The Big Egg

The Big Egg

The Big Egg

CLOSED – The Big Egg has a restaurant on NE Alberta

Location: N. Mississippi at Skidmore in Mississippi Marketplace


Breakfast! The most important meal of the day. Isn’t that what we’ve learned all our lives? And yet, what do we eat when running out the door trying to get to the office or run that important errand – coffee, pastries… or something like that. I try and eat healthy in the morning, but am not the best example of a breakfast eater. I am usually on the fly to work when I decide I need something and grab a donut or something equally unhealthy. Today though, I changed it up. I woke up earlier than usual, made quick my morning routine and walked down the street to a new cart offering breakfast in my neighborhood- The Big Egg. Mississippi Marketplace, a new pod located in north Portland opened two weeks ago and the carts are beginning to open and work out the kinks. This morning was The Big Egg’s first morning and I’m glad I was there to welcome them.

When I think of breakfast out, the mind ranges from the full greasy spoon breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, fruit and toast all the way to the simple egg McMuffin from the fast food joints. If you venture beyond the local diner and fast food, you can enjoy a healthier breakfast, but you may be required to stand around for awhile since there are more people wanting that than there are amazing restaurants that offer it. In comes the breakfast food cart! The Big Egg serves breakfast. Simple as that. They craft breakfast in the form of egg sandwiches and wraps, but also offer up french toast, granola, fruit and sweet stuff.

This morning, while perusing the menu for the first time, my heart skipped a beat seeing that The Big Egg had a Monte Cristo on the menu. Seriously, my heart skipped a few beats remembering the last time I ventured into Monte Cristo land. This is one sandwich you do not take lightly. It is also one I will need to return for as this morning, I wasn’t hungry enough to tackle it. I ordered up the Breakfast Wrap, a grilled tortilla filled generously with scrambled eggs, roasted red potatoes (chopped up in small pieces for easy eating,) grilled portabello mushrooms, fire-roasted poblano salsa and Gorgonzola cheese. All this comes drizzled with their yogurt-lime sauce. It was huge!

The Big Egg Breakfast Wrap

As I wandered back down the street to catch my morning train, I dove in. The wrap was a larger tortilla that wasn’t filled to the max. That to me is a good think since I don’t have to worry about everything bursting out the sides. It was juicy, so I got a little messy at the end, but it was worth it. I loved the mix of the ingredients. Everything was just the right amount that nothing overwhelmed anything else. The potatoes and mushrooms were cut perfect. Small, so when grilled, they became tasty morsels. Needless to say, it filled me up.

I’m excited to have these new carts so close to me. With a couple of them, including The Big Egg, offering breakfast, it expands our options for when we don’t want to make it at home. Also, this will be perfect for those weekend mornings when you want something good but quick before heading out on errands. Head on down to The Big Egg, enjoy some breakfast or brunch, welcome Gayle and Elizabeth to the neighborhood and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • PDX Sandwich- Over medium farm egg & Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar Cheese with fresh chives & stone ground mustard on grilled Grand Central Bakery brioche Pullman bread $5.00 Add: Carlton Farms Smoked Slab Bacon, Hill Black Forest Ham or Field Roast Apple Sage Vegetarian Sausage $6.50
  • The Arbor Lodge Sandwich- Over medium farm egg with grilled organic portobello mushrooms, caramelized balsamic onions & organic arugula with our herbed aioli on a grilled Grand Central Bakery Ciabatta hearth roll $7.00
  • The Big Egg Grinder- Hard boiled farm egg sliced over Olympic Provisions Dry Cured Sopressata Salami, Provolone, Baby Arugula and Pickled Green Apple & Onions on Grand Central Bakery rustic baguette $8.00
  • The Breakfast Wrap- A grilled flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, grilled potatoes, organic portobello mushrooms & Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar with our house-made fire-roasted poblano salsa & yogurt-lime sauce $5.50 Add: Carlton Farms Smoked Slab Bacon, Hill Black Forest Ham or Field Roast Apple Sage Vegetarian Sausage. $6.50

Hours: Refer to their Twitter and Facebook feeds for current hours.
Website: The Big Egg
Twitter: TheBigEgg
Facebook: The Big Egg




  1. Organic Free Range Eggs?

  2. According to the menu, they serve local cage-free vegetarian fed eggs.

  3. RE: Contact info — The Big Egg has a twitter account at Not notably active, but if we harass them maybe they’ll get to tweetin!

