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Rudy Speerschneider, the owner and operator of Junior Ambassadors, decided to close his famous ice cream, sandwich and soup cart earlier this year. Sad news for many who had come to love the little orange cart and their tasty offerings. Rudy was a pioneer in opening his cart up in north Portland back in 2007. You can read a full profile here of Rudy done by Cuisine Bonne Femme.

Rudy’s cart is now for sale. If you are interested in it, please contact Rudy at for more details. Own a piece of Portland’s food cart history.


We were up in St. Johns yesterday and saw signs soliciting food carts for a new lot off N Lombard – Crystal Food Carts. The site, a parking lot attached the The Crystal Temple is on the north side of Lombard just as you are getting into the downtown shopping area of St. Johns. A good location I believe to attract both the neighbor residents and those visiting. If you are a cart looking for a home, the contact info listed is 503 342 2066. We’ll get our St. Johns spies on the case to provide us with updates.


SE Portland is growing with food carts if you haven’t noticed. A growing pod at SE 33rd and Hawthorne has added new carts as has the pod out by Los Gorditos on SE 50th and Division. Down off Woodstock at 48th, a pasta truck has joined El Gallo Taqueria to provide that neighborhood some tasty nosh. We’re doing our best to keep up with the new carts. Check back for updates. Keep on cartin’!


  1. Kary Aloveah says

    If one were to buy this cart, where would a brisket-centered cart offering hearty fare be most likely to succeed?

    In general, I wonder if the owners of the food carts could benefit from sharing information with each other about the business side of running carts, from location, to operation, finances, etc.

    Thank you,

    Kary Aloveah

  2. Stefanie says

    OMG! I would be so excited to have a cart pod here in St. Johns. My partner and I have talked about this a lot over the past few months and while we don’t have the money to make a cart happen, we have been scheming about what kind of carts we’d like to see up here. We want a bagel cart or a deli cart, a chinese or japanese cart, something vegan for sure, something with pies or cake for dessert (we have great donut bakeries up here, but not so much for cake and pie), etc. I so hope this really happens!

  3. JayinPortland says

    “We want a bagel cart or a deli cart”

    So do I! That’s a big gap in our current cart scene, imo.

    I’ve been thinking for a long time now of opening one of those myself, but the problem here is funds &c.

    I grew up in North Jersey myself, I’d love to be able to put together an old Newark Deli-style food cart – breakfast to late lunch, evenings and nights on weekends; serving bagels, hand-cut house(cart)-made pastrami, knishes, pierogi, bigos, kugel…

  4. Stefanie says

    JayInPortland – i grew up in NYC, so i know exactly what you’re talking about!

  5. I haven’t seen a new cart go in at 50th and Division. The old Gorditos II has been retired there, and is no longer branded… but perhaps you’re thinking of the 3 newish carts at 48th and Division? This includes a taco truck, and a taco stand, Peace, Love & Tacos.

  6. Brooke Howes says

    Hey Kary. If you have any questions i can most likely help you. I own and operate Built To Grill downtown Portland. There’s alot to think about before opening one of these so feel free to ask me anything. I would be glad to help. Brooke Howes from Built To Grill. Check us out on….

  7. ^
    Thumps up to u man

  8. There also appears to be a new pod behind the building which houses Albina Press on N Albina. There are three carts there, one of which looks close to opening – a small cutesy green one called or advertising porridge. The other two have no signage last time I walked by.

  9. David here, and yes we are taking applications from cart owners to place their carts in the Crystal Food Garden. St. Johns is an awesome area and I love living here. We hope to build a strong Community that fosters public interaction, activities, and great food. If you know anyone looking to open a cart we are offering a $50 referral fee. Just call and I will mail you all the details. 503-342-2066 Cruise our website to get all the details of the project. Thanks much to Dieselboi and Brett for their support! Foodcartsportland Rocks!

  10. I own Brunch Box Food Cart at SW 5th & Stark and second Brooke, if anybody needs advice we’d be happy to pass some on,

    Also, we’ve offered homemade bagels (eh, on the professional side of “homemade”, I’m a Baker by trade making them in a certified kitchen) before, for our breakfast sandwiches. We’re open 8am-4 or 7pm (check our site or call 503-477-3286) serving breakfast & lunch all day.

    Pretty soon we’ll be making ALL the bread products for the cart–what kind of bagels would you guys like to see? How bout some bialys too, you fellow East-Coast transplants!

  11. JayinPortland says

    Ari –

    I used to stop at Brunch Box for breakfast once a week or so last year (I don’t find myself downtown on weekday mornings much these days, though), the simplicity of eggs, mushroom and cheese on a fresh (whole wheat) muffin can’t be beat. Well, it CAN, but only by a bacon (never Taylor Ham / pork roll, that stuff still scares the crap out of me), egg & cheese on a hard roll at a random Essex County, NJ deli or bagel shop. But then again, I’m from Newark so it’s just in my DNA I guess…

    Are youze making your own muffins again? I was a bit let down when I saw Thomas’ (I think it was?) take over on the menu last year.

    As for bagels, I’ve always mostly been a one bagel man. Salt bagels. Blueberry can be good too, though.

    Bialy – yeah, I’d certainly have to make a trip for one of those. I’ve always been more partial to pletzel myself, though. I haven’t seen those in years…

  12. We would love to see carts move into St. Johns! Also Krugers Farm opened a permanent produce market on N. Lombard by N. Buchanan (Videorama) in St. Johns and is looking to have a couple of food carts.

  13. This is great to see people moving into the crystal garden lot. I cant wait to see how it turns out. As i drove by today it looks like one of the carts is open for biz, may have to check it out tonight.

    Rumor has it that Kruger Farms may have some carts going in their new lot on Lombard too.

  14. Hello
    My husband & I have an old Retro style travel trailer that could be converted into a Food Cart. My husband remodels & could make the trailer what you would like to have! He’s also a very talented Artist & used to work for a sign company.
    So we were wondering if anyone out there is looking for a Retro travel trailer Food Cart?
    Just contact us via e-mail @
    Hope to hear from people soon

  15. Dave in SE says

    There is a new footlong hotdog cart at 82nd and Augusta st across from the 82nd and Johnson Creek Fred Meyers thats awesome. A footlong with anything or everything on it for $3.00, chips and sodas for a buck. The best $5.00 meal in town.

  16. I am looking for a food cart to buy. used but in very good condition. let me know.
    every lead will be appreciated.

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