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Location: SW Stark and 5th

Description: I’m impressed and surprised. You never know the quality of food from a specific cart if you have never eaten there before but this pizza was very good. In my humble opinion, better than most actual sit down pizza restaurants in Portland. Made with a half whole wheat and half white flour crust, the crust was neither too thin nor too thick and cooked to perfection. A perfect balance of crunch with softness. The fresh vegetables were standouts.

New on the cart scene, this single man operation around the corner from the food cart row on SW 5th and Stark/Oak features pizzas artisan pizzas, available by the slice or as whole pies. Toppings include basic cheese or pepperoni, and revolving specials like roasted red peppers or roasted eggplant with garlic and Parmesan. Calzones are also available, as well as a bread sticks and a lone salad of the Greek variety.

One of my favorite things about this cart though, are the housemade natural soft drinks, such as the black cherry, a nice sweet but not too tart light lemon-lime and a very refreshing but not over powering gingerale that is sure to become one of my summertime staples. Plus, these drinks are a bargain at $1.75 for a big 16oz biodegradable plastic cup, or only $0.75 if you bring your own cup.

Sample Menu:

Pizza- Slices ($2 to $3, Whole Pies Start at $10.00)

Calzones – $6 to $7

Salads – $3.00

House Made Soft Drinks – $1.75 (or $0.75 if you bring your own cup)

Hours: Lunchtime Hours M-F

Phone: Unknown at this time

Website: Unkown at this time

Location: SW Stark near 5th Ave.



  1. Just ate here today on your recommendation. It was good! The pepperoni was exactly what pepperoni pizza should be. The mom’s favorite (blue cheese, onion, garlic… i think) was intense but good.

    The lemon mint soda was good, but the ginger ale was outstanding.

    Very reasonable prices. I’ll definitely be back to try the calzones and other specials. Oh, and the cold hummus salad (?) pizza looked interesting.

  2. Yep, good pizza.

  3. Pizza Snob says:

    Not only are the pizza slices and calzones absolutely delicious (ooey-gooey-goodness), the service is fantastic. This has become my favorite pizza place downtown, and my co-workers’ too. Don’t pass the homemade soda up! It’s fantastic!

  4. 3rd time this afternoon. Slice, greek salad and a soda. Very tasty, I love this cart.

  5. I just tried it, after wandering by and remembering your review. Fantastic! I got the special summer squash with feta and a 3-cheese. Both were great, with a nice crispy crust even after walking all the way back down to the WTC. The 3-cheese had a nice tomato flavor and the squash was great with the salty cheese cut by the sweet slices of squash. And it was only $5. Hooray!

  6. We were sad that the vegan pizzas had a week, al-dente crust!
    That sauce is amazing though.

  7. Fabulous thin and crispy crust and best red sauce I’ve tasted since leaving the east coast. Reminded me of Pizzeria Regina in Boston. Couldn’t taste that the crust was whole wheat until got to the edge of the slice. Definitely will be heading back many more times. Tip: The slices with red sauce are the best. Don’t bother with the ones without, like the artichoke and pesto. The red sauce is what makes this pizza stand out from other west coast offerings.

  8. trapped downtown @ lunch says:

    What a massive disappointment. I figured with all these positive reviews, they can’t all be fake (employees, owners, friends) right?
    Typical drizzly January day, ya dig? I step up, order a slice of cheese and a Greek salad. I pays my $, I get a slice and a TINY paper ‘boat’ of sad, sad looking salad on an eco-plate (not paper, but some corn concoction, I reckon). I remind the hipster chick who serves me this that I asked for it ‘to go’. Quoth she, “I can put another paper plate on top of it.” I have many blocks to walk to get back to the salt mine, so this will not suffice. I pull from my raincoat pocket a plastic grocery bag I happen to have and scoop up my lunch- tying it off at the top.
    I return to the yob and whip out my bag-o-lunch. Surprise! The slice is half soaked in Greek dressing. The interior of the bag as well. And there is still a good 2-3 tablespoons of it sloshing around in the paper boat. There are 5 pieces of soggy greens, 2 tiny cubes of brown tomato, a sprinkling of limp red onion slivers, some very tired looking Greek olives and a small balsamic soaked lump of feta. It all tastes of vinegar. Only vinegar.
    I cut away the unsoppy portion of the slice and take a bite. The crust has good consistency, but all I can taste is salt. The crust is salty, the sauce is salty, the cheese is salty. And not in a good way.
    I am really sorry I gave pizza a chance.

  9. TrappedDowntown. Weird. Must have been an off day or something. I’ve eaten there several times (including once with a food editor of a local magazine) and all my visits have been fantastic (and I’m definitely not a friend of the owner).

    I’ll go back a few times to make sure they haven’t slipped.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  10. Uh-oh. I work right by this place, and I love pizza, so of course I had to try it. I got a standard cheese and pepperoni slice and a fancier slice- I forget what was on it now as it was a month or two ago- but it doesn’t really matter, because neither slice was very good. I lean towards the style of pizza Pizzicato or Vincente’s make, and this was at the other end of the scale. Thicker crust, too much sauce which wasn’t very good, kind of burnt. Overall, this was akin to the kind of pizza I would tolerate in lieu of no pizza.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I just ate here on Tues, I got the veggie slice (Compost Pile, I think it’s called) and I LOVED it. Perfect amount of toppings, crust was thin and crispy on the bottom with a nice fat chewy/crispy crust edge! Someone in front of me got a calzone that looked incredible, it literally appeared to be the same size as a football! Next time I want pizza for lunch I’m heading back here for sure, as I’ve been let down by most pizza places close to my work.

  12. trapped downtown. sorry to hear about you bad experience with the place. I am the owner and try very hard to only let the best product out the window. We also try harder than most to minimize packaging while realizing that some people have a bit to travel before they get to eat. we do offer bags and boxes upon request.
    From your post it seems like you may never venture to our cart again, but if you do i would like to treat you to another lunch. I am a cart owner, but i am also a food lover and there is nothing i hate more than eating a sub-par meal that i had to pay for, so i am sorry that things were not up to standard and i would like the opportunity to make it right. just let me know. i am there every day.
    john eads

  13. William II says:

    ate here today for lunch, as well did about a dozen other people in a ten minute span. incredible crust, kind of like an amalgamation of fire-oven (crispy), “hand-tossed” (for lack of a better term, sorry artisan pizzitians), and chewy wheat bread styles.
    i’m not a big sweet/sugary drinks guy, so i haven’t tried the hand-crafted sodas yet.
    best pizza by the slice in pdx.

  14. Spare Change? says:

    Stop by about once a week. I think the crust is really good. Large variety of toppings.

    Was disappointed that recently the slice prices were bumped up a bit, but I’m sure it was done with much deliberation.

  15. Great place, Not sure if it’s still going but I was fortunate enough to stop by after 3PM one day and receive 2-for-1 prices on the pizza, making this cart an ever bigger steal. Fantastic Pizza if you are of the thicker crust persuasion. The pizza feels very wholesome. Sodas are great.

    I really like that the owner commented on here, makes me respect his business even more.

  16. I like to try food carts and patronize the small business owner. However I was unimpressed with the service or food. Pizza is supposed to be fresh and hot but what I ate tasted dried up and old. The server with chops is not a ladies man like he thinks. The soda was good but could not enjoy with those beady little eyes burning into my daughter. I am Italian and that pizza is not. Typical American cheese bread.


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