It’s Official: PDX #1 for Food Carts

Food Carts Portland

At least that’s what those New York City based food experts over at Serious Eats are claiming. In The Year That Was: Street Food, Serious Eats doesn’t mince words,

Portland: The Street Food Mecca: Alright, Portland, you win. No other city (in the world—there I said it) has anything on your street-vendin’ people. Set up in parking lots, sidewalks, and even parks, the cuisines cover just about everything your tum could crave…

Now, some of you might remember the fun little smack down this past summer between NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg and PDX’s own Mayor Sam Adams over which of the two cities has the best cart scene, and the subsequent lively discussion that followed on Midtown Lunch. The comments were intense, but Portland does seem to be coming out ahead on this particular urban dining phenomenon.

I’m not so sure about the “no other city in the world” claim (hmmm, ever been to Singapore or Hong Kong?) and will leave that decision to the United Nations, lest I start an international incident. In addition, rather than a swarmy I told you so, I think most of us will continue to do the polite Portland thing and just sit here contemplating which of the many fine food carts to get lunch from.

Still, congratulations Portland’s Food Carts and Bona Fortuna 2010.


  1. The food cart community in Portland has been amazing to us. We have only had our cart running for a couple of weeks and we have other cart owners coming by introducing themselves, many of them from different lots, complimenting the paint job (the cart was extremely ugly!), buying our food, offering kind words of advise and support, offering to help if we run out of anything, the list goes on. We are truly blessed to be a part of this community. Happy New Year to all.

  2. our food cart scene is amazing, it was one thing i really noticed when i moved to portland over five years ago. it has only expanded since then and become a vibrant part of our lovely city. i was so stoked to have found this blog a couple/few years ago to find out what the city had to offer beyond what i was familiar with. congrats to all, keep up the excellent work and happy new year!

  3. Veggos need to order veggo food fronm a veggo place.. Too much veggies will weaken ya. This ain’t Frisco.


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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by PDXfoodcarts: It’s official – Portland is #1 for food carts. Take that Omaha! #pdxfoodcarts…

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