Smokin’ Pig BBQ

Jonathan Amato
Smokin Pig

Smokin' Pig

SW 5th and Oak/Stark


Pulld Pork sandwich from Smokin Pig

Pulled Pork sandwich from Smokin' Pig

Y’all like pulled pork? Then this is your place. Served up right – tender and juicy and slightly smoky on a plate or on a bun for a bargain price of $3.50 to $4.50. While this isn’t my favorite type of BBQ; ( I prefer North Carolina style smoked for at least 12 hours over wood and served with a spicy vinegar sauce on the side), Smokin’ Pig’s is still pretty darn good. Two sauces are available a thick sweetish hot sauce and a more mild variety. Coleslaw is available on the side.

Not in the mood for Pork? How about a fine Fetzer’s sausage on a bun for $3.50?

[Menu, photos and contact information updated Nov. 2009 by Dieselboi]

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich – $3.50 or $4.50
  • Pulled Pork Platter – pulled pork with baked beans, slaw and a roll – $6
  • Side of slaw or beans – $1.50 – $2
  • Catering available.

Hours: Lunchtime Mon-Fri
503 228 8427



  1. As a native South Carolinian, I can say that this spot is pretty darn authentic. Make sure you get yours with the mustard-based sauce. That’s the real deal.

    Thanks for making this website!

  2. Yeah, pretty good stuff, for me around a B or B+ cart. You get lots, and it’s good for what it is. I’m with you, though – the author I mean – I am a NC native and prefer the “Lexington” style ‘cue you describe, with the vinegar sauce and a finely shredded slaw.

    It’s worth trying the red and mustard sauces – I preferred the red, but the mustard sauce was interesting.

  3. I moved to the area in March and this is the best BBQ I’ve found so far. And it’s in walking distance of my office! Awesome! If he was closer to Memphis he could probably win awards.

    They say in life you only get two of three options when making decisions: good, fast, cheap. I think Smoking Pig BBQ hits all three.

  4. RajunCajun says

    Had lunch there today. It was snowy and cold outside so there wasn’t alot of foot traffic around the carts area. I’d been looking for a BBQ place close to work and now I’ve found it!! Great pork sandwich. Got the spicey BBQ sauce, tater salad and bbq beans. For 6 bucks?? are you kidding me? I could hardly finish it all. Great bbq flavor without being overpowering.

    I’ll definitly be back as I’m only 3 blocks away!

  5. Hierarchyfive says

    Been there two times now and never dissapointed!

  6. I have seen this cart open 2 times in a year and a half once at lunch, when I got a free sample and once at like 6pm a few months later when I was finally able to eat there.I visit this block of food carts probably 2 to 4 times a week but unfortunately this place never seem to be open when I am around no matter what time it is.

  7. Actually I know the guy that runs the place. He was only open from 11 to 3 earlier in the year because that when there is the best foot traffic. Around November he found a partner to take up an evening shift until about 6pm. So you should have better luck with finding them open. Oh and he has 4 sauces, 5 if you ask about the Terriyaki bbq

  8. Excellent coleslaw, not the creamy mayo type, but pickled vinaigrette style. Pulled pork was good, portion was good, sauce was kinda sweet. Overall a good and tasty deal. Today, this afternoon he was only cart in row open.

  9. I go to this pod every day for lunch (my bus stop is right there, I just can’t help myself..) and I’ve only seen this place open twice. Went there once and got a pulled pork sammich, gotta say for the price it’s pretty hard to beat. I’m not a BBQ connoisseur so ymmv, though I have to say the bun was.. dull. Next time I’ll try a plate, if he’s ever open again.

  10. I work across the street from this cart and am so tired of the obnoxious, loud and crass employees barking at people to try samples as they walk by and then making fun of them when they refuse.

    Let’s put it this way: There’s a reason there is never ever a line for this place. It’s dark, dirty and sketchy.

  11. I’ve been to this spot many many times and there has not been many times that they did NOT have huge line. One cannot be open when there is no food left to be sold. The guys that work there are awesome fun and have great attitudes!

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