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Location: SE 43rd and Belmont

The Story:

A new cart has arrived at SW 5th and Oak where another cart left an opening. That seems to be the story of Portland’s food carts. There is always someone wanting to fill an empty spot. Taste of Poland isn’t a brand new cart though. They have just returned to the lot where they called home just a couple of years ago. And we’re glad they did.

Dionizy Baron, the chef behind Taste of Poland, has been a fixture around Portland for years. He has served us his tasty Polish dishes at Saturday market, different community events and even at a couple of the mall food courts. He was a fixture at SW 5th and Oak and down by PSU for years before moving to Saturday market as his primary location.

The menu at Taste of Poland is full of pierogis, chicken cutlets, sausages, potato pancakes and all sorts of Eastern European delights. I opted for the pork loin schnitzel sandwich. I want to try ever schnitzel in this town before I die. Served up on a large french roll, the schnitzel was a generous portion covered in chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled onions and a little cheese. I threw in some creamy horseradish to give it an extra bite. While this looks like a great sandwich to pick up, it is rather large. I did my best to eat it with my hands, but should have tackled it with a knife and fork. Bring extra napkins. A great deal for $5 and very appetizing.

As stated, Taste of Poland has been around for years. I’m really glad they have decided to return to SW 5th and Oak and hope they stick around even when Saturday Market reopens. It is exactly the type of food I enjoy on these cool winter days – items that are hearty and filling. If you’re down there, drop on by and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Taste of Poland has moved to SE 43rd and Belmont February 2014]

Sample Menu:

  • Potato Pancakes – plate of 4 with apple sauce, sour cream and sauteed onions
  • Potato cheese Pierogi – dough filled with cheese, potatoes, sauteed onions and spices; served with salad
  • Hunter spicy sausage sandwich – 1/2 pork, 1/2 beef sausage served with grilled onions and bacon
  • Smoked country garlic kielbasa – sausage served with grilled onions and cucumber salad
  • Pork loin schnitzel sandwich

Website: Taste-Of-Poland.com



  1. If you aren’t veggie—try the onion and bacon topping on the dumplings, so good!

  2. I think this cart is gone.

  3. Haven’t seen them at the Saturday Market this year either. Did they go out of business, I hope not, I love the pierogies from there.

  4. Not around today at oak/stark and 5th. Probably gone.

  5. I hope they have paczki! It’s Fat Tuesday and since moving here a few years ago I’ve had to go without.

  6. Ate lunch there on 3/10/2010 so it is still around. Had the peirogis and chicken meatballs. Best meal I’ve had in 6 months, especially for $6.

  7. lunched there today — pork schnitzel and pierogies. OMG, so delicious!! I used to work in the ‘hood years ago and loved ’em then, so when I found myself in their hood, I was glad to see them there!! It was late in the day, so she “threw in” a sausage, and I am gonna keel over from all the good stuff for $7

  8. The food here is enough to reduce a person to tears. My husband and I went out and got their keilbasa and chicken patties, and both got unfortunately greedy about what we were eating, no matter which plate we had. I do not recommend sharing, because you will want to eat all of what you taste.

  9. Ah, thanks to Sandy aka Seattle Pastry Girl for turning me on to the foodcarts in Portland ! I am in heaven!

    Ah, Polish Pierogi has surely left its mark on my psyche from way back in childhood. Especially when I might have bitten into a prune pit in my pierogi. Laughing about that as NO prune in my pierogi … I love mashed potatoes and sauerkraut filled pierogies! And, thanks to cholesterol meds, I can try sauteed in butter with lots of onions.

    Yumm Yumm! And, I seriously will be asking hubby if we can do a business trip to visit the foodcarts in Portland oh my!

    Yumm Yumm.

  10. It is in Portland as of June 11, 2010 I tried it out and it was good. There was a gentleman who ordered a plate, and while not everything meant for his meal was there, they gave him a free sausage. Courtesy service too.

  11. I just discovered this cart and it is amazing! So much food for little $. The chicken meatballs were more like patties but so delicious.

  12. bartek kurek says

    11/3/2010. the cart is gone. nothing replaced the space.

  13. I went here last week, right around the corner from the Czech cart, and 5.50 got me a whole mess of delicious stuff. Great value.

  14. They are still there, They go to the saturday market on weekends but during the weekdays they move the trailer back to the spot.

  15. Dolan Halbrook says

    Sadly they seem to have relocated again. Anyone know where they went?

  16. Dolan, they have a published phone number. Maybe give them a call and report back. 503 997 5467

  17. The cart has moved to the saturday market on the weekends. from 11-5 on saturday and 11-4:30 on sunday

  18. so sad this cart is closed 🙁 The best Polish Food Cart around

  19. They are listed as a vendor on this years Portland Saturday Market line up. Love them…I hope they are back in business!


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