Savor Soup House

Jonathan Amato


Location: SE 77th and Foster

Description: Soup for the masses! Soup for the Soul! There is something so primitively comforting to me about a hot steaming bowl of soup served alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s what I want to eat when I feel  blue. It’s what inspires me and refuels me when I’m having a rough day, a good day or simply just want some timber in my belly. Soup is the type of food to calm ones nerves and revive when the world seems unsteady and uncertain.

Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich is the early lunch food of my roots. It makes me feel safe, warm and loved. It reminds me of walking home in the cold from school to find a home cooked meal waiting for me in my parent’s cozy, steamy bright yellow kitchen. Yeah, I was lucky that way as a kid.

Savor Soup House, a new cart near the 10th and Alder cart pod, is this kind of nurturing soul food we call crave. Lunch really doesn’t get any better than this. The cart’s owner and chef has a commitment to local, high quality ingredients and is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about her new endeavor using quality Grand Central bread, and environmentally friendly biodegradable utensils and containers.

Beef Stroganoff with egg noodles, Vegan tomato with orange and fennel, velvety potato with fresh herbs, Hungarian mushroom with fresh dill, lentil with fried onion topping. The soups are inspired.

Take the SERIOUS CHILI for example, described this way:

So serious, you’ll lose your sense of humor. A hearty, thick chili loaded with Angus beef, Italian sausage, tomatoes, and just enough spice.

Or the Smoky SPLIT PEA with fresh herbs soup, which also just so happens to be vegan:

This delicious soup will warm you from the inside-out. Fresh thyme, rosemary and smoked paprika give this simple soup a ton of great flavor.

The menu changes daily, but this cart usually offers 4 different varieties of  house made soup from scratch, a daily stew and a CHOOSE YOUR OWN GRILLED CHEESE selection. Gruyere with ham and Dijon mustard, or caramelized onions. Tillamook Cheddar with apple butter or applewood smoked bacon. The combination of choices is unique and varied.

With lots of vegetarian and vegan offerings as well, there seems to be something to appeal to almost everyone at this spiffy new tan, pink and green cart. Outdoor seating means you can warm up in the cold and share a friendly conversation with the owner, or simply take your food to go.

(mmmm….too busy eating soup and sandwich to finish this post…mmmmmm…)


Sample Menu: Changes Daily! Please see the Savor Soup House website for details! Or call 503-750-5634Phone: 503-750-5634
Twitter: SavorSoupHouse


  1. I just tried the goods and was really impressed. I got a stew with butternut squash, chickpeas, red lentils and saffron over brown rice topped with peanuts and fresh cilantro. It was vegan, which is nice for lunch – filling without being heavy. I even bought a quart of the same to take home for dinner!

    Next time I’d like to try the grilled cheese with yummy apple butter or truffle oil.

    Nancy, the owner, is a trained chef from Chicago who has worked in many restaurants and owned a personal chef business. I think she is opening this business at the perfect time – the food is great, it’s local, and it’s easy on the wallet. Best of luck!

  2. Yes it’s all true and DELICIOUS. I had the very serious chili and a grilled cheese with applewood smoked bacon and apple butter..yow! So good and even better it’s made from a gal that knows her stuff in the kitchen. She even comes equipped wearing a cute apron and freckles to boot! Please come and see for yourself..the soup and sammies will not disappoint, nor will the cute girl behind the counter.

    I Heart homemade soup and grilled cheese.

    The Cube

  3. I had the Hungarian Mushroom soup yesterday and it was quite excellent. Quite possibly the best cart meal I’ve had in quite some time.

  4. I had tomato soup yesterday – it was a little too much like eating a thick chunky marinara sauce. It didn’t feel like a soup. But the grilled cheese was fine.

    I like the concept so I’ll be back to check out the other offerings.

  5. Hey Everybody- thank you so much for commenting and of course to CBF for writing such a complimentary post! I’m so glad you all have been able to make it down for some lunch. JC- I’m really sorry you weren’t crazy about the tomato soup. I try to encourage everyone to take a sample so they walk away feeling satisfied with their choice. Be sure to introduce yourself next time and I’ll hook you up with something you like more. 🙂 See you all soon!

  6. Who can pass up a warm cup of homemade soup…especially when it’s served up by that cute gal? The tomato is heavenly and the Beef Stew made me cry tears of joy. Then there’s the grilled cheese bar…..WOW!
    If you know how to live, you’ll stop Savor Soup Cart today.

