Garden State at Mississippi Marketplace


Closed 10/2011
N Mississippi and Skidmore at Mississippi Marketplace

The Story:

Kevin Sandri’s Garden State cart in Sellwood has been around for years. His meatball hero is the talk of the town. His chickpea sandwich was showcased as a top street food choice by Good Morning America last year. In April, Kevin won the Carty Award for overall tastiness at the Willamette Week’s Eat Mobile cart festival. I don’t think I need to tell you this cart is good. If you didn’t know though, Garden State expanded in 2010 to open a second cart in North Portland at Mississippi Marketplace.

Garden State at Mississippi Marketplace has the same menu items we have grown to love from the Sellwood cart, but they have added a couple of items – pork confit sandwich and a burger. I had the sandwich one day and it was divine. You can read all about Garden State and their offerings from Cuisine Bonne Femme’s original post from 2007 here.

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm; Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 503 962 9265
Twitter: @GardenStateChef Facebook: Garden State



  1. Brooke Howes says:

    I’m happy to see them doing well. His food is very good and very consistant. That’s really all one can ask of a food cart. Keep up the good work Garden State. B.T.G.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I had the chickpea sandwich for the first time today and it was really delicious – i perfect balance of flavors and textures. I was there at 2pm and they were already out of arancine, and according to a friend of mine this happens a lot. I wish they would stock more so they’d last later into the day!

  3. No longer in Sellwood?

  4. dieselboi says:

    Garden State is still open in Sellwood. Mississippi Marketplace is an expansion.

  5. Thanks for all the info on Mississippi Marketplace. Went there today and I thoroughly enjoyed the Couch Bowl from Native Bowl while some friends declared Nuevo Mexico some of the best Mexican food they have ever had. One thing perplexed me about the Marketplace though. The extensive covered seating is great, especially on a rainy day, but it bothered me that while trash cans were scattered throughout, the food composting bins from City of Portland were basically hidden behind the big recycling roll carts. The compost receptacles can take food soiled paper, including waxed, as well as food scraps. Most of the carts seem to serve on paper–it would be wonderful if people were more aware of this option instead of defaulting to tossing their plates and paper bowls into the garbage. Can you think of any way to better publicize this? Maybe a blog post dedicated to this would help raise awareness? I know food composting is in a trial run in Portland—I would love to see it be a success in North Portland, and I’m sure numerous customers would enjoy the opportunity to be less wasteful. Do other food cart pods have the capacity to dispose of food waste via the City’s composting program?

  6. the burger is pretty damn good. the pancetta is worth the extra $1. the brioche bun is soft and chewy. thanks

  7. Brooke Howes says:

    @ TGF. No.. People downtown can’t seem to even get the waste in a regular garbage can. I spend at least two hours a week picking up cups and paper of the sidewalk. Compost! yeah right. The bigger the cans we put out, the more bums it attracts and they pull it all out on the sidewalk looking for cans. It’s a frigging mess…WE need help downtown…Built to Grill….

  8. SilverWings says:

    Upfront, I have not yet eaten here. However, customers around me who were eating Garden State’s burgers and sanwiches said the food was great, and it did look f-fantastic. I will be back to try their food.

    I should have ordered a burger from these guys at GS and not from that mediocre falafel cart in the same pod. Live and learn.

  9. Two words: chickpea fries.

    Ever ordered something you didn’t have high hopes for (for no real reason) and then ate one of the best things you’ve ever tasted? That’s what happened with us and these chickpea fries.

    Think of them as falafel sticks with a bit less strong flavor. Also think of them as required eating at this pod.

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