PBJ’s Grilled


Location: NW 23rd and Kearney
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11am-6pm

The Story:

Memories of childhood – the first thought I had when I saw PBJ’s Grilled at Willamette Week’s Eat Mobile! event a couple of months ago. What they offered though was much different than the PB&J I remember as a child. My parents never thought to put bacon or jalapenos in the mix. This duo has thought of most any combination.

PBJ’s Grilled is the creation of Shane and Keena who moved to Portland 18 months ago from Vegas with the mission of serving something unique and local. Shane tells us the idea for the grilled pb&j came from outside the gates of the Oregon Country Fair. One summer, a gentleman who didn’t have a ticket was outside serving up tasty treats and voila, a food cart was born. Since that first introduction, they have been busy in their kitchen putting together different ingredients in order to create the many options they have on their menu. They chose to go local for most of their ingredients with bread from Gabriel’s Bakery, cheese from Rogue Creamery, and homemade jams from Misty Meadow. Part of me wishes I was the fly on the wall the nights they had to do their taste tests.

The sandwiches offered come on fresh Challah bread that is smeared with the peanut, almond or hazelnut butter, jam or ingredient which could include bacon, jalapenos, Nutella, bananas, honey, sea salt, chocolate chips and so much more. The shear amount of jams lined up like liquor bottles on the edge of the cart is mind boggling. I was in the mood for something truly unique and even then, there were multiple choices. The Spicy Thai came with peanut butter, orange marmalade, sriracha, curry and fresh chopped basil. Upon first bite, while the peanut butter was a dominant flavor, the siracha and basil came through nicely, balancing out the myriad of flavors. The bread’s buttery crust fit nicely on the tongue at the start with the spicy sriracha leaving a little heat after every bite. Quite enjoyable. Next time I’ll get The Betty. I’m a sucker for sea salt and fresh ground pepper in anything.

PBJ’s Grilled has been open for 2 months now and is doing brisk business on NW 23rd. Seems the shoppers there love the sandwiches. Shane and Keena a great to talk to and even live just down the street from their cart. Like I said, keepin’ it local is their goal. Next time you are up in NW, or if you need an excuse to go shopping on 23rd, check out PBJ’s Grilled and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Betty: Challah bread, Gruyere, bread and butter pickles, white pepper, sea salt, PBJ’s peanut butter – $5.50
  • Sweet Tart: Challah bread, unsweetened cranberry jam, white chocolate chips, PBJ’s peanut butter – $4.50
  • Good Morning: Challah bread french toast, blueberry jam, apple wood smoked bacon, 100% maple syrup, PBJ’s peanut butter – $6
  • The Joy: Challah bread, PBJ’s dark chocolate spread, PBJ’s coconut filling, PBJ’s almond butter – $5.50
  • Spicy Thai: Challah bread, orange marmalade, sriracha, fresh basil, curry, PBJ’s peanut butter – $5.50
  • Pumpkin Pie: Challah bread, pumpkin butter, Two Tarts caramel sauce, pie crust, PBJ’s peanut butter – $5.50
  • Full menu at pbjsgrilled.com

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-6pm
Phone: 702 300 7734
Website: PBJsGrilled.com
Twitter: @pbjsgrilledcom



  1. Just stopped by here a bit ago and grabbed a Hot Hood (Challah bread, black cherry jam, jalapeno, apple wood smoked bacon, PBJ’s peanut butter).

    Nice little cart, great sandwich for the hot weather, and good conversation with Shane while it was quiet.

    Hope this cart sticks around, glad to hear about it on Food Carts Portland!

  2. Went by today for my monthly stop to my new favorite food cart since the Bite but OMG No Cart so I came home to see if there was a new location cant find that out so far. Please if anyone can help.

  3. Chuck Steffey says

    We really enjoyed the sandwiches we had today. Who would have known jalapeño peppers would grill so well with peanut butter?


  5. How about a smore sandwich? Peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow.

    Here’s a recipe for graham cracker bread …


  6. I learned about this cart on a walking tour by Forktown Food Tours in Portland and this place is fabulous. I’m looking forward to a return visit soon……………

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