Francisco Taqueria


Location: SW 3rd and Stark

The Story:

Portland is blessed with an abundance of inexpensive Mexican taqueria carts and taco trucks. A few years ago, I even did a non-scientific survey to see which taqueria had the best carnitas tacos. In the end, no one won because they were all so good. Francisco Taqueria is one of those great carts.

Francisco Taqueria serves up a vast array of Mexican items ranging from tacos to burritos to tortas to nachos. Any given lunchtime, Francisco Taqueria has someone ordering a meal and they’ve been serving it up for at least five years if not longer. They are part of what we refer to as the old guard – the carts who have established themselves and provide their returning customers a great meal.

The day I visited Francisco I chose to get four different tacos – carnitas, asada, pastor and fish. They serve the tacos on double corn tortillas with a sprinkling of chopped cilantro. The fish taco came with cabbage. Four tacos was even a little too much for me. These are good size tacos even though they look small and are only $1.50. You could easily get by with two for lunch.

Francisco Taqueria is located at SW 3rd and Stark and is an anchor in that cart pod. Whether you want breakfast or something for after hitting the bars late at night – Francisco will be open to serve you. If you have that craving for a taco or burrito, give them a try and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Tacos and Burritos can be made with any of the following: carnitas, chicken, pastor, chorizo, asada, camaron, ground beef, fish or vegetarian.

  • Tacos – $1.50 for corn tortilla; $2 for flour
  • Burritos with rice, beans, cheese and filling – $5
  • Combination plates – $5.50 – options include quesadilla, chimichanga, enchilada, burrito, taco, torta, fajitas
  • Taco Salad – $5
  • Nachos – $4
  • Breakfast burritos – egg/bacon; potatoes/cheese; ham; chorizo – $4

Hours: unsure, but breakfast, lunch and late night available
Phone: 503 757 3984



  1. sara sparkle says

    my favorite burrito. beans, rice and pico de gallo. the red sauce is awesome.

  2. DudeManBro says

    Francisco’s is the best! He uses whole beans, not all refried, and the tortas are HUGE! Also, I am aware of the close competition (Jarachita) but I prefer franciscos. He (Fransisco) is super nice guy who works there everyday, and there is never a long wait (because he is so fast). Best hot sauce in town hands down best service available from a cart.

  3. The guy who runs it is really nice, and the food is pretty darned good. Not my favorite in town, but if I’m nearby and want a bean, cheese and rice burrito with some great red sauce Francisco’s the man!

  4. If you want a nice tasty burrito this is a great place to stop when out. I stopped by one night when downtown and ordered the Enchilada burrito after looking over every delicious looking item on the menu. Loved the sauce layered over the top and ate every last drop. I will be back again.

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