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[Updated June, 2010: Yarp?! is closed]


Location: SE 12th and Hawthorne “cart pod”

Economic meltdown be damned! Yarp! proves the power of the Portland food carts: Good Food, Big Portions, Incredibly Low Prices.

Yarp?! spells their name with both a question mark (?) and an exclamation point (!) and it seems to fit. It’s a juxtaposition kind of cart and something you’ll only find in “keep Portland weird” Portland. For this bold cart calls themselves “Anarchist Gearhead Cooks” and the paint job on their old school black and white camping trailer perfectly matches the vintage 70’s muscle car parked next to it. Gearhead Gourmets Unite!

So what do gourmet Anarchist Gearheads cook? Pretty tasty food, it turns out with an emphasis on wonderfully prepared noodle dishes. There are classics like homemade Bolognase meat sauce over different kinds of pasta ($6) or a textbook Italian-American Spaghetti and Meatballs ($6.5). Then there is the rib sticking comfort of the Beef Stroganoff ($6) or the fancy pants smoked salmon fettuccine with lemon dill cream sauce ($6.5). Oh, and did I mention that the portions are BIG? They are.

I forgot, they also have a garlic, sausage and cream pasta. Whoa.

I forgot, they also have a garlic, sausage and cream pasta. Whoa.

Yarp knows the Portland market and their “gateway to Hawthorne” location well, and the menu includes lots of vegetarian offerings. While most contain dairy, the menu simply states, “talk to the kook if yer a vegan.” I take that to mean, yes, there are vegan options available. The roasted tomato and red pepper spaghetti ($4) can also include “as many veggies as will fit in the pan” for a mere 50 cents extra. Like I said, A BARGAIN. One of my favorite Yarp pastas though has to be the Oglio Olio, that is described on the menu as, “it’s an Olive oil, white wine, Ouzo, Feta and Butter Sauce, also with as many veggies fit.” ($4.5). Damn.

Yarp Marinara. Vegan? Just ask for no cheese!

Yarp Marinara. Vegan? Just ask for no cheese!

There are also a couple of different types of decently prepared burgers, veggie burgers and cheeseburgers available ($4-5.5). The wilted spinach salad on the opposite of the food spectrum brings high praise, ($4) with top quality greens and a choice of meat (cow, fowl or swine) or vegetables ($2.5) and includes roasted peppers, roasted garlic and raisins with a Parisian Dressing or an Apricot Balsamic. I have no idea what a “Parisian Dressing” is, but the whole thing overall sounds quite good.

The menu changes frequently, and hours are limited from dinner to late night “closing down the bar” hours, but Yarp is providing exactly what many of us need right now: comfort food, well prepared, at terrific prices. As Yarp states on their menu,

~Anything you’re good at contributes to happiness.
-Bertrand Russell

Rock On Dudes!

Sample Menu:

Menu v. 3.2

  • Spaghetti Bolognese (that’d be a meat sauce) 6
  • Spaghetti & Meat Balls 6.5
  • Smoked Salmon fettuccini with lemon dill cream sauce 6.5
  • Chicken Breast garlic cream sauce over fettucinni 6
  • Sausage (changes all the time) garlic cream sauce over fettuccini 6
  • Beef Stroganoff 6
  • Hamburger 4
  • Hamburger with cheese +.5
  • Dragon Burger “…enough garlic to kill the west nile virus…” 5
  • Cold Pasta Salad with an emulsified *(eggs) Paris
  • dressing. 4
  • Wilted Spinach Salad with choice of meat (cow, fowl or swine) roasted peppers, roasted garlic, raisins and Paris dressing. 4

Vegetarian (most dishes have dairy; talk to the kook if yer a vegan)

  • Roasted Tomato and Red pepper Spaghetti 4
  • Same sauce with as many veggies (changes all the time) as fit in the pan 4.5
  • Oglio Olio; it’s an Olive oil, white wine, Ouzo, Feta and Butter Sauce, also with as many veggies fit 4.5
  • Wilted Spinach Salad with Veggies (whatever Yarp?! Buys that day), roasted peppers, roasted garlic, raisins and the apricot balsamic dressing 2.5
  • Garden (c0rp0r473 cr4p) Burger 3 add cheese +0.5

Hours: Nighttime generally 8pm to after bar closing times, a few night a weeks

Phone: Unkown

Website: pdxyarp.blogspot.com
On Twitter @pdxyarp
On Facebook Yarp?!

Email: PDXYarp@live.com



  1. Jeremy from Yarp?! says

    Aye there mateys, yarp?! (we spell it with both the ? and the !) sets sail most nights at 8pm until 3am. We are definitely closed on Tuesday, but we’ve been known to sail at any given moment depending on how depraved we be.

    Our email is PDXYarp@live.com

  2. “Anachist Gearhead Cooks”….You gotta love it!

