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Buddha Bites

Buddha Bites

SW 4th and Hall


“Hey, that’s a new cart isn’t it?,” was the first words out of my mouth when I walked up to the carts on SW 4th avenue by PSU. Tucked in between Thai Pasta and a cart named Rice and Noodle was Buddha Bites, all bright and shiny and new. When I got closer, I began to see the key words of the 21st century – organic, sustainable, farm direct, probiotic. Gotta try it. And I’m glad I did.

Just looking at the menu and the cart’s banner, one can tell these cartrepreneurs have their finger on the pulse of Portland’s food culture. Offering up local organic farm direct meats and produce, along with gluten free options seems to be what people are asking for daily in our email box. The menu is broad, ranging from breakfast to lunch, sandwiches to soups and salads and even fruit and veggies smoothies. As it was lunchtime, I went for the sandwich part of the menu and picked out “Our Awesome Meatloaf.”

Our Awesome Meatloaf sandwich at Buddha Bites

Our Awesome Meatloaf sandwich at Buddha Bites

Served on their freshly made Naan bread, the meatloaf sandwich was just that, meatloaf, some ketchup, may and then leafy greens. No iceberg lettuce here. We’re talking flavorful, rich greens that you would normally find in a salad. The freshness of the greens complemented the rich full flavor of the meatloaf. I even thing the ketchup was special as it added just the right zing to the entire sandwich and I don’t normally use ketchup. This was a hearty meal; filling, satisfying and enjoyable.

Buddha Bites is a welcome cart to the PSU pod. Also, the second cart in that pod to be open for breakfast starting at 7:30 am. I understand they make their own scones. Mmmmm. Don’t let winter and rain keep you away from this great new cart. They have an awning you can skulk under while you wait for your meal and if you dash across the street, you can eat in the basement of the city building. Head on down, grab a smoothie and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Roast chicken with avocado, tomato and cheddar served on fresh made Naan bread – $6
  • Our Awesome Meatloaf – with lettuce, ketchup and mayo served on fresh made Naan bread – $5
  • Soy cheese, tempeh and salmon available for substitution
  • Twice baked Potatoes stuffed with garlic ground beef and cheddar or broccoli and feta – $3
  • Beef stew bowl served with Naan – $6
  • Quinoa tabouli plate w/humus, feta, olives, naan – $7
  • Naan with two eggs, chipotle black beans and cheddar – $4
  • Cranberry almond scones (gluten free) – $2.50
  • Fruit and Veggie Smoothies – $3
  • and much more

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4pm
Phone: 530  975 8216
Website/Email: unknown



  1. I was a little confused about this spot when I looked at the menu last week. Why “Buddha” if they’re selling meatloaf? Beef stew with naan and smoothies? Oooohkay. I got the veggie melt yesterday and was happy with it. The only cheeses they offered were cheddar, feta and blue, with grilled veggies and pesto. For some reason, I was expecting a mild white cheese.

    I’ll go back for the eggs and chipotle black beans. That naan hit the spot.

  2. Kelley,
    You’re not the only one who was surprised by the menu. When I think of anything with Buddha in the name, it conjures up steamed veggies and such. Good food though, so I’ll be back.

  3. I think Buddha could do better than steamed veggies, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be eating bacon!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see a menu with all vegan items and optional subs of meat and cheese?

  4. Tara,
    I’ve been to that restaurant. Actually a couple come to mind, so now we just need to expand to the carts I guess.


  5. So yummy! Sorry but I don’t care about the name. I care about the healthy choices, local vegetables and quality meats–nevermind the availability of gluten-free choices. The GF tabouli plate hit the spot! This place is one of my two top picks for the 4th and Hall Cart choices (the other being the thai place located on Hall (not the one on 4th).


  6. Love the food, but I thought it a bit pricey for what you get. Other carts such as the Portland Soup Company give a little bigger portions for the price. A small bowl of chilli and bread was $7 – a little much.

  7. Wow! Am I ever glad that the streetcar was stalled today near PSU. Call it divine intervention–I decided to walk to the PSU food carts instead of going to the ones downtown and boy was I blessed to find the best GLUTEN FREE turkey sandwich ever.

    It had home-made, delectable tender turkey, awesome gravy, just the right amount of cranberry sauce, lovely lettuce and on the most out-of-this world italian herb focaccia that I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t even know focaccia could be made gluten free..and I double checked with the chefs, who verified it is definitely gluten free.

    WOW! I couldn’t stop eating the sandwich as I walked back to work. It was so full of flavor and love. I will gladly spend 24 minutes of my 30-minute lunch break getting there and back, just to have more of this blissful, affordable food in the future. Let me just say that I don’t even feel like I need a thanksgiving dinner now, because I am so satisfied by this food.

    I’m a major foodie and I’m pretty picky about chai–their chai was incredible too! And they even offered almond milk as a dairy-free creamer.

    I’d like to think the Buddha theme relates to the purpose of Buddhism… bliss, consciousness and an empirical approach to our psyches. In other words, eating here is a sure bet at experiencing a healthful, happy and satisfied state of being.

    Thank you Buddha Bites! I think you’ve just inspired me to become a food writer!

  8. I’d heard really good things about this cart, so I tried it out a few weeks ago. I tried the BLT and didn’t like it at all. Hard, dry bread and burned bacon. I think I’ll give it another try at some point and stick to the more Indian/Middle Eastern parts of the menu.

  9. The best breakfast sandwich–cheap and gigantic. Even if you aren’t gluten-free–I strongly suggest you get the glutenfree bread (I’ve asked people who eat the regular bread and they say the glutenfree one is better! The breakfast sandwich with two eggs, chipotle black beans and cheddar on herb focaccia – $4 Add avocado or bacon for $1. How can you beat that??!?!? So so so delicious–at any time of day!

  10. I adore the food and ladies who run this cart. The Healthy Greek Salad and Cobb Salad are my favorites: fresh and healthy and delicious. I always feel like I’m doing something really nice for myself when I eat there.

  11. I just recently tried this cart, now I can’t stop going back. I love the Cobb salad and the twice baked potato with brocolli and feta, but I’m looking forward to trying more. The only downside is that it’s a tad pricey.

  12. *** the correct phone number begins with 530-, NOT 503-.

    Their food is healthy, homey, and almost explodes with flavor. They make all their bread in-house, their gluten-free bread is the best I’ve ever had AND they’ll sell you a rather huge loaf of it if you contact them in advance. I’ve loved everything I’ve had so far, including the Tri-salad combo (chicken curry, red cabbage slaw and a quinoa “tabouli”, with greens), the Greek salmon salad, the steak sandwich and the hummus plate. Rich gluten-free brownies, too.

  13. Looks like the cart has closed. They were clearing it out last week, and there’s no more signage.

  14. Kari is looking at other opportunities, but they are likely to be in a different neighborhood. Her co-founder, our dear friend Meg, passed away last week after living with cancer for more than a year. I appreciated the love and care they put into their food (and the gluten-free options) and miss their presence.

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