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N Killingsworth and Greeley

The Story:

We’re probably going to be talking about the newest pod to come to town over the next month. North Station is open for business and is gradually adding carts. Along with Saucy’s and Brother Bob’s Bakery, the most recent cart to set up shop is El Rancho Mexican Food and we visited there this past week.

El Rancho is my kind of taqueria. With a simple menu of burritos, tacos, sopes, huaraches and even breakfast plates, it is where we’ll be spending many weekend lunchtimes come spring and summer. When we visited, they were still working out some minor kinks, so the menu didn’t have prices, but we ordered a nice veggie burrito and a few tacos and it was only $7, so I think the price is right!

The veggie burrito we enjoyed was mushroom and spinach. I peeked inside when the owner threw the spinach and mushrooms on the grill and swear it was the first time used. That was the cleanest grill I have seen. Watching the spinach wilt while the mushrooms sauteed made my mouth water. They threw it all on a tortilla (also grilled) with some beans and lettuce and wrapped it up. We even had them throw a couple of jalapenos on the grill while it was hot.

The tacos I enjoyed were one each of carnitas and asada. I love when they have two tortillas for the taco and then load it up – it is like getting two tacos in one. Both tacos were great. I simply love carnitas and will keep singing its praises until I find a new favorite.

El Rancho Mexican Food is located in North Station in North Portland. They offer seating by the cart and the lot also has indoor seating for those rainy days. When we visited, they didn’t have prices posted, but from our experience, they are on par with what one would expect from a Mexican food truck. When you visit, let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Tacos with asada, chicken, carnitas, shrimp, fish, pastor – comes with pico de gallo
  • Fish Burritos
  • Fajita Burritos
  • Quesadillas
  • En Chilada
  • Chile Relleno
  • Huraches
  • Chicken Tamales
  • Sopes
  • Tortas
  • Breakfast also available

Hours: Breakfast and lunch weekdays and weekends.



  1. I Just ate their Veggie quesadilla and it was the best in town. Spinach, Mushrooms, Squash, and tasty cheese. I totally recommend this cart and Saucy’s which is the BBQ cart right next to it!

  2. these guys are great, the tacos are awesome. We were there on their first day and have been back a couple times, and plan to keep going.

  3. Went with Ryan and would second it – one of best quesadillas I have ever had – I think there must be someting illegal in the carnitas….it’s too good.

  4. Um…worst fish burrito I’ve ever had. It was basically fried fish sticks with cheddar cheese (??) and that flavorless rice with peas. Any place that puts rice in a burrito (except KOI Fusion) is suspect anyway. The salsas were watered down and tasted like nothing. The girl working there was very nice, but I’m sorry, this cart SUCKS. After eating the fish at the cart on 34th and Division, nothing comes close. Go there.

  5. We’ve been a couple of times and really like the food here. Amazingly friendly service, tortillas pressed when you place your order, excellent rellenos & asada – it’s all great. So glad that this is in the neighborhood!

  6. I had the fish burrito and it was really good. THere was ZERO rice in it. Trust me, I know, I HATE rice in my burritos. The fish was lightly battered to perfection. Yum.

  7. ArborLodge says

    El Rancho’s carne asada fajita burritos are worth a try. They are wrapped more loosely than most other burritos in town, but the meat is not too fatty and it has delicious additions like cilantro and cumin seeds. Good stuff.

  8. This food is worth a try. Mexican food is a dime a dozen in Portland, these spots are everywhere. However, this one isn’t bad, it’s fresh, however the cheese in and on my cheese enchiladas wasn’t totally melted so not sure about that. The portions were great for the price and the flavor was pretty good.

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