  3. Wow. Based on this review, I can’t wait to try it.

  4. I tried these guys last Friday night for the first time, and the Spaghetti Bolognese is very good. Actually, I think the pasta they use is a little thinner than spaghetti, and a little thicker than angel hair, but the point is, I’ll be back for more!

  5. “Jeremy from Yarp?!on 21 Nov 2008 at 2:23 am

    Aye there mateys, yarp?! (we spell it with both the ? and the !) sets sail most nights at 8pm until 3am. We are definitely closed on Tuesday, but we’ve been known to sail at any given moment depending on how depraved we be.”

    That’s funny. Cuz I went by there around 10pm last night (Monday), all dead set on finally trying out this mythical Yarp(?!), and it was closed.

  6. Ohhh, most nights. gotcha.

  7. If a cart has a phone number listed its a good idea to call ahead.

    Otherwise it’s best to go in with a laissez faire, catch as catch can, que sera attitude since if business is slow, the weather is bad, or the wind blows a certain direction, carts close down for the night.

  8. Yarp?!’s new hours are 8-3 (unless we run out of food, which has been known to happen; that whole limited storage constraint) Wed. – Sun.

    Sorry Johnny, if I had been paying attention I would have changed them.

  9. Tried Yarp this weekend and it rocked.

  10. Yarp was very good. Huge portions for very cheap prices with high quality food.


  11. Yarp?!
    I heard mention of your website but can’t seem to find it? What’s the address please?!
    Thank You.

  12. BrunchBox:
    We’re also on twitter as pdxyarp, and there’s a facebook group; just type in Yarp?! under the group search option.

  13. Added your website, twitter account and facebook thingy to your post. Do you guys have a phone number?

  14. CBF: Yarp?! we do…
    971 275 6538

  15. New hours!!! Yarp?! is open days again.

    We open at 11:30AM seven days a week, close by 2:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, but still rock the late night (3:00AM unless we run out of food or there’s nobody hanging out) Wednesday through Sunday.

    Our menu will change around 5:00pm or so from a lunch menu to a dinner menu. Lunches will be mostly quick foods like grilled sandwiches, salads, quiches, soups, etc so people can get back to work quickly. Sure our cream reductions taste awesome, but they take at least ten minutes; and who has the time to wait during the day?

    We are also expanding our vegan menu during the day and as we develop yummy stuff we’ll transition them to the night menu. I am currently working on a vegan reuben using brined (corned) portobello shrooms. I’m also working on my own sauerkraut, but it’ll be a few weeks before it’s ready.

    Yarp?! invites all of you to come on down and check out the day menu.

  16. Oh boy Yarp?! is needin’ the love folks. Our landlords delivered a letter last night stating that we need to pay off half of our outstanding debt by Monday morning (that’s tomorrow) or we will be evicted. We are okay with our current bills, and in fact are making enough money to pay ourselves for the first time since we started, however the landlords are demanding that we pay off half our outstanding debt immediately, and the rest within two weeks.

    We are doing a marathon fund raising today: we are asking 36 people to pay 25$ for food to be eaten at a later date. 25$ works out to be about 3 meals at Yarp?! (sometimes more, never less) so if you want to see Yarp?! stay on Hawthorne, please come down and show your support today. We will be open from noon until 3am to rock the pod with yummy noodles.

    I am hoping that with enough community support I can go to the landlords and work out a payment schedule for the remainder of our debt. If we can show them that folks want us around enough to commit money then we have some leverage.

    So please come on down and help Yarp?! stay at the Hawthorne pod.

  17. The people in this town are amazing. Yarp?! has succeeded in our goal tonight. Our marathon of inhaling garlic fumes and habanero pepper spray lasted 18 hours and didn’t have much time to interact with people who we’d really like to talk to.

    The greatest part for me personally was the fact that we did get to start relationships with a great many of our neighbors; (freaks, everyone of you in the good way of course) We are looking forward to remeeting these folks when we’re not half mad with REM deprivation and dehydration.

    At that point we hope to personally thank you, so pipe up when you come by; talk over us if need be. We do respond to yelling.


  18. If the ? and ! were overlapped, it’d be an interrobang. That’s right. An interrobang. That’s a outdated, but still legit, piece of English punctuation. It serves as a dual purpose question mark and exclamation (also called bang) point. It’s kinda rad, right?

  19. BerthaPearl says

    If you have a chance, you need a new pic of the Yarp?! cart…it’s been painted and it is Gorgeous!
    Also, Jeremy is back for lunches, and I had a fabulous grilled cheese and veggies, yesterday.

  20. I went to Yarp?! on Friday night with my husband. I had the Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and man was it good! I am working on a project for PSU so that was the 4th cart I had eaten at that day and it was by far the best up until that point. I def want to go back again!

  21. I was at cartopia last week and Yarp?! is gone. What happened?

  22. Where has is gone?

  23. JayinPortland says

    Roxy – Yarp?! is closed. See Jeremy’s comment here from the other day –


    It was nice to have around while it lasted…

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