Parkers Waffles and Coffee

Parkers Waffles and Coffee

Parkers Waffles and Coffee

[Updated August 2010 – Cart has closed. Alberta waffle window still open]

Location: SW 4th and Hall


A couple of years ago, I would never have thought that waffles could be the focus of a cart. That was because I wasn’t thinking outside the box. I was thinking of the waffles of my youth – simple breakfast fare served maybe with fruit, but always with syrup. In 2009, waffles have taken on a whole new persona with numerous carts popping up offering a different take on the traditional breakfast nosh. Parkers Waffles down in the Portland State University POD joined this past summer and I’m glad they did.

I have enjoyed what I call “waffle gyros” from a few of the other carts in town.  Parkers describes theirs as waffle burritos – I like that. One difference I saw immediately with Parkers is that they offered up what I would normally see with a sandwich cart, but with waffles-  pulled pork, beef brisket, ham and Gruyere, egg scrambles. They still do offer up the sweetness that we all love for breakfast, but now we can have waffles for lunch.

Oktoberfest waffle from Parkers

Oktoberfest waffle from Parker's

I chose the daily special – the Oktoberfest – an Oktoberfest daufelwaffle, split brat, grilled onions, Gruyere, spicy mustard and sauerkraut. Oktoberfest! All I needed was a giant stein of beer! I’m always concerned the waffle will overpower the ingredients, but this mix was just right. It was also not that messy. I got some looks while walking to work – probably envy because my breakfast looked better than their bran muffin.

Parkers Waffles has a great niche here. They are the only cart in the PSU Pod serving breakfast, surrounded by office buildings and a university. I think that was a great decision. If you’re hungry and need both protein and sweets, take the MAX down to southwest downtown and see Parkers Waffles. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • The Original: waffle brushed with sweet cream or maple butter and lightly dusted with powdered sugar – single-$2.50; double-$4; tripple-$5.50
  • Ham and Gruyere scamble: two eggs scrambled with ham, onions, mushrooms and Gruyere, served on a waffle – $6
  • The Iron Pig scramble: two eggs scrambled with spinach, bacon, onion and cheddar, served on a waffle – $6
  • Pulled Pork: pulled pork from Leroy’s Familiar Vittles with dressing, served on a waffle – $6
  • Beef Brisket: Leroy’s beef brisket served with choice of cole slaw or not on a waffle – $6
  • Apple Crisp: grilled granny smith apples, spices and Amaretto topped with sweetened sour cream and almond pecan streusel served on a waffle – $5
  • Lemon and Blueberry: house-made lemon curd and blueberries topped with whipped cream and lemon zest; served on a waffle – $5
  • Stumptown coffee and other beverages available

Hours: Monday through Friday; 7am- 2pm
Twitter: ParkersWaffles




  1. It’s worth noting that they have great vegetarian options! My personal favorite is the all veggie scramble with no cheese, but the pesto man is also great.

    You can build your own waffle for the same price, so the choices are endless!

  2. chopollo’s is open for breakfast burrito’s right in that pod too… no knock on the parker’s

  3. I read this article today and thought that Oktoberfest sounded great for lunch. I went there to order it. I was dismayed that it discontinued, but they said they will have it back next year. So I ordered a meat and egg waffle gyro. Again, it was out of eggs!

    Now, I guess I’ll just get the breakfast part: peach with nuts on top of a warm waffle. The size was considerable for the price, 6 dollars. The sauted peach was aplenty and nearly took over the waffle. As i ate bite by bite, I found that I was enjoying my lunch and forgotten about the…..what was it about?

    Kudos to Parker’s.

  4. Had the urge to munch while waiting for my Permits to go through at SW 4th/Hall…
    Tried the Waffle with scrambled egg, ham, and Gueyer (sp?) Cheese…
    Lets just say, it was THE BOMB.
    Great meal for $6.
    Super nice peeps behind the wheel too.
    Keep it up.
    And Kudos for your Haiti relief efforts.

  5. Amazing food, amazing price, amazing service. This is one of the best carts I’ve been to in Portland and after one visit I can’t wait to return.

  6. Hmm lusciously! ;). Thank you for sharing

  7. I am doing a project for PSU on food in PDX and decided to do it on the food carts. I have never eaten from there and found this website extremely helpful! My first experience was at Parker’s. The waffle I ordered was the Ham and Gruyere scramble. I usually like my waffles sweet but wanted to try it. The waffle itself was sooo tasty! Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just the way I like it. But I didn’t like the ham and cheese. I do want to try this again, but maybe next time I will get the sweet kind. Now I am off to another cart for lunch today! Oh how fun homework can be!


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