  4. Brett,
    Thank you so much for posting such a kind review of our food cart. We are big fans of this site and I am so sorry, it wasn’t until you were walking away that it dawned on me that you were the Brett from Food Carts Portland! Now i know what you look like, so come on back and say “hi” anytime.
    We want to also thank everyone who has come by the cart over the past 2 days. We appreciate all the support and look forward to seeing you all again. Mississippi Marketplace is a terrific location with a diverse collection of food carts…there’s definitely something for everyone!
    Thanks again,
    The Big Egg

  5. Excellent breakfast this morning from The Big Egg – the breakfast wrap is perfect!
    Welcome to the ‘hood!

  6. Just tried it and am glad I did! The crunchy french toast is delicious! And I could eat it on the go because they cut it for dipping. Yesss. Bacon is thick cut, lean and cooked perfectly. Will definitely be back. Thanks for being in the ‘hood!

  7. I love a good fried egg sandwich, and the Good Egg did not disappoint! The lovely lady that cooked my food was obviously a master of the grill. Usually eggs ordered hard elsewhere come out overcooked and “burnt”, not here. And the bread was soooo soft and had a perfect golden crisp. The soy “sausage” was hand made from tempeh (not the yucky TVP or gluten) and spiced deliciously. Ill be back, oh yes, Ill be back!

  8. They have a blog up as well in case anyone wanted to check it out. Only a few posts so far.

  9. Holy cow! Gale and Elizabeth are definitely doing something right with this super cute, yolk colored cart. I just had the breakfast wrap and let me start by saying yum.yum.yum.
    I’m not really a fan of wraps per se, but this just changed my mind. Tender scrambled egss, a gooey layer of Fontina cheese, big chunks of well seasoned and crispy potatoes, delicious and an ample portion of sauteed portabella mushrooms…and this great yogurt-lime sauce that tied everything together harmoniously.
    This was not “just” a breakfast wrap, but something thoughtfully put together and well executed. I’m super happy to be on the receiving end of this special place. Thanks for a fantastic breakfast!

  10. Sorry.. I meant Gail!

  11. I stopped by here the first time this morning for breakfast and at 12noon I’m still full and happy. The brioche was such a nice touch along with the chive/mustard spread that accompanied my perfectly cooked eggs. I make a lot of egg sandwiches at home on a panini grill, so I was skeptical about going out for one, but this is worth it. Gail and Elizabeth were sweet as can be. So glad to have this in the neighborhood!

  12. So I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a tasty breakfast treat, especially of the sammy/wrap/burrito variety. I was excited to hear about this place, and even more so as I stepped on this sunny morning and was greeted by a friendly person and a VERY appealing little menu. I was hungry, ready, and excited for my amazing-sounding egg wrap with taters, gorgonzola and bacon….

    …right up until I was told there’d be a 45min wait.

    What? 45min?!!? At a food cart? Sorry, I’ll head over to La Bonita and get a fantastic breakfast burrito in 10 min.

    I understand a cart can only handle so much business, but the lunch places downtown are PACKED every day and I’ve never waited more than 10 min for something there.

