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The Story:

Need a bro-licious dog for lunch? Well, Bro-Dogs is here to help. When I walked by and saw that they offered up a jalapeño and cheddar dog, I had to bite. Also, if you’re in for a laugh, have a chat with Scott and inquire about his “bro-tastic” day.

Bro-Dogs has been open now for over 3 years at their spot on SW 5th and Stark. Not your traditional food cart, Scott sports the traditional pull behind dog cart you would normally see on the streets of NYC and is on the go most days after his lunch shift. There are plenty of people who love having him at their event.

Bro-Dogs serves up exactly what you would think – hot dogs and sausages but with a gourmet twist. The one thing different than your standard hot dog offering is their choice for bun. Scott worked with his baker Alessio to design a sandwich bun which he then cuts in half and grills one side. With the sausage and grilled onions, maybe some extra cheese or even jalapeño slices, the structural integrity of the bun stays in tact. There is not seem for everything to fall out the bottom. Ingenious!

hamburger food cart portland

Scott and his sausage sandwich “Dude”

Scott started the cart with a standard menu offering different types of sausages and sandwich creations, but over the past three years, he has evolved to offer a plethora of extras one can stack above a jalapeno-cheddar or bratwurst sausage. One creation, simply named “Dude” is your choice of sausage, grilled onions, cheese, mac n’ cheese, jalapenos, and bacon. A crazy mess what makes every eater who tries one smile. Don’t like onions? Scott will leave them out. He’ll pretty much interview you about what you like and what you don’t like on your sandwich and make some strategic recommendations to sate your appetite.

Bro-Dogs has proven itself over the years and is now a staple in Portland’s cart scene. You’ll usually find Scott and his bright red cart at local events or fairs and maybe a wedding or two. On your next visit, chat with Scott and have him design your sandwich. Check out Bro-Dogs before the rains come and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Post updated July 2012 to reflect changes after 3 years of business]

Sample Menu (see vendor for current menu and pricing):

  • Classic Bro-Dog: all beef Sabbrett
  • Derek’s double dog: 2 x Sabrett
  • Polish: 1/4 pounder
  • Jalapeno cheddar
  • Chicken apple – (huge) –
  • Vegan –

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm
Facebook: Bro-Dogs



  1. Bro Dogs is a great institution of Wit and Food. I like the curbside feel of being down on 5th in the city. Strongly recommend the Homemade macaroni salad !

  2. Really nice to have natural casing Sabretts available in PDX. I like this bun concept, too, which today he called a “panini bagel bread”.

    Grilling the bread and wrapping the dog in it gives you a great platform for whatever condiment you want to pour or ladle on the dog.

    Having celery salt on the condiment table is a great homage to a chicago dog, as well.

    I hope these guys are around for a long time!

  3. I love these guys! One of the best dogs I’ve ever had — grilled onions and bread were great touches, and I loved the fact he checked the temperature. It was so tasty I ate the hot dog while walking back to the office.

    I, too, want one of the shirts. Although I suppose it might be a bit odd since I’m a girl, but hey, this is Portland!

  4. I had a Jalapeno Cheddar dog today with Cream Cheese. I was warned it would explode and it did. Really delicious!

  5. I was in Portland for the Holiday and heard about Bro Dogs so I stopped by to see what all the hype was all about. This was the best decision I made on my trip. I had to try the Classic and the Jalapeno cheddar…
    These dogs are the Greatest !!! I wish I lived there so I could have ’em all the time.
    If you live anywhere near Bro Dogs, You need to go there right Now. Everyone should have a Bro Dog in 2010. At least one…

    Good Luck To You Scott and
    Thanks Again !!!

  6. Having previously worked with Scott in the finance industry and knowing his personality, it is not surprising that he makes the best dogs in the country. I have to admit having one for the first time last night on Alberta Street that without a doubt you are in for a treat. Not just one of the best dogs but the best. WOW!

  7. The ‘Dude’ is pretty f_____g incredible…

  8. These guys are great, and I’ve gotta say the jalapeno chedder dog is the single best hangover cure ever. Never thought a hot dog could be so freakin’ good.

  9. This is definitely not your “mother’s hotdog” in any way. It is more of an experience. While totally unique and delicious, you get to banter with the cook and have far more than just the food. OMG, it is amazing!!

  10. Oh my god! these guys are super nice and the dogs are amazing!

  11. I love this place! Scott is super-friendly and always gets creative picking out toppings for you. Sadly the cart seems to have disappeared within the last month. 🙁

  12. Scott has gone mobile. He can be found in the Lloyd district on Tuesdays.

  13. They come out to where I use to work-its the only time i’d be willing to pay $8 for a “hot dog” (and with these its a great deal!)….hell, i’m half tempted to go back to work there just so I can get a Dude! on Mondays!
    If you decide to try it don’t eat/drink anything for awhile before and grab a plate & silverware 🙂


  1. Food Cart: Bro-Dogs

    The Food Carts of Portland vendor program is coming to the RA3 East Employee Lobby today, June 12th,

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