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Update: The Sugar Cube is reopened at N Mississippi and Skidmore in Mississippi Marketplace. See this post for more information.

[The Sugar Cube is closed until March 2010]

UPDATE – February 2009. This cart has closed, but the business has not! You can still do special orders. Go to for more info. Owner Kir Jensen is now at the wonderful Two Tarts Bakery serving up some of her standards treats along with Two Tarts’ own signature cookies.

Location: SW 9th between Alder and Washington

Description: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice that’s what good pastry carts are made of. Much anticipated, and already comes equipped with a legion of fans. And I’m happy to report the Sugar Cube cart is worth the hype. Pastry chef Kir Jenson is the real deal folks with some pretty impressive credentials including working at the Ritz Carlton, Genoa, Blue Hour and Clark Lewis. Kir is whipping up some sophisticated yet comforting food at her new cart including sweet treats, savory nibbles and meals, and serving excellent Spella coffee and a few other liquid things like smoothies and a refreshing vanilla bean lemonade.

Specialties include a variety of moist cupcakes that put most other cupcakes to shame, with flavors such as the My Goodness My Guinness featuring a ginger Guinness beer stout cake with maple cream cheese frosting, or the the Lovely-Lady-lump which is a lemon teacake cupcake with a lemon curd center, lemon cream cheese frosting and a fresh raspberry on top. They even have my favorite cake – the booze heavy Harvey Wallbanger, in cupcake form. Whoa. (Although be warned: The menu is still evolving and some cupcake varieties are only available on occasion or by special order)

Other sweet treats include excellent seasonal fruit coffee cakes, textbook scones (other Portland bakeries take note), biscuits n’ jam, and very very good cookies.

Savory dishes include a savory cheese and veggie strata, panini sandwiches, and a rotation of soups that could include tomato curry, dill potato, vegetable dumpling, creamy shitake mushroom or a vegetarian chili served with buttermilk cornbread.

Smoothies feature our favorite yogurt brand Nancy’s in either Strawberry Peach or Banana Flax, all sweetened with honey and made with milk or soy milk. Healthy, and delicious! I know what I’m eating for breakfast this week.

Thank you, Kir for opening your little white Sugar Cube and for making Portland, and Portland’s cart scene that much sweeter.


Sample Menu: Coming Soon!

Hours: CLOSED. Please refer to Two Tarts Bakery

Phone: 503-890-2825

Website: TheSugarCube



  1. It’s long overdue that this pastry queen opened up her own shop, er, cube. Luckily I rode my bike down there so I was able to eat more. Don’t miss the Highway to Heaven- a chcolate buttermilk and ganache cupcake filled with salted caramel. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  2. So a certain lovely blogger here shares an office with my S.O. and having received a pastry sample from The Sugar Cube, actually shared with her officemates. Our lovely blogger (CBF) is much more generous than I am – I tend to hoard food and don’t like to share. Get your own!

    Anyway…the afternoon of the Sugar Cube’s opening, I got an email (subject line: “oh my GAWD!!!!!”) from my S.O. saying this:


    this lovely little cart right across from my window just sent us a sample box of their pastries.

    Since I work a short block from the carts, I immediately catapulted into action and hauled over to the new sweet cart. I ordered the salted caramel buttermilk chocolate cupcakes and holy COW. They are the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Seriously. Salted caramel? Chocolate? Buttermilk?!?!?! Come on!!!

    I eyeballed other more lunch-type options that they have and will try those menu items soon. Thank you, CBF, for being a food writer. My taste buds love you for it.

  3. MyNextMeal says:

    I just had the cheese/veggie strata. Most excellent. I had a nice cupcake too. But I’m much more of a cheese/savory lover than a sweet lover and this strata was very good.

  4. Tim Roth says:

    Damn good pastries. I had the biscuit with tart cherry jam and the chocolate and salted caramel cupcake in addition to the vanilla bean lemonade. As if Spella and Sawasdee weren’t already enough reason to stop by this block, Sugar Cube is laying on the eating pleasure quite thick.

  5. ciaofun says:

    Just stopped by today at noon. The place was closed without a note out front. I’m thinking that this is not an impressive start.

  6. Hello!

    I really dig Portland food cart scene. They’ve been so fun to explore, especially since I just moved from hot dog city Chicago! I just started a food blog myself. I would like to invite you to check it out: Maybe you might consider linking to it from your site?

    Keep up the good work!

    Louisa Cooper

  7. Sorry Ciaofun…I had a family emergency. I’m still trying to get my new sea-legs with the cart. Please stop by sometime and have a cupcake on me.

    The Sugar Cube

  8. This place is unbelievable.

  9. I made my husband walk over and pick up a selection when I read about the opening. A very, very pleasant surprise, as I knew next to nothing about the Sugar Cube, other than it had cupcakes. My husband’s eyes completely lit up the minute he bit into his Highway to Heaven. Now, I make cupcakes and he eats the ones I make, but his face has NEVER looked like that when eating a cupcake before. With an apology to me, he said it was the best cupcake he’s ever eaten in his life. And then I bit into mine. And well, my cupcakes suck in comparison. It was the moistest, most chocolately cupcake I’ve ever had. Delish! The others were just as good, and I think these are the best cupcakes in Portland.

    Thanks Kir, we’ll be back.

  10. I had been wanting to visit ever since I heard about the cart when it was downtown forever ago, but could never make it while it was open. I finally got the chance to swing by the Sugar Cube on Saturday and it was closed because of a leak by the oven. The owner saw me as I was longingly looking at her cart, and felt so bad she gave me a free cupcake. Let me tell you it was excellent! Not only is the owner very nice, but her cupcakes are wonderful.


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