Taqueria Antojitos Yucatecos


Location: SE 102nd and Stark – Ala Cart Pod

The Story:

According to my numbers, Portland has more than 50 taco trucks and carts throughout the city. Mexican food is by far the dominant cuisine of choice for cart owners from that unscientific observation and I’m glad. I enjoy tacos and burritos and love that I can quickly find them on the cheap pretty much anywhere I go in the city. This past week though, I was introduced to Yucatan style Mexican and it is now my favorite (I’m easily swayed.)

Taqueria Antojitos Yucatecos is located in one of the newer cart pods – Ala Cart – out on SE 102nd and Stark. This former used car lot is perfect for carts with the wide open spaces and plenty of parking. Upon viewing the menu, I realized this wasn’t a standard taqueria with tacos, burritos and huaraches. They served Panuchos and Salbutes – items I hadn’t heard of. Luckily, a fellow customer and the owner informed me about what Panuchos are and how good they tasted.

Panuchos is a hand made crispy tortilla stuffed with black beans and then fried. It is then topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, shredded marinated chicken and pickled red onions. What we have here is a crisp tortilla with the creamy black beans inside and the toppings. And they are amazingly tasty. I almost couldn’t eat them they were so beautiful. Top them with the habanero sauce they provide and go to town.  Salbutes is prepared in a similar way without the stuffed black beans.

I am now a big fan of Panuchos and will be seeking them out wherever I go. I will patronize any cart that introduces me to something new and does it well. Add to that the joy of watching them make your tortilla from scratch on the spot and I’m sold. Head on out to the east side and visit Taqueria Antojitos Yucatecos, you won’t be disappointed. When you do, enjoy a panuchos and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Panuchos: hand made crispy tortilla stuffed with black beans and then fried; topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, shredded chicken and pickled red onions: $1.25
  • Salbutes: pan fried tortilla with lettuce, pico de gallo, chicke and pickled onions – $1.25
  • Tamales: chicken and tomato sauce – $1.25
  • Torta de cochinita pibil: oven roasted pork with onions: $5

Hours: 11am-8:30pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; 11am-9pm Friday and Saturday
Phone: 503 867 2328



  1. I’ve gotta head out to that pod one of these days. I don’t get out much past 82nd these days, but I just noticed it for the first time myself a couple of weeks ago when I passed by with family who were in town for a visit.

    Great to see a cart pod out that way. I don’t know if there are others, but there wasn’t really much to eat out that way when I lived on NE 102nd a few years ago.

  2. Ate there for the first time today–wow. My wife and I got back from the lower Yucatan (Xcalak) a couple weeks ago and are missing the great food we manage to find, so I went up to Ala Cart after seeing the above post. It is truly delicious–prepared to order and perfect. I had a panucho, which was delightful, and a torta de cochinita pibil, which was mouth-watering. I foresee many, many more trips up to 102d & Stark for authentic Yucatan-style Mexican.

  3. chris bowden says:

    Been here many times and I have to recommend the cochinita pibil as well. It’s what I got the first time I went here and was so impressed I haven’t tried anything else. Only place I have found in Portland who makes it.

  4. John Rebus says:

    to poster Chris,
    You haven’t found cochinita because you have not looked for it. Nuestra Cocina has it most of the time, not bad, not great. Taqueria La Estacion on Killingsworth has it weekends, and has for years, sometimes during the week too, Angel Food and Fun on NE 60th( they may have changed names by now) or so has it always. There are a couple of other places. Search Yelp, or even use google. Duh….

    Miracle In Portland…these may be the first comments about Mexican food in Portland that do not include the word burrito!!!! Portland, wake up, the burrito you know and love is from California for the most part…

  5. This is by far my favorite food cart to get panuchos. awesome home made tortillas made right in front of you and with black beans too! my favorite. I get at least four on my trips. i was sad that she didnt open on tuesdays and when i asked her she said she gets days off, imagine that LOL. awesome!

  6. I was happy to find this Ala Cart Pod; as it is so close by where I live. After reading about panuchos, on this site, I was so curious. I even asked a Mexican friend, and he had no clue what they were. So, my curiosity got the best of me. I ordered 3 panuchos, to go, came home and enjoyed these tasty treats. They were delicious, I was so impressed; and will return for more. And the ladies making the food were so nice and sweet.

  7. hey, FoodCartsPortland people, this pod now has 7-9 carts total, I think you’ve only listed four.
    Sorry I’m bad with names, but there is also
    – Hawaiian (I haven’t tried it yet)
    – Coffee cart (run by a real character lady)
    – Thai cart (good, but typical portland thai food. Cheap, reliable)
    And one very notable:
    – Filipino cart – this one is AMAZING. It’s run by a delightful couple (she does all the cooking), and I don’t think they are getting a lot of attention. I’ve eaten there 3 times and she makes outstanding home style fillipino dishes in big delicious portions. I want to go back and try everything! (I think they are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays? I forget)

  8. The panuchos are the best cart dish in this city.

  9. here is a great place to get great panuchos .salbutes. Cochinita pibil.And many othere dreat yucatan food. and mexican food. they have cantina.video lotere too. Angels food and fun adres 5135 ne 60th avenue portland 97217 phone 503)287-7909

  10. Yum

  11. “TAY” burritos are fantastic, above what you’d expect from your typical Mexican food cart.

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