Homegrown Smoker Natural Barbecue


CLOSED. Now open in St. Johns as a restaurant.

Location: N Mississippi and Skidmore, Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Tues-Thurs, 12-7pm; Fri/Sat, 12-8pm; Sun, 12-4pm


All Vegan Barbecue. Got that? All Vegan. I know that immediately throws a curve ball, but once you’ve tried it, you will say to yourself – “where has this been all my life?”  Homegrown Smoker is taking barbecue in a different direction, yet with reverence to barbecue’s history and style.

What is vegan anyway? Vegan is a the choice to neither use nor consume animal products of any kind.  Vegan is taking vegetarian to the next level. Homegrown Smoker decided to head in that direction and is succeeding. Having been open now for only a month or so, they are keeping busy. We visited the other evening for some take home dinner and I wanted to try everything. Luckily, I was with my partner in food crime, so we did try everything. We opted for the two plates of HomeGrown specialties – smoked soy curls, field roast chorizo, chronic tempeh ribs, mac-no-cheese, BBQ beans, chipotle slaw, and corn on the cob.  All meals come with molasses gluten-free cornbread.

The meal was great. Flavorful, unique, and very filling. The tempeh ribs were sliced chunks of tempeh marinated in BBQ sauce and then put on the grill. They had a smokiness I hadn’t tasted in a long time, especially with veggie faire. Homegrown, in standard BBQ tradition, uses fruit wood and other hardwoods to create the smoke that gives the food that unique smoky flavor. One immediately smells and tastes that element when diving into Homegrown’s meals. The veggie sausage was chorizo style, so, along with the BBQ sauce they put on, it had some kick. The soy curls tasted just like thinly sliced brisket. The mac-no-cheese is just as it sounds, mac and cheese without the cheese. It isn’t dry or flavorless, just the opposite. The beans and slaw kept up with the standards we had tasted so far – simple and great tasting.

HomeGrown Smoker is launching a new adventure for Portland’s food carts. Vegan barbecue. If you’re out and about in NE SW North and are looking for something new and unique, check them out. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[HomeGrown Smoker moved to SW 4th and College in April 2010. This post was originally published in August, 2009 and updated in May of 2010]

[HomeGrown Smoker closed their location at SW 4th and College. They are not located at Mississippi Marketplace – November 2012]

Sample Menu:
Full Menu Posted Here

  • SloMoFo – Carolina style sandwich w/ smoked soy curls, slaw and sauce on a bun – $7
  • Macnocheeto – tortilla stuffed with MacNoCheese, TB Beans, peppers and onions, bbq sauce and more – $6
  • Loafaroni – slow smoked meatloaf, bbq sauce, MacNoCheese, on a bun with a side – $7
  • Chili Dawg – smoked chipotle sausage smothered in chili, cheese and onions.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm
Website: Homegrownsmoker.wordpress.com
Email: homegrownsmoker@gmail.com
Twitter: Homegrownsmoker



  1. Dylan Chase says


  2. I was slightly skeptical after a recent review, but if a non-veg likes it, I might, too. What I really miss is vegan soul food, a la Soul Vegetarian in Chicago. Amazingly, my home town of Little Rock, AR had such a restaurant and it was amazing and considerably more made-from-scratch and fresh than this food appears to be.

    Sounds like Homegrown Smoker really, really needs to add some greens, maybe some fried okra or fried green tomatoes, or at least some slaw.

  3. The new corn bread is not always gluten free – that was a recent change, and they’ve been going back and forth on it. So GF folks, make sure to ask! I’m curious to know if the tofu or tempeh are GF…

  4. As a long time vegetarian, I was SO HAPPY to find this place. Nay sayers take heed, give me some more of those soy curls. Protein galore and sooooo satisfying – and just $8 for a huge plate that was easily two meals. I hope they are around for a long time. DELICIOUS.

