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The Story:

Twist and Shout! That’s what I wanted to do after eating at the newest cart from SW 3rd and Washington. Yet another cart has squeezed into one of the open spots at the SW 3rd lot and they are serving up some tasty Korean food…with a twist.

Korean Twist opened in early May as the big kid on the block with a rather large trailer overshadowing all around. When I say large, let me put it this way – 3 people were walking around inside comfortably prepping and cooking our food. We luckily arrived on the second day before all of Portland had discovered this new gem. On the menu are Korean tacos, burritos, a rice bowl and even a kimchi quesadilla. While you can order à la carte, they have the menu setup as dishes, so you get a full meal.

That first visit (yes, we’ve been back,) I ordered the taco combo with bulgogi beef, spicy pork and spicy chicken as my 3 tacos. They do offer Korean marinated tofu if you prefer a vegetarian option. What I got was a large container with three good size tacos, a side of fried rice and a Korean style salad. Each taco came with a sprinkle of cheese, your choice of meat and more than a few sprigs of cilantro. The spicy pork and the spicy chicken were the two standouts in this meal as they both exhibited that sweet yet spicy flavor. I could even discern a little garlic from the chicken whereas the pork had the heat. All three tacos were wonderful and along with the rice and salad, this was a big meal. Maybe one to share when doing a food cart mashup.

Korean Twist joins the Korean/Mexican fusion scene along with Bulkogi, Koi Fusion and others. They are the only Korean taco cart on 3rd, so if that is your usual stomping grounds, you are in luck. Since that first visit, I have returned to see they have built up a following in just a week or so. Stop on by, enjoy a burrito or taco with Korean flair and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Meat and vegetarian choices:

  • Bulgogi beef: sweet and tasty Korean marinated beef
  • Spicy pork: sweet and spicy pork with Korean BBQ sauce
  • Spicy Chicken: sweet and spicy marinated with garlic, onion and red pepper
  • Tofu: marinated in spicy soy sauce with sesame and seaweed


  • Taco combo: 3 tacos with your choice of filling served with Korean salad and fried rice – $6
  • Taco – $2
  • Burrito: whole wheat tortilla filled with fried rice, choice of filling and cilantro – $5
  • Rice Bowl: choice of meat or tofu served over rice with Korean style salad – $6
  • Kimchi Quesadilla: Korean style spicy cabbage infused into cheesy Mexican melt – $5

Hours: Monday-Friday, Lunchtime
Contact: unknown



  1. Man Vs Food Truck says

    Koi is overrated. If you want the new and improved korean burritos/tacos i urge you go to Korean Twist~~~~ Besides the ol’ fusion bulgogi/taco, they have a new item on the market, Kimchi Quesadilla. In my opinion more delicious than any Mexican/Korean Fusion combination.

  2. Korean Twist is delicious!! They are super friendly and serve up some amazing dishes…and a lot of food for only $5! We will definitely be back for more.

  3. This is the Best kimchi in town!!

    Korean Twist has amazing delicious and super-healthy Korean food, perfect to eat any time. Soyoung and her husband run the cart and they are two adorable sweethearts who make their food with lots of care and attention.

    Everyone should come for lunch at least once this week!
    YUmmy yummy yummmy… : )

  4. Another addition to the Portland food cart scene! Although I’ve tried other places of the Korean Fusion genre in both Portland and LA, I have to say Korean Twist outshines them all. Hearty portions, great prices, and wonderful service! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

  5. Great, great stuff. I’d say without a doubt bettern than Koi Fusion and the other korean/mexican mezclas out there right now. The Kim Chi quesadilla was awesome and something new beyond other Korean fusion deals. And all the burritos and tacos are superb. Has a fresher taste than the usual food cart fare as well.

  6. Korean twist is delicious and flavorful beyond compare. Soyoungs homemade dressings and fresh ingredients are absolutely delightful. I have to go AT LEAST once a week or I will have withdrawals!

  7. Jonathon says

    I ate here for the first time yesterday and will definitely be coming back. The beef burrito is a steal for $5. I agree with the previous comments on it being the best fusion place around.

  8. I wish they didn’t put mayo (I think it’s mayo, it tastes like it) in my burrito. Otherwise it’s great. Ask for no mayo!

  9. Yum! Yum! Yum! The tofu tacos with a touch of seaweed and perfectly seasoned kimchi were AMAZING! Well well worth the bike ride over on my lunch break!

  10. Once i went here I was hooked. I love their great combination of Korean food with a hint of mexican. Plus everything is so easy to eat even when you’re on the go! A must go.

  11. Soooo good! I went at 1:30 and there was no wait, my food arrived within minutes. I got the 3 taco combo with bulgogi (beef), chicken, and tofu. All parts were scrumptious, including the small salad with delicious purple dressing. Though the tacos look small, the are extremely filling, I could only cram in the salad and two tacos before having to pause, despite being starving (but saving the rest for later!). This is definitely a sloppy meal, you will need all the napkins (and be tempted to lick the container). Will be back!

  12. I am absolutely hooked on this place! The people are soo nice and the bulgogi tacos are great! A huge plate of tacos fried rice and salad for only 6 bucks is a steal in my mind! I love the purple dressing anyone know what it’s made from? Ohh I love this place, I only wish it was closer to work!

  13. Tried Twist for the first time today.
    WOW! The Spicy Pork burrito was outstanding. Only $5.
    Will definitely go back – great service, very clean operation inside.

  14. In order, my favorites were chicken, then beef, then pork (I didn’t try the tofu). The pork was similar to normal Mexican al pastor, but better. Delicious food. The tacos were full of meat, no skimping. As a bonus, Soyoung has the nicest smile of any vendor I’ve met.

  15. The pork taco has become my all-time favorite item at this cart. The pork is marinated to perfection, and the texture and flavor is dynamite. With the addicting sauce and a soda, it’s a very satisfying lunch. I asked about the sauce today and apparently, the recipe is too complex to share (or it’s probably very simple and top secret). Either way, they should consider bottling it, along with the marinade.

  16. The cart was so awesome! I heard that the cart’s main was ‘taco’ and ‘burrito’. That was very good. Burrito was huge, and taco caught both a taste and a shape. However, I also fell in love with a tofu salad. That was so fresh and new experience for me. Honestly, I just went to downtown for the tofu salad several times. If you have a plan, please try that one! You will never regret your choice!

  17. Wonderful tofu burrito. I loved how they layered nori inside the tortilla, and all the ingredients were fresh. I’ll be back!

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