Crown Q BBQ



Location: 5523 SE 28th Ave
Hours: M-Fri, 11:30am-8pm; Sat, 1pm-8pm
Updated 12/2012

Description: BBQ’d Turkey leg! Need I say more? I was off to visit my buddy who was working the swing shift at a local retail store and decided to stop in at the cart fest that is SE 12th and Hawthorne. It was Tuesday evening, so only a couple of them were open so I opted for Q BBQ. I knew I was in for a treat as I could smell bbq sauce coming around the corner and there wasn’t anyone around so I knew I would get excellent service.

As I walked up, I was heartily greeted by Gary, the owner and bbq master. Before I could even take a moment to look at the menu, he told me that this week was Chicken. I must have had a look on my face of misunderstanding so he explained. Due to the size of his cart, The G-Men stated he couldn’t offer everything on his menu all the time, so he switches it up by the week. Week 1 is pulled pork, week 2 is ribs, week 3 is brisket and week 4 is bbq chicken. Week 4 is also BBQ Turkey leg. As with all BBQ, I don’t have it enough, so always want to try everything on the menu. I ended up with a Turkey leg and 2 pieces of bbq chicken for $9.75. Oh, and he threw in some excellent rolls to sop up the bbq sauce when I was done.

I have to say. I loved that turkey leg so much, I wanted to ….. Not really, but it was tasty. I know the trick to good bbq is making sure the meat stays moist. Well, Gary has that figured out. Like I said, I was taking some for my friend who is a Texan and he too enjoyed every bit. Gary mentioned he wanted to expand in the future. Well, Gary, I think that would be a great idea.

Update, December 2012: Crown Q has re-opened in SE Portland and is ready to serve you.

Sample Menu:

  • Turkey Leg: $4.75
  • BBQ Chicken: $4.75
  • Brisket: $4.75
  • The Underdog (Veggie dog): $3:50
  • Our Original Beignets (Hot Fresh): $2.50

Hours: M-Fri, 11:30am-8pm; Sat, 1pm-8pm
Facebook: Crown Q BBQ




  1. Ok, I’m sold. That turkey leg looks killer.

    Nice write up!

  2. The tofu nuggets are awesome, too. They are lightly breaded and flash fried, with his fab BBQ sauce on top. A superb veggie option.
    He’s also planning to make his grandmother’s sweet potato pie ….

  3. I had a “Red Hot” here. It ruled. So did the service.

  4. Fiona Weisenberg says

    This was the best BBQ I have ever had, Gary was super cool and the beef brisket was so amazing, I also had me some of the yummy beans. I wish there was one on the west side. Worth the drive for me, I think I’m going right now!

  5. Gary has moved….but when I looked by PSU, I didn’t see the cart….Gary, where are you? I need my tofu nuggets w/ bbq sauce!

  6. …when I looked by PSU, I didn’t see the cart…

    I can confirm this move. I saw Q earlier, though closed, at the SW 4th & Hall cart complex!

  7. I have tried it once at the Hawthorne location. Enjoyed it, maybe not the best I’ve ever had, but its in the top ten. I returned two other separate times to the Hawthorne location and both times it was closed.

    Today I went to go check out the new PSU location and was closed again, this time for ‘Holy Days.’ Not sure what that meant other then Mardi Gras, but I would at least hope Q BBQ is open half the time I drop in.

  8. The cart is for sale on craigslist.

  9. Actually it isn’t on craigslist anymore. It was there last weekend and a week before that. Had a picture with the sign. Said owner was having some sort of trouble, not sure what kind.

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