wet Hot Beef is now open as one of the first carts at Dreamer’s Marketplace, a new pod on NE MLK. Situated in the parking lot of an old NE Portland bank, the building on the site is being remodeled to house a music venue and pub. Another great re-use of existing empty land and structures. Head on over to the lot to try one of these signature sandwiches and let Shane know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Updated December 2010, Wet Hot Beef moved to SW 10th and Washington]

Sample Menu:

  • Naked: sliced Piedmontese beef with au jus on French roll – $6.25
  • Dressed: sliced Piedmontese beef with au jus, house made pickled vegetables, caramelized onions on a French roll – $6.75
  • Indecent: a Dressed with double au jus and cheese sauce – $7.50
  • House Made Potato Chips – $1.25

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm
Phone: 360 609 9008
Facebook: Wet Hot Beef



  1. The perfect lunch!!! Delicious beef with homemade pickled vegetables, fresh bun, and the au jus ( fabuolus) make this a winner! The handmade chips are delicate, and have been different each time I visit. One day it was chocolate! I’m also a fan of the sodas: lemonade /ginger, etc., which are also changing.

  2. Rod Harris says

    Good right up! I like Shano’s ingenuity and entreprenuerial guts he is on with this focus to a great product! Thanks for writing.

  3. Gareth Nevitt says

    The beef is great, the sodas are great, and the sandwich-in-a-cup idea is brilliant – no risk of dripping sauce down your shirt, pants, tie (?), whatever!

  4. What a sexy food cart!

  5. If I were a picky sort of person, I’d say that the wrapper was difficult to get off of the sandwich. This would be my only complaint about this cart. I’d been dying for a french dip for ages, and this hit all the right spots. I’d only recommend you go to this cart if you love beef, cheese, and the world’s best potato chips.

  6. Being an oysterman I need to satisfy my beef craving and Shanes creations hit the spot. His fresh ingredients, receipe and presentation was a hit with my two daughters as well, although I couldn’t tell if they were smiling because of the sandwhich or Shane.
    A must stop.

  7. I have eaten at this cart twice and think it’s great. the meat is lean and tastes wonderful. the chips are always good–check out the lavender.

  8. Had the dressed for lunch today. Wonderful! Chips and sodas are great too. I will definitely be back.

  9. I don’t get the fuss…it was stringy and not very flavorful, and it was too expensive.

    Also, the soda was terrible.

    I would not go back.

  10. Sensational. Best roast beef sandwich I’ve had in years, and I’m hard to please – I don’t post because if you can’t say something nice … However, this place is highly recommended.

  11. I went there today and was disappointed. I thought I was getting a hot beef sandwich, at least a spicy one!

    The beef was good and tender although, not so flavorful. Like it was cooked with no seasoning at all.

    The bun was very good and the dill weed sauce was yummy. It saved the sandwich.

    Not impressed and even less so by the prices and then to be handed a menu with the sandwich with a coupon for free chips on a return visit…would have scored more points with me if Shane had redeemed the coupon at the time as I will not be back.

  12. Y’know, one of the things I’m not really all that impressed with in this whole food cart phenomenon is that professionalism doesn’t always seem to go hand in hand with the operation of these businesses. I headed over to Dreamer’s Marketplace today (Sunday) at 1:00 with the idea of getting a sandwich from Wet Hot Beef. I checked their hours on their website beforehand. When I got there, Wet Hot Beef didn’t even appear to exist. And not one of the other carts was open. Several of them listed Sunday hours, and yet there they stood, shuttered and presumably empty. So I came back home, checked the DM website and facebook page, as well as those of all the carts that were supposed to have been open, and only one, Pepper Box, made any mention of not being open during their normal hours. Many of these places don’t list phone numbers, so you can’t even call ahead. I’m a bit of a stickler for truth in advertising. If you want my business, be open when you advertise that you’ll be open, or at the very least, post otherwise on your website or facebook page. Totally sub-par.

  13. This business has relocated to SW 10th & Washington — as noted above and on their Facebook page — but they haven’t updated their website for some reason. If you find yourself out this way, do give them a try. Their sandwiches are good, as are their chips.

    As for the rest, some of the carts are better about their hours than others (see Nuevo Mexico for a lot of comments from thwarted-and-irked potential customers). But this can be an issue for any restaurant. Some will close with no notice if there isn’t enough business on some given day or evening. And it shouldn’t be too surprising that a bunch of food carts were closed over a holiday weekend. It’s not an issue with respect to truth in advertising, which applies to goods or services received in exchange for tender. It’s a question of whether fairly small operations have the time, savvy and desire to sufficiently broadcast their plans and to consistently execute. Maybe they aren’t all achievers, but that’s just like…your opinion, man.

  14. I miss this place so much! There’s nowhere else to get a kickass roast beef sandwich.

  15. And, a year later, Pepper Box is the only place left in this lot. Not coincidentally, Pepper Box is run by a dude who makes a great product *and* takes his business seriously. That’s just like… a fact, man.

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