  5. Just an update for anyone who may be reading, We are now located @ NE 27th & Alberta. Our cornbread is 100% gluten free as is our sauce, soy curls, tempeh, cole slaw. bbq beans, Frito pie and lowly Tofu.
    Come on out to the best street in town and grab a seat in our heated, covered seating area.
    currently our hours are W-Sat. 12-8 Sunday 12-6.

  6. I have eaten here three times now and I find the food bland and many of the items have unbalanced flavors. Also I have been disappointed to find the corn bread to not be gluten free when I was told that it was.

  7. Cornbread is and always has been gluten free.

  8. Our corn bread has been GF since shortly after we opened in June of ’09. It is sweetened with molasses.
    We closed the Alberta location in Mid November of ’09 and are now at SW 4th and College.
    Jacob, sorry you don’t like it.
    Hope this clears up the GF issue on the cornbread.

    Other GF Items include:
    Beans (now sweetened with maple & molasses)
    Sweet Tater Fries
    Frito pie sub curls
    Soy Curls
    BBQ Sauce
    Cheese Sauce
    Mellow Yellow Sauce
    Chimichurri Aioli

    Soy Free Items
    Field Roast Sausage
    Field Roast Meatloaf
    Sweet Tater Fries
    BBQ Sauce
    Mellow Yellow

    We are now smoking with Oak and Apple.

    We are discontinuing breakfast items for now beginning 5-17-10

    Many Thanks to all who have supported us and special thanks to the gang of FCP!

    Jeff & Jared

  9. I know – vegan BBQ sounds weird, but their sauces are super tasty – and I’m not vegan.

    I’m enjoying their new location downtown by PSU, as I now get to visit them for lunch. The best deal is their sides plate – for $5, you get a big portion of their sides: spicy slaw, baked beans, vegan mac-n-cheez, cornbread, and greens. Great value – plus it feels pretty healthy, as there’s two veggie portions and the mac-n-cheez is definitely less fatty than regular (so far it hasn’t been too dry, either – nice & saucy & flavorful – not quite the same as regular mac, but still good).

    My only complaint is my experiences haven’t been consistent. Last week, everything was great on the place. Today, my beans were a little undercooked (it’s great that they’re cooking them from scratch – hopefully less sodium than canned) and the cornbread was a bit dried/overbaked (it was a corner piece, too, so maybe that’s why). However, great spice/heat on the beans!

  10. The chili with cheese and onions is delicious, and the portion was huge. Slaw was nothing special.

  11. I just had this for the first time today. Amazing! The SloMoFo sandwich was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the MacNoCheese as my side. As a little dessert, my girlfriend and I enjoyed Coconut Battered Oreos. Those too were tasty.

    My only “beef” with the cart is the hours… I would love to enjoy this same meal on a nice, slow Sunday afternoon.

    Thank you Homegrown Smoker!

  12. I just went there today to look at the food stands and ended up going here.
    I’ve been a vegan for a few years now and never really heard of a vegan bbq restaurant.
    I got a MacNoCheeto and it was so freaking good I couldn’t believe it. I’m definitely going there tomorrow too!

  13. give it a rest, you ridiculous cheap sunglass, PBR swilling, tight jeans, ironic t-shirt hipsters. There’s PLENTY of opportunities for you to get together around some carcass and discuss how everyone else liked that show last night except you, because they’re now “too mainstream.” Meanwhile, for the rest of us, we like this place, and actually think it’s pretty good. Having a vegan option isn’t going to keep you up at night.

  14. I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. I love this cart. The meatloaf sandwich, the SloMoFo, MacNoCheese . . . good stuff.

  15. Andrea and Sheena says

    When we read that there was an all vegan BBQ food cart here in Portland, we immediatly planned a trip downtown. The food completly impressed us! They were very friendly , the establishment is also very clean. We will definatly be coming back to eat here again!

  16. We are long time vegans and think HGS rocks! Love everything they serve. Bring back the pastramie!

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