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El Masry

Location: SW 3rd and Washington


El Masry has a prime location.  On the corner of SW 3rd and Washington, it is one of the first food carts one would see when arriving into downtown Portland after crossing over the Morrison Bridge.  And such a nice cart too.  It is brand new and very welcoming with two windows to server the masses.  El Masry opened just a week or so ago and already has people waiting to be served.

El Masry is an Egyptian Food Cart.  Egyptian?  Yep.  They have an extensive menu covering one whole side of the cart including colorful pictures of each meal.  They have gyros, falafal, hummus, kofta, stuffed grape leaves, lentil soup, and so many other options, I couldn’t keep up.  As a newbie, I always try something I know I’ll like, so I opted for the kofta kabob sandwich – similar to a gyros.  A kofta kabob is like a beef meatball, but better and with more diverse flavors.  The sandwich was pita with kofta, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and yummy sauce all wrapped up.  When I bit into it, I knew I would enjoy every last bite.

Kofta Kabob Sandwich

My lunchmate opted for a schwarma sandwich.  He stated it was one of the best lunches he’d had all year – and I quote him on that.

Welcome to the food cart scene El Masry.

Sample Menu:

  • Falafel Sandwich: $5.25
  • Kofta Kabob Sandwich:  $5.50
  • Mahalbya – $1.99
  • Mixed rice, shish thwouk, salad – $6.75
  • Grilled Chicken, mixed rice, salad – $6.75
  • Stuffed grape leaves, kofta, salad – $6.99

Hours: Monday through Friday, lunchtime
Phone: 503 360 1251
Website: www.Zabiha.com




  1. I am looking forward to trying this place out. Any place that can make good grape leaves is usually a good indicator of their other food.

  2. Simon Portner says

    The rice w/ dried fruits and nuts is amazing.

  3. I am eating this right now. Delicious!

  4. byThorbyOdin says

    Wow – excellent food. We tried the chicken kekab (by the owner’s own admission not his best put-out) and were amazed by the succulent meat. The bed of rice cooked with almonds and raisins was to die for as were the grape leaves. The crowning glory was the falafal though. I’ve never had better – this was about as “melt in the mouth” as they come. The owner was very courteous as well. A definite recommend!!

    A quick add – the hours listed here are incorrect. The owner said he’s open 7 days a week until 8pm.

  5. I went to this cart tonight after work as it was the only cart open in that area late. The shish tawouk and stuffed grape leaves were delicious and even better the owner threw in some of the tasty Egyptian rice for free. Can’t wait to try the falafel and other offering off the menu! Definetly my favorite new cart in that part of town.

  6. I tried this cart today at 2 p.m. and got the chicken schwarma sandwich and fries. The sandwich was excellent. Very fresh and tasty ingredients and delicious sauce. The fries were also really tasty. There was some kind of magical seasoning sprinkled on them that made them extra good. Everything was obviously prepared and packaged with a great deal of care and pride. I will definitely be hitting this cart often.

  7. I can’t believe people buy falafel for 5$. we here in Egypt eat this all day, but for only 0.1 $ 😀

  8. Osama Mansour says

    I was getting really homesick not finding good food places around, so i decided to check what egyptian food was around that i could have, and El Masry was the first one on the list. Thought i would give it a try, hands down the best i have had! I had one of my American friends come try it with me he said it was the best food he has ever tried!

  9. ~El Masry Egyptian Food Cart~
    ~Love It Love It~
    Hands Down this guy is Amazing!!!! Excellent customer service an much more the Food is the best you’ll ever eat, an he will cater to your tasteful desires. We have ate there a number of times and it sets the perfect night out down town Portland; after hitting up your favorite clubs unitil 3am he is there to serve some of thee most flavorful delights from Egypt that you will have the pleasure to eat.. There is just something to it; that hits all the hidden taste buds you have always craved.
    Thank you !!!

    El Masry your food is exquisite and your service deserves

  10. Zipperneck says

    Went here once so far. the lady who was in charge of the cash and order taking was awesome. however, the cook was really lazy and only cooking one order at a time. i waited 25 minutes on a not to busy night and the food was sub-par. I got the kafta witch was just a hamburger patty in a pita with some veg. I could tell that there was no seasoning mixed in the meat. and what seasioning was there had beed added after the meat had been cooked. I shall give them another try but my firt meal at El masry was quite LAME.

  11. Best falafel I’ve ever had. Mosit and not grainy. But the chicken sandwich was overcooked. I love that he stays open late at night-Portland needs this!

  12. The best middle eastern food cart. We tried others and this was the best. The owners are so nice and helpful.

  13. Ate here on a rainy Sunday in September 2010. Absolutely outstanding food. Kim is an amazingly gracious host and the food was good. Best – falafel – EVER. Food is cooked to order so be prepared to wait a bit. Very much well worth it and Portland is so lucky to have the fabulous food cart choices.

  14. Ivana Tinkle says

    We had the privilege of eating at this stand yesterday. It was 30-something degrees and raining, had a 2 person wait, but it was WELL worth braving the cold for the gyro!
    After we ate our monsterously-sized nom noms on the patio, later we had realized we didn’t even notice the cold- we were enjoying them that much!
    I seriously recommend the gyros- and come hungry!

  15. El Masry is the best! We went there a few nights ago, and had some amazing Gyros. The hot sauce was so good, I had to buy some from them and I’ve been putting it on everything ever since. Go to El Masry! (and when they ask if you want it spicy, the correct answer is, “yes please!”)

  16. Basmah Rahman says

    Soooo excited to find this place, i’ve been looking for legit halaal food since I moved back to PDX and was stoked to discover El Masry. Excellent kofta kabab plate :)! jAk!


  1. […] El Masrey Egyptian is closed for the next month for vacation. From a sign on their cart, they will reopen on Nov. 1 with a new menu. […]

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