Dogfeather’s Coffee and Juice


Dogfeathers Coffee and Juice


Location: Mississippi Marketplace – N. Mississippi ave at Skidmore


Along with the numerous wonderful carts that make up Mississippi Marketplace is Dogfeather’s coffee and juice. Dogfeather’s was one of the first to open and has been doing well. Parked next to a breakfast cart as good as The Big Egg probably doesn’t hurt.



Dogfeather’s gets its name from the owner’s past experiences. The owner use to own a bookstore named Laughing Bird and then had some teens who called him dogfather and finally they put it together to make Dogfeather.  They even have a cute logo to go with it.

Dogfeathers serves up organic coffee, both drip and espresso along with fresh fruit juices. They open at 6am for you early risers and will get you a cup of Joe for $1. How can you beat that?

Along with all the great new carts at Mississippi Marketplace, its great to have a good solid coffee cart. Head on down there for a cup and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 6am-2pm



  1. i understand the food pods up there are closed on a monday, but for an early-AM coffee joint not to be open to kick off the work week is insanely dumb

  2. Would it be mean for me to say that Dogfeather’s is everything that’s wrong with the coffee industry save for the owner probably being a super nice guy? Organic coffee is a gimmick. It doesn’t make it good coffee, regardless of how little it harms the environment. And to sell coffee on the whim of peace and love and happy organic daydreams is kinda pathetic. I don’t want to wish any ill upon Dogfeather’s, but this town can do way the hell better. Can you imagine visiting the coffee capital of the U.S. and having Dogfeather’s represent us? I say do it right or don’t do it at all.

  3. Yes, Microfoam, that is pretty mean to take out your frustrations about the term organic on a small working class food cart. That discussion may be better for a blog about Stumptown or Starbucks. I had a cup of their $1 coffee and trust me, it was better than the swill they sell down at The Overlook by tenfold.

  4. Nice people, good coffee, the world needs more organic, not less…and living your principles is worth supporting, and did I mention that the coffee is good….

  5. Not loving the snarky comments. What purpose do they serve anyone? None. There’s respectful commentary and critique of the taste or service, and then there’s snark. “And to sell coffee on the whim of peace and love and happy organic daydreams is kinda pathetic”. Ripping on a small just opened and independently owned business because you don’t like their concept is uncalled for, rude and, out of line – in other words, kinda pathetic.

  6. Yes, Microfoam, that would be mean.

  7. I don’t agree with the way he said it, but Microfoam has a micro-point.

    The whole organic thing can indeed be misleading, especially with a product like coffee that, even when organic, still has to be shipped halfway around the world.

    Just saying… organic coffee probably isn’t going to save the world… but the word will attract people to this cart. It’s good marketing more than anything else.

    But hey, I will not pass judgment on the quality until I try it. And try it, I shall.

  8. Let me just say that I take coffee seriously; and perhaps I shouldn’t place Dogfeather’s in the same realm as specialty coffee, but the organic selling point makes it seem like he’s trying to make it specialty by that alone. Call it coffee greenwashing. Just demand better for your money. That’s all I’m saying. Why would anyone want to pay the same price for something that isn’t as good, local, and sustainable as something that is? Consider, for a moment, Fresh Pot down the street. They sell some of the best coffee in the world (Stumptown) that is almost all sourced from farmers who are getting paid well for their part in the coffee supply chain. Some of us (okay, maybe it’s just me) are actually dedicating a significant chunk of time to convincing people that it’s worthwhile to demand fantastic coffee and make specialty coffee a norm for the city. Not just to be elitist, but to make sure that drinking coffee is something that is a quality, enjoyable experience that is firmly rooted in ethical sourcing and marketing. [And scene].

  9. Can appreciate your passion Microfoam, and your much more detailed, and dare I say rational explanation here of where you are coming from on the whole local-organic-sustainable-good coffee debate. Honestly, I would go talk to the owners if you feel this strongly and suggest helping them find and hone their craft as you are doing. Portland is the epicenter for some of the best coffee and specialty espresso drinks in North America right now and so coffee businesses might be wise to take advantage of all the knowledge floating around out there. I haven’t tried Dogfeather’s yet, so I can’t comment on it one way or another.

    (Caveat, I know Microfoam in the real world, and yes, he does know good coffee, and yes, he’s very passionate about it).

