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Whiffies Pie Cart


Location: SE 12th and Hawthorne


I had the pleasure to meet Gregg, the owner of Whiffies, a month or so ago when he first announced he was opening his pie cart. We linked up on Twitter and then enjoyed a food cart lunch downtown chatting about his cart. I was intrigued by fried pies as I wasn’t sure really what he was going for. When he described them as similar to empanadas, I could envision it better. After a few weeks of final preparations, Whiffies is celebrating its opening weekend with some tasty pies.

Upon arriving this evening, the corner of SE 12th and Hawthorne was abuzz with food cart goodness. After greeting Greg, we ventured to the window and ordered up our pies. Whiffies offers both sweet and savory pies, the sweet ones being completely vegan. Tonight the options were bbq beef brisket, salmon with chipotle mayo and veggie for savory pies. Sweet pies included apple, lemon and cherry. The bbq beef I had was excellent. It had the tangyness of the bbq sauce along with some thick mozzarella cheese layering over. The salmon pie, well that was just plain tasty. The actual pie texture was the best part of each pie. It was flaky and crunchy and delicious. We finished the night out with an apple pie. Trust me, there are leftovers.

Whiffies' pies

If you’re out and about in the evening, and you have a craving, check out Whiffies. They will continue to change out the menu options and may expand to breakfast and lunch. Welcome to the club Greg.

Sample Menu:

  • BBQ beef brisket with mozzarella – $4
  • Salmon with chipotle mayo – $4
  • Vegan pot pie – $4
  • Sweet pies (all vegan) – apple, cherry, lemon – $3
  • Drinks – $1

Hours: Evenings 8pm-4am
Contact: @whiffies on Twitter



  1. well Yarp?! is super happy that Gregg is here in the pod. Yeah his pies are fantastic (at least the ones that I’ve tried) but more than that is Gregg is a stand-up guy; willing to help out, eager to promote all the other carts and shares more than a little of Yarp?!’s weird business model and attitude. His cohorts are good people as well, and the dogs are tooo cute for words. All in all we at Yarp?! think that Whiffies is a fantastic addition to the 12th and Hawthorne scene. We know that they’re going to be successful and are glad to welcome them to our little gypsy encampment.

  2. Wow. I like Whiffies cherry pie. Alot. Perfectly flaky crust and delicious cherry pie filling, piping hot of course.

  3. 3 strikes rule already for me! I went by twice when they were closed (after 8 pm, don’t know what’s up with that) and a friend who had an apple pie said it was ridiculously greasy. He’s pickier than me so that alone wouldn’t have kept me from trying them.

  4. Gregg (Whiffies stud) doesn’t open on Sundays, except when he’s rocking a benefit like he was last night. I’ve tried all the pies now, and I haven’t had a “ridiculously” greasy one yet. Perhaps his oil had cooled a little because of so many pies. Regardless, he appreciates that kind of criticism so keep it coming.

    You should come by on Wednesday; I know he’s open Wednesday night.

  5. dieselboi says

    j, I understand your frustration, but have watched what Greg has gone through with the city and his cart in order to open. Please give him another chance. I’ll try and publish some more precise hours.

  6. I tried the beef brisket pie with mozzarella and I was skeptical. But this was seriously so good. I kept thinking about it that night and if I lived close to the carts, I might have gone back for more that same night. It was tangy, but not too BBQ-y, and the mozzarella was the perfect combo. Cheddar or something more strong would have ruined it.

    I definitely will go back and check out the other ones.

  7. I love these pies with all my heart.
    If I have to eating nothing by collard greens, fresh fruit and navy beans the rest of the month, so be it.

  8. Steve Bonus says

    Oh man, I had a cherry and a blueberry pie on Friday night, and at the time, they were the greatest things in the history of the world. Then, unfortunately, my blood sugar plummeted about an hour later and I got really sad.

    But the pies! Oh the pies! I was weirded out by a fried pie, but it was AWESOME!

  9. dieselboi says

    That is why you must go back after a couple of hours for more sugary goodness. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the savory pies.

