Garden State on VendrTV


Garden State has quickly become everyone’s favorite cart. Most recently showcased on Good Morning America as one of the nation’s best food carts, Garden State is now the feature of our friends VendrTV.

Watch for Garden State news over the next couple of months as they move their Sellwood cart to a new location and open a brand new cart in North Portland at Mississippi Marketplace. Yay, Meatballs!



  1. I love it! Learned by workin’. Me too. My 1st jobs at 15, were busing and buttering toast on Sunday’s at a Coco’s. Then as an expediter at the Cannery in Newport Beach, CA. Parsley on plates, butter & sour cream n chives on the taters, all night. Then next morning spooning lobster sauce into 100’s of omelet shells while the Commodores “Ez Like Sunday Morning” blared on the radio. Chaos 1977. that’s where my chops started and I’ve run the gauntlet coast to coast. Made $2.65hr+tips. I went to high school in Newport and was teased by some asinine wealthy classmates for having a job, I loved it. Got to hang w/the 21 yr olds and up at 15. And the girls teased me so. You know…I have stories of kitchen escapades that are book worthy, many from NYC in the 90’s. I’m gonna come out for somethin’ here, you open Mondays? Happy Holidaze Kevin & Garden State.

  2. Shelley Fat Belly says

    Hurray!! Spring has arrived!! Garden State is open in Mississippi Marketplace. I’d been craving a Garbanzo Bean Sandwich. My husband and I had lunch today. He had the Meatball Sub and we shared a couple of Aracine. Yum!!

    There were other wonderful sounding choices on the menu today such as a Poached Halibut sandwich and Fried Calamari. Hooray Kevin!! I wish I could have sampled everything.

    Now for him to find a cook for his Sellwood location and I won’t have to travel so far.

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