The Portland Smoothie Company


[Update Jan 2011 – closed]

Location: SW 3rd and Washington

The Story:

Most of us grew up learning that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. My breakfast usually consists of a couple of cups of coffee and maybe a mini Twix bar. I know, horrible. Working downtown gives me some opportunities for getting some nosh on the way to work and now there is a much healthier option than the bagels and breakfast burritos. The Portland Smoothie Company opened in mid-April.

Jennifer Lynch moved to Portland in the fall of 2009 after having lived in New York most of her life. Like many in the last couple of years, Jennifer was laid-off of a job after ten years and decided she needed a change, so moved to Portland. By her own admission, she loves it – simply loves it. Being her own boss and participating in the Slow Food movement were some of the goals for her new life in Portland and so she decided to open the food cart. Her love of smoothies was born out of trips to Hawaii and Mexico where she learned true smoothies are made with fruit – fresh, some frozen – and a liquid to blend it. No additives or syrups. All natural.

I ordered up a delicious mango-strawberry smoothie using orange juice as the liquid. Jennifer also offers coconut milk and soy milk as liquids. I wanted that tanginess that comes from orange juice. All smoothies contain banana and they too are freshly peeled. The smoothie was wonderful – even on that cold morning in April. It was a solid jolt of nutrients and energy that had me alive and awake the rest of the day.

On the day I visited, Portland Smoothie Company was using berries from Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis and Washington/Oregon apples from Uncle Paul’s. Jennifer’s goal is to support local farms in sourcing her fruit. Also, she wants to keep her smoothies affordable. 16oz for $4 is a great price in this economy. The Portland Smoothie Company is open now next to bloop down on SW 3rd and Washington. Until it gets warmer in the morning, Jennifer will be open a 10am. Once it warms up in a couple of weeks, she’ll switch to a more early morning schedule. “No one wants a frozen beverage when it’s 40 degrees in the morning,” she surmised.

Sample Menu:

Smoothies: 16oz – $4
All smoothies contain banana

  • Choice of 2 fruit – mango, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry or seasonal fruit
  • Choice of liquid – soy milk, coconut milk, orange juice

Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am to 3pm (until it warms up)
Website: The Portland Smoothie Company
Facebook: The Portland Smoothie Company



  1. Brooke Howes says:

    Jennifer your carrot juice is awsome and helps me through my day. Love it. Keep on keepin on

  2. Great smoothie . Jennifer ,your price is right and your ingredients are the best . Wishing you the best .

  3. I love the smoothies here. They are simply, fresh and absolutely delicious! I will be using my stamp card often here especially with summer coming up 🙂 Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful smoothies!

  4. Korean twist says:

    Jennifer,You are so sweet!
    You help us through a day.
    Thank you.
    We love you!!!!!!

  5. Seth Truby says:

    My FAVORITE food cart! Every week I ask Jennifer to surprise me with what she has on hand. Pineapple one week, berries the next, beets, carrots and ginger after that. Unbelievably fresh and wholesome, with a great smile from the Smoothie Girl to top it all off. YOU WILL LOVE THE PORTLAND SMOOTHIE COMPANY!!!

    (I’m sorry, Jenny – are you a Smoothie Woman?)

  6. wow! i went to the portland smoothie company for the first time today and had carrot/beet/ginger juice. all the fruits and vegetables look beautiful and are not peeled or cut until you order so that your juice or smoothie is extra fresh and delicious. the juice was perfect – i think i could actually taste the extra love jennifer puts into it. thank you!

  7. How is this breakfast at 10am?

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