    Come on out Thursday night for some Vendr.TV action.

  10. I made a special trip to the SE Hawthorn food cart pod at around 10:45pm and there were no fried pies to be had. I was so very sad. 🙁

  11. Ok, I had just had dinner at Yarp?! and was looking for a tasty dessert when I wondered over here to have some pie! I got the chocolate peanut butter pie and waited in anticipation. I had read on here earlier about these pies so I was really looking forward to it. Once I got my pie I walked back to my car with my husband. I must say, I was not too thrilled. It tasted like one of those pies you buy for a dollar and throw it in some oil to fry it. I don’t know if I would try this again. Maybe one more time, but we will see how the cherry tastes.

  12. Last weekend I hit Whiffies fairly late in the evening for the first time. My friend had all but drug me there to try the pot roast style pie, but alas, they weren’t serving it. I did have the Luau pork with cabbage pie, and I’m hooked! Savory BBQ pork with a good amount of veggies in a golden fried crust. Awesome!

  13. steeveegee says

    This has to be the dirtiest grouping of food carts in Portland. I was there at 11:30 in the day and close to a dozed soon to be servers were sitting around smoking and comparing tattoos, while two of them (one at Bubbas) spit in front of his grill.

    I counted seven ash trays over flowing not only with butts, but full of rainwater as well; great visual.

    This bunch of carts probably does their best business when low light is a factor, because in the daylight and not after a night of drinking, this group is filthy!

    I thought “Grunge” was dead.

  14. Does anyone have info if the 12th Hawthorne carts that are open on Sundays? Or ANY of the food carts?

    I have friends coming into town who really want to do a food cart tour but are only here on Sunday night.


  15. really dont know what the sauce was that was in my ham and cheese fried pie today but it was not good. sat out in the rain for 15 minutes while the cook and maybe the owner (dont know for sure) loaded up the cart, I have cooked before and know it doesn’t take that long (oh yeah and i was the only one there ordering) i and was not impressed with the price $4 plus tip $1 which is really hard to not give when giving a five and getting dollar bill in change and what is up with the tattooed red H on the side of it? i have pictures!!!

  16. SilverWings says

    I paid $4 for a deep fried small-mid size turnover shaped pie filled with ‘chicken pot pie’ mix that tastes no better than a .59 cent frozen chicken pot pie at your local grocer. Not again.

  17. just ok. ordered a bbq pie and beef was cold. the pie was good tho

  18. I won’t make a big deal out of this, but it is worth mentioning. We drove from Seattle to Portland this weekend specifically to hit as many pods as we could. Of the 10 pods and probably 20 cart owners/workers we spoke with directly that day, the guy with the beard at Whiffies was easily the least friendly. When I asked him what a whiffy is, he spat, “Fried pie” and just scowled at me. It was clear that was meant to be the end of the conversation.

    Let me add that EVERY OTHER cart owner/worker with whom we spoke was friendly, open, and ready to discuss what they do and cart culture in general. Maybe this guy just had a bad day.

  19. Candy Girl says

    We’ve been long time admirer’s of Whiffies…taking field trips into town and bringing many new customers…but last night was a huge disappointment. The pies were so greasy…dripping grease. And then they were burnt in places too. I’m hoping they were just having a bad night…but it was really really bad…

  20. Foodcartmasteroftheworld says

    Chicken pot pie and peach pies are insanely amazing ! No place has pies like this. I am not sure WHAT they do, but something about it just makes me feel like I am in heaven.

  21. Foodcartmasteroftheworld says

    I don’t see how these people can hate it.

  22. The tofu pie was horrible. IT tasted like one of those ‘hot pockets’ you get in the frozen food section at the 7-eleven. It had exactly 5 kernels of corn, 5 peas, and 4 spongy, tasteless cubes of tofu, in a glooey glob of tasteless gunk. It was not a ‘pie’, but rather a turnover. It was also very small, especially for the price ($5). The vendor was pleasant, however.


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