Tabor Czech Food

Jonathan Amato

Closed 2017

Location: SW 5th and Oak
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

Description: Probably one of the best (and fanciest) food carts in Portland. This cute little red hut located on SW Stark right by SW 5th is the home of the famous “snitzelwich” – a perfectly tender, breaded and fried choice of chicken or pork cutlet served on a fresh ciabatta roll and served with a hint of horseradish and a nice sweet paprika-red pepper sauce, grilled onions, and lettuce. Perfection for $6.00.

Tabor also serves an incredible goulash with or with out traditional large Czech dumplings, chicken paprikash, and killer potato pancakes. Tabor also makes a whole other slew of sandwiches and soups in the $3.00 to $6.00 range, such as a creamy spinach soup or fried Munster cheese sandwich. Vegetarians and vegans will appreciate the eggplant sandwich ($5.50) or one of the inspiring vegetable soups. On Fridays, Tabor makes Halusky, the the Czech version of spaetzle dumplings. Other specialties include fresh squeezed carrot juice for $2.00 (or vegetable/fruit juice blend for $2.00), and a German smoked sausage on a roll for $6.00.


  1. I love the sign that says, “Czech out Czech food”…..

  2. Unfortunately, unless I misunderstood the proprietor (who did indeed seem very kind), the eggplant sandwich contains eggs when breaded–though she offered to make one simply grilled. Still looking forward to trying the soups.

  3. This is of course a beloved cart but not one of my favorites at all. It’s simply a matter of personal taste, not that I think it’s bad in any objective sense. The schnitzelwich, for me, is just rather uninteresting. Just a ‘YMMV’ post, really.

    I’ll try the goulash sometime though.

  4. One of the most authentic places of Portland food seen. The quality and care of Tabor meals can not be in any way compared w/local German overpriced restaurants. Let there be Tabor sit-down restaurant, please..!?

  5. I know the Schnitzelwich is supposed to be the signature item here, but I feel it’s more a gateway to the better things Tabor has to offer — it is, after all, just a sandwich. Though a surprisingly large one with a tasty spread of condiments and tasty Grand Central bread.

    No, I recommend their more ethnic fare. The goulash (or special chicken paprika — so rich and smooth!) is great with the potato dumplings (which are more like bread). The halusky is also great, though heavy (I thought it was served on Thursdays, though).

    I can’t say I liked the fresh juices I tried, but I’ve never been a huge fan of carrot or ginger, so it’s not really my thing.

  6. The food there is great and very authentic-

    Dobrou chut ale to neni pivo! skoda 🙁

  7. Hey Devin, care to translate? I hope its nothing too mean or naughty!

  8. I think it means that it tastes good, but, sadly, there’s no beer.

  9. I was just there, and heard they sold their 30,000th Schnitzelwich today. Hooray!

  10. Ahoj,

    I’m a Portlander who’s been living in the Czech Republic for a couple of years and planning to return to Ptown this summer. I’d like to find Czech people living in the city so I can continue to practice the language, does anyone know where I can look besides going to the food cart and hoping it’s run by authentic Czech people? 🙂

    Devin- Mluvíš česky? Opravdu, to je ale škoda! Taky halušky je slovenský. 😉

    Hope to hear back!

  11. Yes, Kendra, it is run by real live Czech people. 🙂

    I had the Chicken Paprikash for lunch today with the dumplings, very, very good!

  12. Miss you guys! Hopefully I get back sometime and will stop by! Kendra, you missed our Czech girl’s group 🙂 Now we are all back in the Czech! Anyway, jak se Ti líbí u nás v dědině?

  13. Ahoj

    so am real czech girl.I live in Boise Id,am planing to go to the portland next month,so i will for sure stop by tabor restaurant and get some czech food,omg am so exited.even i cook czech food its not the same, when somebody yells cook for me:) so hopefully you will have something really good:)

  14. Huge warning to the vegetarians/vegans – the cheese and eggplant options are cooked in the same oil as the meat items. I got really, really sick here. Be careful!