  7. Haylee Proffitt says

    I feel the same way……,Soup & a grilled chesse there’s nothing better! Wow now I’m hungry……, I sure wish I could pop by sometime…..,I’m just a little to far away……., Love Haylee

  8. They’re contemplating vegan grilled cheezes, too!

  9. susan grimes says

    Congratulations..,.Savory Soups will be my first stop on my next trip to the beauitiful city of Roses. Everyday is soup day…hot soup is comforting in the cold…cold soup in the heat of summer is refreshing. SG

  10. Calling all vegans! Testing out some of this vegan cheese you requested. Stop by the cart for some vegan grilled cheese and soup! To all you non-vegans- we’re still bringing the Tillamook goodness so fear not. 🙂

  11. i was so excited to find this cart, because nothing beats a grilled cheese with soup. it was okay– the grilled gruyere was quite mild, and i like my cheese to have bite. the tomato/fennel/orange soup was tasty, but way too chunky– felt like eating pasta sauce. i’ll probably try it again, because no fish go fish soup starts to all taste the same after a while, and this is my only known alternative.

  12. Wow. Just finished eating “The Tress” — today’s special grilled cheese with bacon and apple butter. Delish. The sample of the muligatawny soup was also fabulous. I’ll be back.

  13. Mr Sherwood says

    The Tress is totally banging and it is really difficult to get a different grilled cheese.

    I have tap danced through the daily soups, and while I have been happy overall, I am partial to the chilli, butternut squash and the mulligatawny.

    Calamalized onion topping really brings together the package. Oh what a package.


  14. Have your soup from Savor Soup House delivered today! Order online @ Order today and receive a free gift from Freddy Guys Hazelnuts.

  15. First Food Cart Todd says

    Today was my first venture into FoodCardLand, and after strolling around the carts located in the SW 10th & Alder area, my friend and I decided the build your own grilled cheese options sounded the best. When we first passed by the cart, a line 6 deep waited eagerly to score some of Soup Nancy’s creations, but thankfully for us (both FoodCartLand Virgins) we found Nancy alone and had time to chat with Nancy and not anger eager noshers behind us. Thanks for making our FoodCardLand visit memorable as we will be back!

    My friend ordered a grilled cheese with turkey and apple slices, which she man-handled once we sat down to eat. Nancy served me a grilled cheese with caramelized onions, ham, apples, and dijon mustard that was simply scrumptious. I could not figure out if my favorite part of the sandwich, so I will have to return to figure it out; however, I will chat with Soup Nancy again to see what she recommends.

  16. Just had the tomato/fennel/orange…loved it don’t change the recipe. It was perfect compliment for a windy autumn day. I will be back to try more from the menu.

  17. Savor is still serving up kickass sandwiches and soups. I took 2 Portland visitors there yesterday for lunch for their first cart experience, and we were all extremely impressed. They left PDX happy, and now I know they’ll be coming back for more. Thanks, Savor cartpeople!

  18. Yum!! I had the butternut squash and apple bisque soup and a grilled cheese w/ pesto and onions…amazing! The girl that made it was super nice and helpful and the food was great and reasonably priced! I would definitely go back again and WILL tell my friends!

  19. Tried Savor for the first time today. I gave the “soup flight” a go… three cups of soup for $6, including bread, which was a GREAT deal. I chose the Tomato with Fennel and Orange, New England Clam Chowder, and Smoky Split Pea.

    The tomato was nice and thick, with the citrus really coming through. However, it was also a bit too reminiscent of marinara sauce.

    I love split pea, so was really looking forward to Savor’s vegan version. However, I think that’s where it failed; split pea seems to benefit most from the flavor sourced from a ham bone, salt pork, etc. The smokiness was more wood-fire than cured meat. Also, I think they overused thyme in this one. As far as a vegan try at a typically non-vegan soup, it was fair, but fell far below expectations.

    The clam “chowda” with crumbled bacon was the best of the three. Nice big chunks of potatoes and clam, with the bacon adding some much needed saltiness. I’d definitely go back for this soup on its own, and perhaps try another “flight” on another weekday, to try some more of their soups.

    Overall, I’m willing to give Savor the benefit of the doubt again. Also, they had super-fast and exceptionally nice service. Thanks!

  20. The soup here is wonderful – as is the grilled cheese. Almost all of the soups are vegetarian or vegan, however, so more meat options would be nice. They used to have one soup with meat in it every day, and it would often sell out by the late time my lunch rolled around…now the only meat soups they seem to have are a chicken tortilla (wed) and a chicken with wild rice (thurs). Maybe I’ll be back in the fall if they add more meat soups to the menu.

  21. Mark from BC says

    The grilled cheese sandwich with Tillamook cheddar, apple butter and bacon is out-of-this-world!

  22. Stopped in for the Tomato, Orange and Fennel soup on my way through Portland. I am a chef by trade, and typically avoid vegan options, however, the fennel and orange aspect of the tomato soup sounded appealing. (I always like to see how others use different ingredients to make up for the lack of some good stock) This is hands-down the BEST variation of a classic done Vegan. Good Job, ladies!


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  2. […] the remainder of the week and then off to San Francisco and LA. Today, Wednesday, they will be at Savor Soup House on 10th and Alder and then at Potato Champion this evening down off SE 12th and Hawthorne.  […]

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