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CLOSED 10/2011


Location: SW 9th and Alder Parking Lot

Description: Did you know Peru is thought of as having a distinctive, well regarded and of course delicious street food culture? I had no idea until I ate at Choza’s and tried it myself.

Choza’s makes wonderful rice and noodle plates with distinctive Peruvian tastes and techniques. And, as per Peruvian street food tradition, most entrees include French fries mixed in the other ingredients and served with the addition of a tangy, creamy, slightly spicy Choza sauce. That sauce is addictive!

Lomo Saltado: Rice, Salad, Meat, Special Sauce and French Fries!!!

Lomo Saltado: Rice, Salad, Meat, Special Sauce and French Fries!!!

Lonely Planet calls Peruvian street food some of the Best Food You’ve Never Heard Of. Wikipedia even has a short blurb on Peru in their Street Food entry page, although they do say, “Cuy, a species of Guinea Pig is served as a delicacy on religious holidays.” Yikes.

You won’t find Guinea pig at Choza’s. Just rib sticking food of good quality at a good price, different than any other street food in Portland. Choza’s is a popular cart for a reason.

Sample Menu:
Lomo Saltado (beef or chicken). Sauted meat, vegetables. Served with French fries and rice – $6.00

Lomo Vegetarian. Same as above, sans meat – more veggies – $6.00

Tallarin Saltado (beef or chicken). Sauted meat, vegetables. Served with spaghetti noodles – $6.00

Tallarin Vegetarian. Same as above, sans meat – more veggies – $6.00

Chaufa. Peruvian fried rice. meat or vegetarian. – $5.00

Hours: (Warning! This cart’s hours seem to be anyone’s guess). Usually open Mon-Friday, Sometimes on Saturdays during lunch hours.

Phone: Unknown




  1. This Peruvian cart serves the best Peruvian food I have had in Portland! Love them.

    You can choose from about 5 plates, meat or veg, and all come with a salad.

    The higlights are:
    – Lomo Saltado
    – Chaufa
    – Tallarin Saltado

    Mmmm, just writing this makes me want to go there on Monday!

  2. I just had the Lomo Saltado (with beef). Tasty.

    Any sense as to whether these dishes (and the similar over Tallarin Saltado over noodles rather than over rice) are a result of the Asian immigration of the 19th Century?

  3. Any visitors to the Oregon Country Fair MUST seek out and patronize the Peruvian booth there. The food is fabulous. The dish that really lingers in my memory is an emanada with a cassava dough–deep fried savory goodness. Yum. Can’t wait till July…..

  4. En la Tiquicia says

    Ouroboros, you’re absolutely right. Chaufa is Peruvian for fried rice.

  5. Juan Juarez says

    Great flavors & good ingredients (stir-fried french-fries? HELL YEAH!). Their green sauce is to die for. Hands-down my favorite cart in PDX.

  6. The food there is pretty amazing. Hands down the best fried rice in PDX area

  7. Oh, I’m so sad they’ve closed. Does anyone know if this is the real end of Choza’s? I’m holding out hope that they’ve simply moved locations.

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