El Gallo Taqueria

El Gallo Taqueria

El Gallo Taqueria

Now a Restaurant

Location: SE 48th and Woodstock (parking lot of The Joinery)


El Gallo Taqueria is the latest taco and burrito cart to come to the sprawling neighborhood of SE Portland. Located down off SE 48th and Woodstock in the Woodstock neighborhood, Jake Brown, the owner, is offering up rustic Mexican cuisine while sourcing his ingredients locally.

Tacos from El Gallo Taqueria

Tacos from El Gallo Taqueria

I am a sucker for tacos and whenever I visit a new cart, tacos are my barometer. If you can make a good taco, you probably do everything else pretty well also. I ordered up one each chorizo, carnitas and fish. El Gallo espouses that they make everything from scratch, so I wasn’t surprised that the tortillas were different than what I normally get. They were larger and had that fresh flavor you get from corn tortillas made by hand. So great! Of the three, I enjoyed them all equally, but would order the chorizo again. I realize just how much I love this spicy Mexican sausage and how El Gallo prepared it with chopped onions and cilantro made it pop.

Tostada from El Gallo Taqueria

Tostada from El Gallo Taqueria

The other dish we ordered was the signature dish – the Nevada Tostada – fry bread topped with beans, cabbage, pickled onions, pic de gallo, cotija, citrus sour cream. A great combination of flavors. The citrus sour cream gave the entire dish a mild citrus flavor that we loved. Mix that with the beans and onions and cilantro and it turned out to be a great meal. We had it vegetarian, but Jake does offer it with your choice of meat. El Gallo does offer some hot sauces. I had to try the “melt yer face” habanero sauce – true to the name, it was pretty darn spicy…but flavorful. A great accent to these dishes.

Jake Brown has a good thing going here in Woodstock being the only cart in the area. When we arrived, he regretfully informed us that he was out of some items because of such a busy lunch. As we were leaving, a line was forming of 5-7 people at 3:30pm. I love when a neighborhood supports the carts. When you are down in the SE, swing on down to the Woodstock neighborhood and say hi to Jake and his El Gallo Taqueria and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Tacos – choice of asada, carnitas, chorizo, pollo, vegetarian, or fish – $2
  • Nevada Tostada – described above – $7.50
  • Breakfast burrito – chorizo, eggs, potatoes, pepper jack cheese, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, cilanto and onions wrapped in a tortilla – $6.50
  • Burrito de Gallo – choice of meat, beans, cabbage, pepper jack cheese, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro and onions in a tortilla – $6

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12-7pm
Phone: 503 481 7537
Website: ElGalloPDX.com
El Gallo Taqueria on Facebook


  1. I’m so glad to see this review. El Gallo by far has the best tacos in town -hands down!!!

  2. I love El Gallo Taqueria! I’m psyched it opened so close to home. The vegetarian burrito smothered (lightly) in melt yo face sauce is straight up AMAZING.

  3. El Gallo is AWESOME! We live too close to this place,
    I want to eat here at least once a week. A big thanks
    for the love and care put into this wonderful food!

  4. What would I do without this place! Tacos made of warmed handmade tortillas filled with carmelized meat, crisp onion, and cilantro. Just the perfect salsa. Delicious and a great value for lunch.

  5. I go here about twice a week; more often when I can. The tacos are simply amazing. The shells are delicious and obviously home-made. I favor the fish tacos, with the citrus-y green sauce dumped liberally on them. Add the old style bottled Coke and I’m in heaven. Don’t miss the chance to eat here when in Woodstock, even if there is a line. It’s absolutely worth the wait!! And the prices are very kind to those of us with a tight budget…

  6. These tacos rock with fresh hand made tortillas and local veggies. Jake throws in some delicious seasonal specials too. Welcome to Woodstock.
    Take a look at the amazing furniture at The Joinery, all handcrafted there on site as well. Good neighbors!

  7. Angester says

    Made it there for the first time ever and was blown away. The tortillas are to die for, the carne asada was moist and tender. The fish taco was a little small, but made with snapper. It was worth every penny!
    Can’t wait to go there again.

  8. It’s a shame really. I have to leave Forest Grove and drive all the way out here just for great food. Luckily I just wait for garage sale season, and head out there when I’m searching for deals. Franchise opportunies? Yep that good!

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