Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta


Fernando'sLocation: SW 4th and College by PSU

The Story:

Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta is one of those carts that is always crowded at lunch time. With a menu that covers 3-4 poster size boards, you can understand they have something to satisfy even the most picky eater. I had initially thought it was a traditional Mexican taqueria, but to my surprise, I realized they do burgers, Philly cheese steaks, vegetarian sandwiches, wraps and more.

I was asked by friends to introduce them to some new food carts so we walked down to the cart pod at SW 4th and Hall by PSU. With 18 carts, I thought it would offer the best selection. Fernando’s was not busy that day and offered up burgers, something we all agreed upon wanting. It was actually challenging to choose which burger I wanted from the menu – they list 12 different burgers along with daily specials. Pineapple, hot peppers, ham, bacon, mushroom – most any topping you would want, you can get.

Fernando'sI decided on the fuego burger which comes with pablano peppers, cajun spiced grilled onions, pepper cheese and habanero mayo. While it was spicy, it wasn’t overly hot, but more a flavorful spice. The pablanos are a great pepper for this as they are a milder spice. Fernando’s offers the burgers up with fries if you want them but I passed. My lunch mate ordered the Fernando’s special which was two patties, ham, egg, bacon, mushrooms and guacamole on a hoagie roll. I think I’ll need to try that next time.

When I mentioned Fernando’s to a couple of other cart fans, they immediately expressed their love for this cart. I think I hadn’t visited because it always had a line. Don’t let that discourage you. Fernando’s puts together a great meal and quickly. More than likely, Fernando’s has something on the menu that you’ll like, so the next time you are down that way, give them a try and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Fernando’s special burger – hamburger with grilled ham, bacon, mushrooms, guacamole and a fried egg on a hoagie roll – $5
  • Fuego burger – hamburger with grilled marinated poblano peppers, cajun onions, pepper cheese and habanero mayo – $5
  • 4th Avenue BBQ burger – hamburger with sauted onions and peppers smothered with BBQ sauce and cheese – $5
  • Rip City Garden burger – veggie patty topped with sauted mushrooms and swiss cheese – $4.50
  • Nopalita burger – hamburger with grilled nopalita (cactus,) pickled oniones, house chile mayo, pico de gallo, and guacamole – $5
  • Casa Carnitas Sandwich – seasoned pork with grilled onion, peppers and tossed with fer’s BBQ sauce. Topped iwth ham, fried egg, cheese – $4.50
  • Philly Steak Fiesta Sandwich – seasoned steak or chicken, grilled bell peppers, onions and cheese on hoagie – $5
  • Wraps and other sandwiches available.

Hours: Monday through Friday, lunchtime
Phone: (503) 481-6306



  1. I thought styrofoam food containers were illegal in Portland.

  2. dieselboi says:

    Tony, styrofoam is illegal in Portland. That is not a styrofoam container. It is white, yes, but not stryofoam.

  3. Absolutely <3 this cart & eat here all the time. Burrito Rojo all the way!

  4. I love Fernando’s food!!!! Specially the BBB Bacon Blue chesse burger! Fernando provides a great service and he’s super nice@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    The girls working there are also sweet… 😉

  5. I really like the car. The vegan burrito is surprisingly good (I mean, its hard to make beans and rice poorly but he does a great job with all the extras!) and CHEAP!… and Fernando couldn’t be nicer.

  6. Mojito Vegan Wrap was incredible! I was in the mood for something spicy (always) and they customized it with Jalepenos, spicy mushrooms, and guac!!! I will be back ASAP!!!!

  7. The burgers here are fantastic!!!! The SOB, nopalika and fuego burgers are my favorites. Fernando’s burgers are a must-have at the Psu pod!!!!

  8. Fernando is my buddy. Definitely my favorite cart on 4th and Hall. give the SOB Burger a try. It’s Guac-alicious.

  9. I ordered a burrito with steak in it and got a vegetarian. Other than that the burrito was terrible with no hot sauce to possibly save it. The burgers looked pretty good but , watch out they might forget the bacon. Screwing your customers to save a few extra dimes says a lot about the morals and business practices this place has.

  10. Catherine says:

    in response to what Clifton said, I really don’t think they intentionally want to cheat you. The girl who cashiers and takes the orders is kind of a ditz (I’m sorry, but it’s true!) and I think she screws the orders up. Underneath it all they are good people with good food and good prices.

  11. I tried Fernando’s because the cart I intended to visit was closed. I wasn’t really craving a burger, but I had read all the reviews here. I’m glad everyone steered me in the right direction! I ordered the 4th Street BBQ burger and fries special of the day. The grilled onion and peppers, plus green leaf lettuce made this burger really tasty. It’s not the typical BBQ burger smothered in BBQ sauce. I look forward to going back to try the chicken breast SOB and some of the Mexican items!

  12. I went to fernando’s for a burger because that’s all anyone ever talks about… WOW! a frozen burger patty with very little flavor… yea they had all the “cool” toppings you could want, but come on, how about a flavorful slab of beef with all those toppings… Out of the 3 places that do burgers on the 4th ave cart row, i find that i like The Burger Jerk in the red cart the best… JMHO

  13. If you are looking for a burger with a twist, take a trip to Fernandos. Loving terriyaki, I often go for Da Island Burger.
    Their fries are much more crispy than their neighbor chopollos.
    I also recently tried the burrito rojo and thought it was fantastic – and that’s coming from someone who never eats burritos!
    Take a stop to look at their menu. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

  14. In response to Catherine, you are spot on. Woman taking order needs some work. Ordered Southwest Chicken Salad, got back to my office only to find out it was a chicken salad without any of the “Southwest”. I’m not about to walk 12 more blocks round trip just for the right salad today. Funny thing is, she even confirmed my order when she wrote it down. How does this happen?

    Sad thing is, I’ll probably be back tomorrow to try the salad I really wanted. D’oh!

  15. Jovanna says:

    I’ve been wanting to try their green chili burrito for a while now as I love new mexican green chili and there seems no where to get it. While the gren chili at Fernando’s was no quite to new mexico style I was craving, the green chili and the entire burrito was delicious and a good value for $5. I’ll definately be back to try to burgers as they look amazing.

  16. Hi Fernando just opened his second cart at Cartlandia on August 18th. would you be willing to add this location to your map. It is also called Fernando’s Mundo Fiesta


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