Bulkogi Korean BBQ


Location: SW 5th and Stark

The Story:

Portland was first introduced to the Korean taco by Koi Fusion in 2009. Now we have a new cart on SW 5th offering them up without you having to know where they will be from one day to the next. Welcome Bulkogi Korean BBQ.

Korean tacos are usually defined by how the meat is cooked (Korean style with different methods of preparation) and what other toppings are included. For most, the uniqueness is from the kimchi that is added as filler. Mix these two together with some spice and you have a truly unique taco experience.

At Bulkogi, I ordered and enjoyed a Korean Chicken and Korean Beef taco. On their menu, they don’t list kimchi per se, but do let you know you are getting a “healthy Korean salad topping” with your taco. The tacos were a good size, two would be sufficient for lunch. The meat was well prepared and flavorful, yet what I liked the most was the Korean salad topping. It was made with shredded cabbage, finely chopped red onion, some lettuce and cilantro. It was all held together with a light spicy sauce that, when paired with the cilantro, gave the entire taco a zing. I love cilantro, but know it can sometimes overwhelm a dish. While there was a lot of cilantro here, it didn’t overwhelm, but complemented the taco nicely. I enjoyed both tacos and look forward to returning in a few weeks after they get in their groove to see if they are any different.

Bulkogi Korean BBQ is in the space where Dreamer’s cafe use to be, using the old Dreamer’s cart. They have modified it significantly with a front attached to the cart to create the serving counter you see here. Bulkogi is a family business, so like with most every cart, you’re ordering from the owner and chef and chief dishwasher. Lately, I have begun to appreciate that aspect of the carts so much more and enjoy having small chats with them about their stories. Check out Bulkogi next time your down there and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All tacos come with Korean Salad topping

  • Korean Chicken breast taco – $2
  • Korean Beef – $2
  • Korean Pork – $2
  • Korean Tofu – $2

Hours: Lunchtime, weekdays
Contact: unknown




  1. Just had their spicy pork taco, as well as the chicken one. Those were phenomenal! Spicy, crunchy (cabbage), savory (sesame oil and seeds!), and the meat was tender and perfectly flavored.

    I, for one, am super happy to have this cart here, without having to follow anyone on Twitter (no offense, KOI, but I like predictability).

    I used to be suspicious of the whole Korean taco phenomenon, but now I get it. I’m still glowing.

  2. After reading this story my curiousity got the better of me and I walked down to get some tacos today for lunch. Glad I did. Pork and Beef tacos (after a bit of hot sauce) were delicious.

    I’ll admit I was a bit wary of the idea of kimchi on a taco but I’m now a believer.
    I’ll definately be going back in the future.

  3. i had their tofu tacos the other day and came back today to try the taco burrito (the line at the burrito place i wanted to go to was too long).

    first, the tacos– 2 were plenty, because they give you 2 corn tortillas per taco, and tons of topping, so it was more like 4 little tacos.

    the burritos have eggs and rice in flour tortillas, in addition to all the stuff the tacos get– not being a giant egg fan i was concerned they might overwhelm the burrito, but not so.

    both food items were simple, tasty, super cheap, and non-greasy. i’m excited to see what happens with this cart.

  4. *tofu* burrito, not taco burrito.

  5. mondofresh says

    Enjoyed this cart on Sat 3/6. Amazing bibimbop burrito w/beef. Crazy amount of food for $5. And this is amazing food! I really enjoyed the flavors and texture.

    Thank you food cart gods! I may soon be cured of my addiction to Jarrochita’s tortas…

  6. Does anyone know if the kimchee is vegan?

  7. Amanda, could you ask them and let us know? That would be valuable info to have on the site since some Kimchis are vegan, others not. Thanks so much!

  8. Absolutely loved every ingredient in the chicken taco, especially the kimchi. I’ve never had a taco with such fresh and rich taste!

    I’m going to try and eat here whenever I can!

  9. Had a fresh smoothie made for me today. Soy milk, yogurt and fresh berries. Very healthy and tasty. Was a bit of a wait, but WELL worth it!

  10. I saw today coming into work that they are now:
    a) open for breakfast
    b) serving ramen!!

    Can’t wait, I’ve been wanting a ramen cart around here to supplement the pho and won ton noodle soups.

  11. Ramen update: not what I was hoping for. Very nice folks, but very odd fusion ramen with red, watery hot broth.

  12. RAMEN IS GREAT!!! I can’t disagree more. I love the ramen at this cart. Comfort food galore! I mean it’s not as good as Biwa, but that’s why it’s a cart. Perhaps it depends on which one you order. The pork is super flavorful. Oh and the Kimbap!!! SO GOOD!!!!! I love this cart. One of my very favorites. And the guy is so nice!

  13. Twice a week at least I need my fix! Food is great the owners are great people, always glad to see you, always smiling. Highly recommend that you give it a try.

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