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Location: SW 4th and Burnside; SW 6th and College; PGE Park and all over the city

Description: Koi Fusion burst on the scene a month or so ago on Twitter. By the time they had their “soft opening,” there were lines 30 people deep. Now that is marketing. Koi Fusion’s ace in the hole is that they are food cart that is truly mobile. Koi Fusion does Korean tacos.

I was out last week on a foodcart binge and while we were taking in some Grilled Cheese Grill, I saw a tweet that Koi Fusion was open up by PGE Park for the Timbers game. No way was I going to miss out on the Korean tacos on this glutenous day. We headed out in the rain and braved predatory tow trucks to try them out. I had met Bo, the owner, about a month ago while wandering around the 10th and Alder carts. Bo is one of those individuals who exudes excitement about what they offer. I got a contact high just from talking to him. I actually feel bad that I hadn’t visited sooner. When we arrived, Bo shouted welcome from behind the counter to everyone walking by. With such a welcoming gesture. I knew it would be a good night.

We decided to try everything on the menu except for the burrito. On Thursday night, Koi Fusion was offering up Soul Sliders- traditional sliders made with their spicy pork. A plate of those and a mixed plate including beef bulgogi tacos, spicy chicken tacos and spicy pork tacos and we were set. When I think of tacos, my mind goes to the traditional tacos the Mexican carts offer – smaller in size, but full of carne or pastor and maybe some lettuce. Koi Fusion’s tacos are similar in that they aren’t full of extraneous stuff, but I would say they are a bit larger.  Bo’s mom is in there making the tortillas by hand. She has her own tip jar. Once you taste one of the tacos, you’ll know why. The sliders were great. The spicy pork isn’t spicy until the back end, kind of a creeper heat, but not overwhelming. There were bean spouts on the top which gave it a little crunch, mixing with the pork for an perfect taste. The tacos were the real treat. Hefty with either spicy pork or beef bulgogi on freshly made tortillas, you just can’t go wrong. They too are topped with a little slaw, some bean sprouts and fresh cilantro so you get numerous flavors while eating a single taco.

Korean Tacos

Koi Fusion moves around, so you you need to keep up with them on Twitter – @koifusionpdx. They announce any specials and location every day. Most recently they have been parked up by PSU and by PGE park for different events. I wouldn’t be surprised if they show up at some street fairs over the summer. Keep on the lookout.

Sample Menu (see website for current menu and pricing):

  • Beef Bulgogi taco
  • Spicy Chicken taco
  • Spicy Pork taco
  • Tofu taco
  • Burrito

Hours: Lunchtime at SW 6th and College; evenings at PGE Park (follow Twitter stream for updates)

Contact: Twitter @Koifusionpdx or via their website KoiFusionpdx.com


  1. crawshank says

    I stopped by their cart today, mainly because I wanted to compare their tacos to Kogi, the super popular Los Angeles-based Korean taco truck. They were out of spicy chicken and I didn’t see tofu on their menu, so I ended up with the spicy pork and beef bulgogi tacos. The spicy pork was really tasty as it had a caramelized coating. The toppings are really generous and the two tacos were just enough to satisfy me for lunch.

  2. I hope they put their Soul Sliders on the regular menu, absolutely divine!

  3. Had a couple tacos after the Timbers match last night. Delicious! The spicy pork was great.

    Hoping to see you in that spot again!

  4. SimplyFabu says

    I love Ko fusion, but it’s getting really annoying trying to follow their website schedule (which isn’t being updated) and tweets will list three different times on any given day. I wanted to take a bunch of people from my office today but we have to drive from NW to PSU so we have to plan it carefully and at first they said 12:30, then later said 1:30 and finally around 12:15 said they would be there at 12:40.

    I know it sounds like I’m griping over nothing but we only have an hour for lunch its frustrating, especially because the food is so good.

  5. Tell me about it. I hear the tacos are great except I wouldn’t know because THEY ARE NEVER ON TIME. EVER. Have messed with my lunch and dinner plans one too many times at this point

  6. I just moved back to portland from LA and we lived on kogi down there. The first guy mentioned stacking up to the og kogi but didn’t really say how it compared. Tell me please?! When I first moved back I googled portland food carts and kogi and thats how i found out about koi in the first place. I was hoping there was an immitator, but then when I found it I was annoyed at the same time that they did EVERYTHING twitter updates, each single menu item, catering, everything, exactly the same. it says the owners name is bo… it’s not the bo of the typhoon is it? Maybe they will impress me…I was hoping to find some run down family operated little cart who was inspired with the korean fusion success, not some rip-off cart trying to ride the coattails of someone elses business success. UNLESS they do in fact taste exactly the same. Well, then, it’s so good I have to be fine with it.

  7. I love Koi Fusion no matter where it is.

    FYI… Koi Fusion will be at the Buckman Art Show and Sell (http://artshow.buckmanelementary.org/) on Friday, March 12 (~5:00pm – ~9:00pm).

    Buckman Arts Focused Elementary School
    320 Southeast 16th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97214

  8. how do we get ahold of KOI fusion via email to see if they are available to do an event?

  9. This place is incredible, it was a cart my sister wanted to visit since it combines her favorite foods: Korean and tacos. We tried out all of the tacos. The tofu one was light in flavor but very tasty. But the bulgogi, chicken, and pork tacos: excellent. I then ordered their K-Sliders, which are bulgogi sliders, listed on their website as Seoul Sliders. It’s also a dollar more than what their website lists, but mmmmm… so ono. The spicy mayo was nice too, complimentary to the bulgogi without destroying the flavor.

    As we stood there eating, there was a Korean lady who was trying it out. She loved it, and decided to talk to whomever was cooking. Not sure if it was the owner, but she was speaking in Korean and said she liked the tenderness of the taco, but wanted it “more hot”. She ordered another one and got it as hot as she wanted it. She left happy. I want to try their bulgogi beef burrito next time, but I think I’d be in a food coma. This would be okay, though.

    This was my first Korean taco adventure, with all the buzz coming from L.A., I was curious about it too. I’ve never tried those in L.A., btu I don’t have to, I’m here in the Pacific Northwest.

    To Pamela: contact information is on their site:

  10. Joy Skinner says

    We had KoiFUSION at the OHSLA Final Four games in June and loved their food!

  11. SilverWings says

    *New location for Koi Fusion (Korean taste & Mexican look)* The Beef Bulgogi taco was delicious and so is their Kim Chee. The cart is now @ SE Division & 32nd Avenue. When I lived in California, I had access to a Korean neighborhood with authentic Korean restaurants and delis so I became somewhat familiar with Korean sauces, flavors, and cooking. Amazingly, the delicious taste of real Korean food comes through at Koi Fusion even if it is mixed in with the Mexican taco presentation. KF’s concept is IMHO a big improvement over the typical Mexican taco or burrito (no comparison). I will definitely go back to KF for more.

  12. recently had Koi fusion for a going away party, they came to the house we were at. It was awesome, food was amazing, the cooks were fast and friendly, I want more right now….SO GOOD!!!!! Thanks guys, you were great and food was more than terrific!!!!!


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