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Location: SW 4th and College


I was waxing poetic about another cart the other week on Twitter when one of our followers asked if I had tried the Portland Soup Company. I hadn’t, so we set a date. Thank you @sarahsthreads for introducing me to such a great cart. Upon arriving, I knew from the craftsmanship of the cart itself, the food had to be great.

The Portland Soup Company offers up soup obviously, but also sandwiches and salads. The day we arrived, I was drawn immediately to the slow smoked pork butt sandwich and almost ordered it with a yell, but then I saw the Cajun andoullie and chicken gumbo. The choices. Oh, and an arugula salad. What is a boy to get? I inquired about a soup and sandwich combo and they offer $1 off either one if you do that, so I got a 1/2 sandwich and a cup of soup. While they were prepping our food, I inquired about the cart since it was beyond what normal carts do – cedar siding, trimmed windows, scroll work on the cart name. One of the gentleman inside stated they built it from the ground up on a flatbed. Looking inside, you could probably make a home out of it it was so roomy.

The gumbo was just perfect. When I popped the top, I was greeted with large chuncks of okra, one of my favorite vegetables. I realized I didn’t get a spoon and only had a fork, but that gumbo was so chunky, I didn’t need one. The gumbo was fabulous. Half way through my rather large “cup” of soup, I remembered I had this 1/2 sandwich to explore. The slow smoked pork butt sandwich is served with a slaw made up of thinly sliced apples and red cabbage. I ordered it on ciabatta, but couldn’t pick it up and bite in due to the shear size of the sandwich. Mind you, this was a half order. I slowly ate the slaw by itself until I could manage the sandwich. That first bite of slaw, ciabatta and pork butt was worth the wait. The pork was moist with that hint of slow roasting. These guys know what they are doing.

Portland Soup Company has joined the numerous carts now filling up the lot down at 4th and College by Portland State University. When you head down there, take your food across 4th ave behind the city buildings to the nice hidden park. It offers shade and quiet from the usual downtown bustle. If you visit Portland Soup Company, tell them FoodCarts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Roast tomato w/ Argentine Regiano soup – cup $4; bowl $6
  • Cajun andouille and chicken gumbo – cup $4; bowl $6
  • Slow smoked pork butt sandwich w/ purple cabbage apple slaw – 1/2 $4; whole $6
  • Hand made mozzarella w/ basil, tomato, balsamic syrup and olive oil – 1/2 $4; whole $6
  • Organic greens w/ roast tomatoes, garlic croutons, wildflower honey vinaigrette – sm $4; lg $6
  • Arugula w/ mozzarella, grape tomatoes, bacon and creamy chive vinaigrette – sm $4; lg $6

Hours: 11am-3pm, daily

Phone: (541) 968-1230

Website: www.PortlandSoupCo.com




  1. MMMM…man all that looks delish. And right in my PSU hood? We’ll have to give it a try. Keep up the great reviews!

  2. I ate here for the 1st time about 2 weeks ago. Really excellent menu — it was a struggle to decide what to get. All fresh ingredients, very seasonal – really amazing options for a food cart – and healthy options to boot. I had looked the menu another day – they really seem to change up their offerings frequently, so I like that.

    I ended up having the Draper Valley chicken sandwich. I think it had arugula, tomatoes, harissa, and perhaps aoli (?). The soup & salad options all sounded good, too. I think they offer a soup discount if you bring your own vessel.

  3. My first visit to this fantastic cart was just a day or two after they opened . . . and I have been a faithful customer ever since!!!! Wonderful choices, delicious, unique food . . . and the wait only reminds you that you are about to consume a work of art . . . not just some “chow”! Even if I didn’t work in the area, I would make the trip!

  4. Danielle says

    I absolutely love this cart! The roast tomato soup is delicious as is the mozzarella tomato sandwich. The tomato soup though is really out of this world…

  5. Everything at this cart is excellent. The tomato soup, the madras chicken soup, etc., etc., great stuff.

  6. Having sampled more than 1/3 of all the carts in town, the Portland Soup Company comes to mind as my favorite (along with Mt. Tabor and Nong’s Khao Man Gai.) The soups are clever: no Rosa’s or Denny’s style Chicken Noodle or Vegetable Beef Barley here. The Arugula salad is a staple, the homemade Mozzarella the best I’ve had. It also vies for the most attractive looking cart and has a real clean feel to it. The owner and staff are very friendly.

  7. I went here for the first time and got 2 combo meals.. one pork butt sandwich with tomato soup and a turkey breast with a greens salad. My wife had the latter and we both just loved it.. I never knew tomato soup can taste so good.. the salad was heavenly as well (and I usually don’t like salads).. Both sandwiches were extremely good and the owners of the cart are very friendly. Keep up the good work!

  8. The mac and cheese here is PERFECT. Best ever, and the bread that comes with just makes the meal.

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