  15. I didn’t realise such Hungarian staples as csirke paprikas, goulash and galuska were also traditional Czech cuisine. A real surprise for someone who grew up on traditional Hungarian fare. The Germans have been cribbing off native Hungarian cuisine and passing if off as their own since forever, so why not the Czechs? It’s a compliment, really.

  16. The salad topped with schnitzel is outstanding. Crisp romaine lettuce with a great lemon-pepper dressing, topped with fresh, hot pork (or chicken) schnitzel. One of the best things to eat for lunch anywhere, inside or out.

  17. This cart features one of my favorite sandwiches in Portland, the “Schnitzelwich”. Pork or chicken fried or even “naked” (not fried) it always hits the spot. I like it so much I made a video about it - It is simply an amazing mix of tastes.

  18. I’m definitely not a full time Carty (my own made up name for a food cart fanatic or groupie), but I have tried out some of the Portland favorites, and sadly, have been disappointed by one, or the combination of, price, size, flavor, freshness, texture, and in a couple cases, food poisoning. 🙁 BUT, the world of cart food has renewed itself with Tabor Czech.

    I’ve only had the pork schnitzelwich and it was fantastic!
    The bread was fresh, the horseradish sauce was plentiful, (although I could use a little more), and the red pepper spread is delicious as well.

    At first, I was annoyed with the $7 price for just a sandwich, but when you get that sucker in your hand, you know it’s worth every penny…and this just going off the shear size of it. Taste it, and you find a well-seasoned, perfectly pounded (not thin), fresh and crispy meat schnitzel! I used to work at a German restaurant here in town, and because of them, I thought schnitzel was supposed to be a flat, flavorless, dry, unseasoned piece of meat with a mushy breaded outside. Thank you Tabor Czech for showing me the light!

    Not much gets me to cross the river into the west side, especially to eat. But, I’ve definitely found that I am Tabor Czech Carty, thanks to the fact that they have created a craving that can’t be met anywhere else here in Portland.

  19. This place is SO good! I really wish there were more Czech restaurants around.

    For the past year and a half I’ve been living in Prague (back for Christmas break though, I’m a grad student there) and think Czech food in general is very homey and yummy if done right. It just sucks they close so early.

  20. I’ve tried Tabor twice now, and both times I have been unimpressed. The first time I had the schnitzel sandwich (which was HUGE) it was delicious for the first few bites, but then it just started to taste greasy, and then my stomach started to hurt. A month or so later I tried the goulash which was BLAND to the max. The pork was cooked well but was very fatty, and in general the meal was greasy and left me with another stomach ache. Even the potato dumplings were bland. My mom’s goulash is a million times better…guess she should open a food cart.

  21. Are the potatoes in your potator mushroom soup supposed to be cooked?!?
    Maybe in teh czech republic, soup is supposed to be crunchy. Who knows.

  22. SilverWings says

    Tabor Czech Food ‘snitzelwich’ chicken cutlet is the best in PDX. This sandwich is incredibly delicious, unique, and filling. Food Carts Portland described it better than I can: “perfectly tender, breaded and fried choice of chicken or pork cutlet served on a fresh ciabatta roll and served with a hint of horseradish and a nice sweet paprika-red pepper sauce, grilled onions, and lettuce”. Even Bon Appétit magazine printed a recipe for its readers based on the ‘snitzelwich’.

  23. aika krecek says

    I just found out about Tabor and their great Czech food and ever since, I have been CRAVING Czech dumplings and smaz! My mother cooks phenomenal Czech food and I studied abroad in Prague in 2007 and no food compares to the real thing. I am excited to try this out! Does anyone know if they serve “smazeny syr”? It was my favorite “food cart” food while living in Praha! 🙂

  24. The Food at Tabor is amazing. Maybe it’s me not being able to go there as much as I want but it seems like everyday there is something new and interesting! Some Favorites: The Schnitzel and Goulash. If you want Authentic Portland style food I suggest someplace else, but if you want something simple with a side of complexity, I suggest you visit them.

  25. The guy and his wife are my uncle an aunt.

  26. If you are heading south from Portland, try Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant in Albany. The traditional fare is fantastic and features many items similar to Tabor. They also have awesome pastries and homemade breads.

  27. Constance says

    I wonder are you still open? And do you make chimney cakes?


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