    I sincerely hope that either this was just a fluke, or that The Big Egg can get things running a little more efficiently. It’s walking distance from my home and I’d love NOTHING more than to become a regular at this cute looking place…

  13. In defense to the long wait at The Big Egg..they were just named one of the top ten food carts in Portland and they were absolutely slammed because of it. I eat there often and it usually takes ten minutes tops for my order.
    This is a new business that just got hit with unexpected press and they are working out of an incredibly small cart. Give em a break, come early and plan sometime to sit and enjoy some lovingly made food. Food that is not out of a jar, but fresh and hot onto the grill and into your hungry hands. Remember good things come those who wait and I will happily wait for their breakfast goodies.

  14. Rob, I’d say you’re just the kind if guy The Big Egg would love to have as a regular. Keep it up, bro.

  15. I did give the Big Egg another try recently and the wait was much, much more reasonable. Less than 10 min and the breakfast wrap was FANTASTIC!! I had gorgonzola with bacon and the pairing was sublime. It was, however, pretty salty with the cheese and the bacon, but still, one the best breakfast burritos/wraps I’ve had anywhere in Portland. I will be back!!! 🙂

  16. Glad you gave Big Egg a second chance. In professional food reviews, most writers wait a month or even three before making too many judgments on a new establishment since it does take most new restaurants awhile to get their timing, staffing, and overall production down. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant then you know that for everything that goes wrong there are 1000 things from order to serving that could also go wrong but don’t. Carts are no different, just in miniature and come with their own sets of challenges and kinks that need to be worked out.

    Glad to see the Big Egg is getting their own rhythm down and honing their production, food and overall timing.

  17. 12.10.09: I had a really great Portlander with black forest ham and fontina cheese this morning. It was amazing.

    The end.

  18. Had the special of the week today: Brioche toast with homemade sweet onion marmalade, scrambled egg, cheese, bacon and arugula. Yum-Oh as Rachel Ray would say. The ladies were also very helpful with information for my Hillsboro Food Cart venture. I really appreciate Portlanders who are cheerful and smile despite the rain.

    BTW.. if anyone is feeling the squeeze here in Portland and is interested in expanding into the wild and unexplored culinary frontier of Hillsboro please email me.

  19. You must have one of their wraps! This has become one of my favorite carts in Portland!!!!

  20. I’m a huge fan of fried egg sammies, make ’em all the time. Went to Big Egg Saturday for brunch. I had the Portlander, the Ho had the sammich special. Both were excellent. Quality of ingredients was outstanding and the preparation spot-on.


  21. TGFTBE. (thank god for The Big Egg). Weekends are so much more enjoyable now that my wife, our pooch and I have made “TBE” part of our routine. The Breakfast Wrap is perfection on a tortilla. Keep it coming ladies!

  22. I had the Monte Cristo this morning and nearly wept with delight! Amazing! I can’t wait to go back!

  23. On a recent trip to Portland to visit my son and daughter-in-law, had breakfast at The Big Egg. Had the Arbor Lodge — one of the best breakfasts of my life!

  24. I visited The Big Egg today for lunch and it was amazing. I had the Arbor Lodge and my boyfriend has the Portlander which he commented had the best veggie sausage he had ever had. My egg was cooked perfectly and was accompanied by delicious sauteed Portabello slices, tangy sauce, arugula on toasted bread. We are both picky about where our eggs come from so it’s nice to know they use vegetarian feed, local ones. I also appreciate the packaging which looks earth friendly. The only negatives were the wait, there were two single customer ahead of us and our wait was a solid 10 minutes, but I had the day off, so I didn’t care. My boyfriend was annoyed by the woman not helping in anyway regarding decisions on the best cheese choice, etc. As both former food service employees, it is annoying when people ask what would be best with what they are ordering because how would a server know what it is that you like, but sometimes you just have to fake it. Saying “I don’t know” two or three times, is dismissive, especially when you are not busy. I think it shows you care about the person getting their order just right. We will definitely be back soon.

  25. Time and time again, I am impressed by the taste and creativity of their sandwiches.
    The service is top notch.

    It takes awhile to get your food because The BigEgg is always busy it seems. But, it’s so worth it.


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