  10. Organic is not a gimmick, it’s a coffee bean grown without pesticides. Pesticides make people sick. Organic coffee beans are good for the workers who pick or coffee beans. Until someone grows organic beans in Portland they all have a carbon footprint.
    If Stumptown is the only coffee you like, then ask if they serve it, and if they don’t go down the block…not necessary to put down someone who doesn’t serve the coffee you prefer.

  11. Meh. The coffee is weak. Why would anyone make weak coffee in Portland? It’s just silly.

  12. Perhaps someone should start their own awesome espresso/coffee cart, that embodies the high standards Portland has for coffee. Spella is a great example of this…the NE could benefit, especially for late night hours.
    As for Dogfeather’s inform them if there is a quality issue. Feedback is way more helpful and supportive of a small, local business. We all have room to grow:)

  13. I’ve tried Dogfeathers twice now, and both times were disappointing. The first time was regular coffee from the pot, and in all fairness, it was late in the day. The second time I got a mocha–it was tepid and the the coffee was bitter. The owners seem like really nice people, and I’d like to see them make it, but they will have to step up their game with Coffeehouse 5, the Albina Press and the Fresh Pot all within easy striking distance.

  14. I live nearby and was really excited to hear about an alternative to Fresh Pot…however…the owner of this cart is nuts! I was waiting for the food that I ordered at The Big Egg (which was amazing!) and decided to get some coffee. The owner was nice at first but then dove into a tirade of the evils of blogging. Apparently someone wrote a bad review and he was pretty upset about it…but how, exactly, does ranting about it to random people help the situation? I finally had to just turn and walk away in the middle of his diatribe. To top it all off…the coffee was absolutely awful! It was extremely under-extracted. I can’t imagine how he’ll stay in business…

  15. acmecorndog says

    I’m looking forward to trying Dogfeather’s. I hate to admit it, but all of this hubbub on the blog makes me curious to try something that has struck a chord. Ultimately, it’s important to try for yourself, and form your own opinion about a product….

  16. acmecorndog says

    Have finally made it to Dogfeather’s today, and my skim mocha was great! Organic or no, I liked the taste. Put that in yo pipe n’ smoke it! The guy was friendly, and apparently has either 1. had enough time to process some real or perceived web criticism or 2. realized that he needs to move on and just produce a good product. Either way, I would be happy to frequent this spot again.

  17. Dogfeathers’s is a huge disappointment. Save your money. I’ve tried it a couple of times. On the last one, my girlfriend and I both dumped our latte’s out and re-upped at Albina Press (no comparison!). This is not something unique to my g-friend and myself either. I’ll reserve my comments on how I feel about the owner…

    Put an order in at the Big Egg. Go get your coffee at Albina Press or Fresh Pot, then pick up your order (usually perfect timing!). Then you’ll be in heavenly morning bliss.

    Another coffee stand that can rival or compare to Fresh Pot or Albina would rake in some good money!

  18. nileek, You must be from new york and know nothing about coffee.

  19. catlover says

    Wow!! Really people are selfish snobs in this town!! I know that Dogfeathers buys their coffee from a local roaster (supports small buisness) and no matter what they love the clients and their dogs!!

    Has anyone tried the juice?? The Portland Sunshine and the Mississippi Moonshine are the best…. And ALWAYS with a SMILE.

    I wonder about people who just walk around judging others…… COULD U DO BETTER?? Have u tried?? And really have you tried personal feedback….. like in the old days…. how can anything improve without feedback….. So if what you BOUGHT was a dissapointment why not say something rather then go home and type about it…… we all have different taste. I bet ur product would have been replaced or ur money returned IF you said something then!!


  20. I love the juice at Dogfeather’s. It’s really amazing because it’s all fresh fruit squeezed right then when you order and there’s so many different ones to choose from. I’m really grateful for a place that serves juice straight from the actual fruit. Thank you Dogfeather’s! : )

  21. Dogfeathers is a fantastic little family owned and operated cart that serves up a great cup of coffee. I will gladly pay a dollar for twelve ounces of great coffee to go with my Big Egg burrito rather than walk half a mile away to pay three times as much for a cup that is only slightly better (a point that is entirely debatable). Bottom line is Dogfeathers sells a solid cup of coffee at a great price.


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