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Willamette Week’s annual food cart festival – Eat Mobile – will be happening next Saturday, April 24, under the Morrison bridge. Eat Mobile will showcase 30 of Portland’s food carts who will be offering up tastings of their favorite dishes. Carts include Addy’s Sandwiches, Fat Kitty Falafel, Grilled Cheese Grill, Mono Malo, Nuevo Mexico, The People’s Pig, Pyro Pizza, Tabor, Violetta and many more. I spoke with Cliff Allen at The People’s Pig and along with his sampler, he will be roasting a whole pig to server up. Such a great event to showcase Portland’s carts all in one location.

Willamette Week has been gracious enough to provide us 2 wristbands which will get you into the event on Saturday. We’re going to have another essay contest to see who gets the tickets. In 150-300 words, tell us about your first visit to a cart and why it was memorable. Be creative. Maybe a poem. We’re looking for pizazz. Send us your entry via the contact form or directly to The contest ends at 5pm Monday, April 19, so you have the whole weekend to craft a masterpiece. We’ll contact the winner and announce the entry on Tuesday.

I look forward to Eat Mobile and your essays. We’ll have an esteemed panel of judges to review the entries. Good Luck.

Eat Mobile
Saturday, April 24, 5:30-9:30pm
SE 3rd under the Morrison Bridge


  1. I’ve NEVER eaten at a food cart. We live in Vancouver and have always wanted to. I’ve even thought of opening one. I was born in Portland yet grew up in SoCal. Coming home to raise my daughter (like I would raise a child in LA) I became enchanted with the food carts. Yet every time we go into Portland, we seem to have an agenda that doesn’t include food carts. I hope to one day soon. Perhaps we can make it to this event.

  2. Vantucky (a.k.a. “Da ‘Couve”) has food carts!

    Besides the handful of taco wagons the cruise out by the Port and down Fourth Plain, there’s the Wiener Wagon on Main Street downtown.

  3. My very first food cart experience? I suppose it would have been at Saturday market when I was a little girl. Pierogi and spring rolls and elephant ears!

    I moved back this summer after 4 years from home and I was happy to find the Flavour Spot on Lombard. Gruyere and ham on a waffle? Yes!

  4. Brian Budack says

    My first food cart experience was as a child in the eighties. My cousin christina was baby sitting me and my sister. we where walking around this park in Houston Texas. And I was REALLY REALLy hungry and being a brat about it. Now my cousin had a meeting with her “boy friend” so there was no way she was going to go back home, or run too a store for me. And to her saving grace there was an old mexican couple selling tacos our of a rickety old cart that had a little bunson burner on top, and coolers underneath. She was saved and got to play kissy face with her young beu, who she ended up marrying 5 boyfriends and ten years later. and the tacos where awesome and lime soaked goodness.
    It was pretty rad.

  5. My first food cart experience was at Pho Sam (about 2 years ago) near SW 9th & Alder. I had the lemon grass chicken and rice, and still eat it at least twice a week. I don’t even have to order anymore, she just knows what I want. It’s so AMAZING. They also make the best beef noodle soup anywhere outside of Vietnam. He said he’s been making it here (I think at his restaurant) for 20 years. And they are both SUPER nice people. Eat there!

  6. Can we get tickets there or do we have to buy advance tickets?
    No ambassador ice creams? that’s too bad…

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