Men’s Health visits the Carts


A few months ago, Matt Goudling and photographer Nate Welch came to town to do a story about the carts for Men’s Health magazine. We did an epic day starting with breakfast at bloop! and finishing with pizza and fries at Cartopia. 14 carts in 16 hrs. You can read the whole article in the August 2010 issue of Men’s Health. Here’s their video.


  1. Hope Allison says

    RIDE< RIDE< slippety slyed…. I really Respect food carts.. Awesome video. Where can I find you?? I will be visiting in September.. Nice Job…………


  2. Great showcase, excellent interviews with the cart owners! This should be the next step for your blog, little video clips for each cart!

  3. That was nicely done and I enjoyed watching it. I’d also enjoy hearing how each of the vendors got their start and what they thought vending in Portland, OR was going to be like as well as if they struggled, changed their menu items several times or ?

  4. Lue Xiong says

    Love the Portland Soup Company! I try to hit it up every other day!

  5. seriously?? Nong’s khao man gai? they charge $6 for bland chicken & rice wrapped in thick wax paper. The 10th & Alder pod is among the most flavorful and diverse in the whole city 15 ft to the left of nong’s is Angel’s cabana- i stumbled upon it one night when all other carts were closed, has been my favorite since. everything is delicious but the Baliada is amazing (twice as much food as Nong’s, still $6). Two carts to the right is Ali’s Kebabs- delicious doner or chicken kebab meat on rice or in a wrap. Right around the corner is another Turkish cart w/ a similar menu just as good if not better than Ali’s. Directly across 10th st is #1 korean bento- again, everything is delicious my favorites are bi bim bap $6 & chicken teriyaki $5. Both thai carts on that block are solid as well. Last but not least is tito’s burritos (its an orange cart about 25 ft past #1 bento on Alder). This was the first cart i ever bought lunch from 5 or 6 years ago. I cant pick a favorite item.
    But Nong’s? come on…

  6. I would like to point out that this post is from June 2010. At the time, Angel’s Cabana was not at the site. We did visit Ali’s, but Men’s Health chose to not include it.


  1. […] Food cart culture in Portland is exemplary of an attitude of “otherness” that seems prevalent in the city. This New York Times article comments on this, as well as the city’s “city’s obsession with provenance” when it comes to food, spoofed in the show “Portlandia”. Indeed the trend of buying local goes hand in hand with food carts. Besides being independent local businesses themselves, many food carts buy from local farms or other local suppliers. “We’re always looking for a local product as good as the Italian import,” says the owner of the artisan pizza cart Pyro Pizza in this video. […]

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