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Spell Cafe

Spella Caffe

[Update 10/2010 – Spella Cart is now closed. Find them at their cafe on SW5th]

Location: SW 9th and Alder


Spella Cafe is considered one of the best espresso carts in the city. Spella has been noted in numerous publications for the quality of their roast and artisanship of the preparation. I have been to Spella many times over the past few years – mostly to enjoy a quick doppio or maybe an Americano. When the draw is that good, I just don’t want to change it up with milk or sugar. Straight up espresso for me people.

Espresso @ Spella Caffe

Espresso @ Spella Caffe

Andrea and Amanda of Spella are great people. They welcome you with a smile and ask about your day. Just what you want on a cold rainy Portland morning. The magic of Spella is from Andrea Spella’s history with coffee. Andrea Spella roasts his own coffee once a week – enough for his flagship cart, some retail accounts and to sell to customers. There is no stale coffee beans in this joint. The mix of fresh roasted beans and the attention to detail when pulling the espresso makes for a perfect shot with just the right amount of crema.

Andrea Spella is expanding. In the coming month, they will open up an indoor space down on SW 5th and Alder. That is a great food cart success story. Spella coffee does offer up all types of coffee drinks and gelato in the warmer months, so head on down there, have a great coffee and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[This post was updated in October of 2009. If you would like to read more about Spella, Portland Food and Drink has a wonderful article and interview with Andrea Spella – Read More Here]

Sample Menu:

  • Espresso – $1.75
  • Macchiato – $2
  • Cappuccino – 8oz: $2.75; 12oz: $3
  • Coffee – $1.25 to $1.75
  • Latte – 12oz: $3; 16oz: $3.25

Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 4PM
Spella Caffe



  1. My boyfriend is a serious barista and actually gave the espresso affogato at this cart a thumbs up. I think it’s a cute cart, and nicely situated.

  2. CoffeeLover says

    Lived here in the NW all my life. Fully aware of what I’m about to declare: ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ESPRESSO, EVER! This guy knows his craft.

  3. I’m a coffee connoisseur and have lived in Portland all my life. I used to mail order my coffee from a cafe in Seattle, but Spella’s coffee and beans are by far the best I have experienced.

  4. Knorben Knussen says

    why the terrible hours… I want to go but I can only go in the early morning or on the weekends.

  5. fantastic espresso!! seriously. and no pretentiousness about it. they also make great italian sodas – i suggest the black currant!

  6. Alright, that does it. I gotta go try this cart out now!!

    I’ve walked by a million times and just haven’t gotten around to ordering up a capucino or even just a straight espresso of theirs.

    That will change this coming week!

  7. Andrea has been quietly serving fantastic Italian style coffee for quite some time. I have never been disappointed by his espresso and find his affogatos, especially with the hazelnut gelato, downright irresistible. Cheers!

  8. One thing I encourage people to try at Spella is the Shakerato Latte or my favorite – the Shakerato Espresso. Nicely poured espresso shots, with a little bit of I think it is Demerara sugar, then shaken over ice and poured into a 6 oz glass. Even without milk, it tastes creamy and caramel like. Really wonderful.

  9. Spella has now opened their indoor cafe at 5th and Alter, just north of the intersection on the east side. Look for the sign! It’s a beautiful location, it’s like being inside the cart! The same baristas are there hand pulling the same great coffee you can get at the cart a few blocks west. I usually hit the indoor shop in the morning, because it opens at 7am and my bus drops me just a few feet from their door, then at lunch I hit the spella cart on 9th because it’s in the same group of carts I eat lunch at. I couldn’t ask for a better coffee hookup! Andrea, Amanda, Chris, and Tasha are some of the friendliest baristas in this town, absolutely no attitude, only friendliness and a true interest in your coffee enjoyment.

    Go Spella!

  10. Best coffee you can find downtown. Period.


  1. […] Coffee is coming to downtown Portland! I’m stoked about this one. Spella reportedly produces some of the best coffee and espresso in the Portland area and his new store is […]

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